Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Body Rockin’

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  1. I never meant to be so bad to you
    One thing I said that I would never do
    One look from you and I would fall from grace
    And that would wipe this smile right from my face

    Do you remember when we used to dance
    And incidence arose from circumstance
    One thing lead to another we were young
    And we would scream together songs unsung

  2. Pic1, Many women would kill for that waist of hers, but the hips are another story.

  3. That body seems very…unnatural.

    All of them, I guess.

  4. Oh my god. That girl better not think she looks good. Her face looks so painful. And wtf @ exacto knife carving????????

  5. P.S. Miss Carrot has some awfully shiny skin.

    For a carrot.

  6. The Jolly Roger top is fun.

  7. P.P.S. Mr. “HI I LIKE COCK” seems to be suffering from gangrene.

  8. Pic2, the carving doesn’t bother me, but what the hell is all that black shit?

  9. It looks like they were trying to ink the wounds, to form a tattoo.

    My best guess.

  10. Don’t let pic #1 fool you, fat pooling up by tight clothing =/= nice hips.

  11. You might be onto something.

  12. Guy Pearce’s character did it that way a few times, in Memento. If memory serves…

  13. Orange people are taking over the world.
    And the second one? Really??

  14. I’m going to assume that he consented to it. As he seems to have posted it on his Facebook, and would mostly likely FEEL that.

  15. My apologies for being so focused on #2. I just feel we’ve seen the other three a billion times by now.

    And I’m trying to wrap my mind around it.

  16. all of the photos are signs of the fall of our civilization.

    and i think the photos of the orange/fake tan girl have been on here before.

  17. _isglory, so you’re saying he might have had that carved into himself so he could remember his sexual preference?

  18. I’ve assume so much thus far. He clearly didn’t do it to himself.
    Perhaps he thought they were doing something else? But I don’t buy that, as he seems to have posted it. The bloody and inky tissues are right there, so it was just done prior to the “photo shoot.”

    So…fuck, I don’t know.

  19. Furthermore…I would think any gay man that comfortable with his sexuality wouldn’t be the type for that level of self-mutiliation.

    Again, I don’t know. I’m flustered by this.

  20. krasivaya_devushka

    Pic 1 is nasty. Eww eww eww! She needs a bit of a tan, and the girl in the pic #3 needs to stop it already. That’s just too damn much. Why would anyone want to be orange?

  21. krasivaya_devushka

    I think if I saw someone looking so orange, I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing in their face.

  22. I do like the Guy Pearce “Memento” idea.

  23. I’m gonna go ahead and say that #1 is hot. I’m not really too into the goth thing, but sometimes it works for me, and I am liking those curves.

  24. I’m sincerely hoping that’s the same girl in both those pics, as surely there aren’t that many stupid blonde oranges out there.

  25. They have the same black strap thing around their neck. It’s the same girl.

    I hope.

  26. lol muffin top.

  27. krasivaya_devushka

    lol you can easily tell that is is the same girl :) so you can breathe easier now hah

  28. killersquirrel

    Ss it just me or does the first chick look photoshopped?

  29. killersquirrel


  30. Bulldog, the gal in pic 1, some would say she has “good child bearing hips”, but that’s a fallacy. The width of the actual hips has nothing to do with how easily one can birth a child.

    I’m digressing with that comment, but I appreciate some guys like curvy gals. Horses for courses, as they say.

  31. For #2, I’m assuming he pissed somebody off something serious and that’s the result (I also like the “homemade tattoo” idea). As far as posting it on fb, probably for attention, like everyone else who posts stuff like that on fb.

  32. krasivaya_devushka

    Photoshopped or not, I still think it looks gross.

  33. Fuck my eyes hurt now

  34. cupid, hopefully not as much as that guy’s shoulder blade area must.

  35. where do all these freaks come from?

  36. I’m just wondering if goth girl in #1 is attempting to “waist train” with corsets?

  37. @shalashaska He would’ve had to have been under something pretty powerful to not feel that. They could’ve gotten through the first few letters, maybe, before he came to.

    On second thought, there does seem to be some significant scarring already on the first half. So maybe it was done in stages. Either way, this guy is a douche to end all douches.


  38. The girl in #1 is not attractive, by any stretch of the imagination. Whatever means she used to attain that horrid mess, it’s not appealing in the least. Be it the paleness of the skin, the tattoos, the skull & cross bones attire, or the faked hips…it is not attractive.

  39. So basically, krasivaya_devushka, the first girl needs to tan. But the third girl who took the initiative to tan is too tan. That’s not contradictory at all.

    I personally think the first girl’s body is pretty. God forbid she has a little meat on her. The only thing I find disturbing is that she would take a picture like that and post it on the internet…

  40. _isglory is a very harsh critic. I’ve seen much, much worse on here.

  41. krasivaya_devushka

    #39 That’s not what I said lol wtf?
    She’s way too pale; but then again she’s a gothic chick so that’s what she probably wants anyways. I’d never want to be that pale. As far as the “tan” girl goes, there’s a difference between having a nice tan and being freakin’ orange to the point where you look like you’re not even from this planet anymore.

  42. the hips may not lie, but they do defy geometry and function, in my case, as a very powerful emetic.

  43. krasivaya_devushka

    Hurry up with the new post Lamebook; I can’t look at that thing anymore!!!

  44. I don’t see what’s so awful about the first one… she’s got wide hips, so what? Ok, her ourfit’s a little silly too… but really, it’s not so bad.

    No. 2 is a whole ‘nother story however. My guess is that this kid has