Friday, April 16, 2010

Boozin’ and Losin’

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  1. ‘Look at awesome Tony and ma awesome boys all having fun!

    Obtw I fucking hate Tony and I’m leaving. Also I’m announcing it on Facebook. Surprise, Tones!’


  2. Christina.Willemina


  3. Christina.Willemina

    Damn, I suck.

  4. NICE!

  5. MsBuzzkillington

    I wouldn’t respect someone who drinks before taking care of they are family either.

  6. sorry, meant fourth

  7. MsBuzzkillington

    Also I think people should try for a random number… like 17th comment on the 3rd post of the 5th day.

  8. Yes, Ben damn it!

  9. Tony’s got an afro? Where?
    Oh, she means that crazy mop of curly, unkempt-looking hair? Someone should show these people what an afro really is.

  10. @BritishHobo, I was just gonna say the exact same thing. I’m sure Tony’s gonna really love finding out through Facebook. Why do people feel the need to tell the world everything? Surely she could have just picked up the phone if she wanted to talk to her friend.

    On a happier note, the smiley face gave me a smiley face. <3

  11. I too would suck a dick for a beer. Newcastle. Handjob for bud light. …I’ll tickle your nut sack for miller

  12. bollywood_rocks83

    Why then the caption? Like look at crazy tony and the boys says to me “happy times” and then I scroll down and see that bomb she drops.smh. Take out the caption or better yet, cut crazy tony out of the picture.

  13. Who's That Girl?

    I’m with carmen…

  14. I have good beer…

  15. ok, i totally missed this whole ben-thing. can someone give me some information? thanks.

  16. #12,

    Because the comments are almost a year later. Things were probably alright when she first posted but then… Tony drank too much foamy.

  17. @slim You can say you have good beer. But what is your definition of “good”?

  18. #15,

    OK, asking about “the Ben thing” is becoming a Ben in itself.

  19. @Bucky Fellini Wow. Nice. Insulting people because they want to know something. Pffff.

  20. full sail, pyramid, deschutes, red hook and the like… i dont drink much, but when i do those are the microbrews i go with… i’m more of a stoner

  21. Yeah, I don’t think there’s been a single post in the last like, week, that hasn’t had someone ask about the Ben thing. Then again, I’m completely at a fucking loss as to why for months and months there was nary (giggle) a mention of Ben, yet since about Monday, every other comment is about Ben…

    Yeah, I know, I called Ben on this post, but… I’m a slave to boring fashions.

  22. @slim I think this is the beginning of a long, filthy, disgusting booty call.

  23. Heh. Heh. It’s like Lamebook’s gone BENtal!

    I hate myself.

  24. For future reference, typing “ben” instead of “first post” doesn’t make you any less of an idiot.

  25. Lamebook just needs to add a link above “Leave a Reply” that’s a little page for some bensplanation.

    In short, Ben is a user who tried fucking his anger out by raging on all the people doing “first!” on first posts. Was a total tool about it – and in true form, lamebookers switched from “First!”ing posts to “Ben!”ing posts.

  26. and don’t forget that Ben is Frodo. And Frodo DOES NOT have a pool.

  27. Thanks Zoobert! He should FLY to Siarra one day and fuck his anger out with her I guess

  28. that depends carmen… you have a booty for me to call? im an ass man

  29. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime

    that cleared the ben thing up but i wonder with pic #1 what hes gonna do when he realises his heads been shaved :S

  30. You could bounce a quarter off of it and then steal the quarter back and ass rape me.

  31. @Zoobert- You forgot the fact that after raging about all the “firsts”, Ben posted first on several entries. Therein becoming what he was raging at. Then the Ben posts started coming instead of “first”. I’m with @SensibleMadness, posting Ben is still dumb.

  32. leonardmu-dollarsign-tdie

    Frodo totally has a pool, he just doesn’t want to share it

  33. oh yeah, BEN!

  34. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime


    would this be because he doesnt want people seeing his hairy feet?


  36. hey carmen…..i have good beer.

  37. kyle is frodo.

  38. Yay :) me likies the good beer :) I’m going to be one raging whore at my 21st if this trend of good beer keeps going!

  39. If his hairy feet were the case, he just wouldnt have lights in the pool….and nighttime pool parties

  40. @BritishHobo i think it’s cause ben came back and started commenting again. it reminded us of what happened and then we had to explain ben to like 50 new people. it’s not even worth the small chuckle it used to give anymore :(

  41. Who wouldn’t suck a dick for a beer?

  42. you know i feel there may be some truth to whole “ben” thing being stupid. Mind you, this comes from someone who enjoys them…. but as i sit here on lamebook while I’m at my job that i hate so much that i check lamebook enough to understand all of the ben jokes …. I can’t really argue against it being old. Most of us should probably get a life and spend less time on here… and that’s coming from someone who regardless still fully plans to pull up every lamebook post.

  43. @fairlyodd: I would not.

  44. @fairlyodd: I would

  45. lol

  46. I would let someone suck my dick and then give me a beer…does that count?

  47. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime

    i wouldnt suck dick for beer :)

  48. @fairly odd: i wouldn’t.

  49. The ones who wouldn’t you guys obviously think you’re above a good ol’ fashion system of bartering!

  50. under 21 and a quarter bouncing ass… count me in! and out, and in and out… you know the drill… and if not you will

  51. no, i’m down with bartering, it’s just i’m a dude. i’ll supply you with a beer though. sound fair?

  52. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime

    and no jfwilliams1 that doesnt count :p

    that would be a win lose situation

  53. Who's That Girl?

    I’m on the wagon. I’m too old for some of the stunts I’ve pulled lately while intoxicated. My days of peeing in parking garages are over. Sober for…well…4 days, but Im working on it!

  54. @slim will you still “respect” me after I turn 21 in a few months?

    @lexluther ya but when you’re thirsty you’re thirsty. I’m not against scissoring If I’m dying of thirst.

  55. “I wouldn’t respect someone who drinks before taking care of they are family either.”

    …definitely made me chuckle! totally something I would say!

  56. That_Girl_up_past_her_bedtime

    nice name whos that girl :)

  57. Amy’s post reminded me of Half Baked: “Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. Now that’s an addiction. You ever suck some dick for marijuana?”

  58. if by respect you mean pound your ass without mercy and making you gag on my cock, then yes… oh and i will open doors for you… call me old fashion

  59. Who's That Girl?

    @55 – Thanks! I’m thinking of making it my legal name.

  60. pretty sure i’d rather go to the store than suck a dick. but apparently that’s just me. i’m not judging though.

  61. Who's That Girl?

    Oh slim…I can’t tell if you repulse me or turn me on. It’s a very fine line…

  62. @slim you are a true gentleman. I’m a lucky girl!

    @lexluther ya don’t judge me! I’m against drinking and driving I’m doing you sober people a favor and not running you over!

  63. i said i’m not judging. i mean it. i appreciate your clear mindedness on this issue. i enjoy scissoring and bjs as much as the next guy. i would gladly supply the beer i’m just not gonna take it for one. anyways, unless you get really good beer it just tastes like rat piss and wouldn’t be worth a decent compliment.

  64. Well thank you for not judging me. I also will only blow/scissor for really good beer. I’m not smashing vag with another chick for a fucking corona!

  65. Geebus Amy: “Tony would suck a dick for a beer” Noice relationship going on there.

  66. LOL Okay, Ben is so totally on Dr. Phil right now!!! LOL

  67. it’s good to have standards haha

  68. @madcowmama on a scale of 1 to the holocaust how serious are you right now? and how do you know?

  69. I would suck a beer for a dick. Does that count?

  70. @ lexluther Just as serious as, Ben is being discussed here, and on Dr. Phil they are talking about social networking sites and there is a guy on there named Ben that has a chip on his shoulder the size of Kentucky. Sounds like Ben to me!

  71. Does sound suspiciously like OUR Ben. Sounds plenty Pooless Frodoish to me.

  72. @madcow

    that just made my day!

  73. dirtylittlepretty

    smiley face guy is only going to look slightly more douchy in the morning than he already is with his dirty wife beater on…Amy probably drove Tony to become a drunk with her ill-placed bitching (poor guy don’t even know when it’s time to get a fucking haircut) and Slim…wherever did you get that silver tongue??

  74. so ben gets on doctor phil for being made fun of….there is no justice in this world.

  75. dirtylittlepretty


  76. @ dirty

    my silver tongue comes from licking a lot of precious twat… if only i could eat out a truely classy bitch and i could get a golden tongue

  77. Amy’s a douchette. If you’re leaving, just leave – don’t “oh, I’m gonna … soon!” air your dirties all over Facebook.

    I couldn’t imagine living with a person like that, we’d be in the papers the next morning.

  78. @slim my vag is your golden ticket

  79. ben is frodo and frodo has no pool

  80. *ben has no pool

  81. I’m sick to death of all the ben references.
    On a happier note,the smiley face made me LOL

  82. whats the terrian like carmen? its tough to give a proper tongue job in a jungle

  83. Perhaps Amy should’ve made a little less children with Tony if he’s such a stupid ass drunk.

  84. Ben was a cool little in-joke at first, that went on a little bit, then sort of drifted away. And now it’s come back with a fucking vengeance, and exploded everywhere, and every comments page is drowning in fucking Ben, yet half of us still don’t have the blindest idea who the fuck Ben is and we have to keep explaining what the joke means while it flounders and dies in the most attention-grabbing way possible.

    The Ben joke is Frodo. As is the Frodo joke.

  85. I mean, we all know what happened last time Lamebook took a joke too far… except most people don’t know who Ben is, so we probably don’t all know.

  86. BritishHobo FTW!

    I, too, have grown weary of the ‘Ben’-ing. Please, somebody, take it out back and put it out of it’s misery.

  87. ^^
    I just can’t take the drama. I’m going to crawl under the desk and chew my eybrows. Let me know when it’s over.

  88. What a way to ‘dump’ someone!

  89. Now…moving AWAY from Ben…fuck it. Not much to say about these pics other than what I already have.

  90. I will say that jumping to the conclusion that Tony doesn’t already know what an asshat he is and that his wife is leaving him is taking a lot for granted. Since he’s not tagged in this picture its just as easily possible he doesn’t have a FB account, and couldn’t give a shit what she puts up on her wall.

  91. Christ on a cracker

    Suck a dick for ONE miserable beer?!?! I’d suck a dick for a good ol’ Jose Cuervo!!! Get your shit right, mate.

  92. I wish she thought of leaving him BEFORE she fucked him and had three kids with him! Smart. Birth Control people!

  93. @slim there is no jungle in these panties. The forest was cut down years ago and a nice clean highway was put up.

  94. @cobaltcat btw thanks for reminding me to take mine! seriously in 3 minutes i have to!

  95. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    bah humbug

  96. When did this become Adult Friend Finder for carmen and slim?

  97. looks like the little fat kid in picture two was the victim in picture one :-O

  98. the guy in the first picture has the nastiest looking wifebeater on.

  99. @zoobert when I decided to make it my “gettin booty central” damn man let a playa play!

  100. whats up with the second one? doesn’t really work inbetween two pitures does it?

  101. @naaice Thr title for this post is “boozin and losin” …think about that.

  102. @carmennnn well i got that part, obviously, but its like it was a photo post till Jenn came and crashed the party with her becoming a fan lameness

  103. I would not suck a dick for beer. However, I would consider it for really good weed regardless of what Bob Saget thinks.

  104. @fairlyodd: I would suck a dick or scissor for a Dos Equis…

    …but I would tie someone up and give them a full body tongue massage, teasing, nibbling, licking, swirling, trailing, blowing, and sucking them til they beg me to rape them like a AWOL death-row lifer who just stumbled across his first piece of ass in 25 years on the backwoods trail of a teenage gymnastics summer camp , lapping at their body like a hungry kitten laps and sucks the milk off their mothers teat, whilst performing autoerotic strangulation(or not if it isn’t preferable) then just as they are about to explode like an atom bomb I will finish it off by mounting that rock hard throbbing cock and riding it like a jackhammer on crystal-meth simultaneously squeezing and milking that bitch til my honeypot is dripping sweet nectar and salty man-lube and were both shaking like we were hit by a 7.5 for a Jose Cuervo!

    …For the worm your girl can get down and dirty too. :)

  105. Just wondering if that’s how Amy met Tony.

  106. @HeSaidWhat (#104):
    I wouldn’t doubt. Potato gun those kids out (*thwump* *thwump* *thwump*) and then razz him publicly on FB like that – it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine they met at the local watering hole.

  107. @nonnieyrissa Too much buddy…too much.

  108. @104 do you mean Tony sucked Amy’s dick for a beer? Funny..

  109. @carmennnn – It was sarcasm.

    @mass – Or maybe Amy is a mtf, Tony sucked her dick for a beer and the kids are adopted.

  110. A Dos Equis does sound good right now though. o.O

  111. Yeah mass, that’s what I meant.

    @Zoobert: From the sound of that conversation I would imagine the water was tainted

  112. @nonnie bad sarcasm

  113. Mmmmm… Turtles.

  114. I don’t get the Jenn one…

    and if you’d suck dick for beer, that’s like $4 worth, yeah? So you’d sleep with someone for, what, $15? I sense a business proposal…

  115. How was the last one posted AFTER the photo comments? Seems odd

  116. A year later?

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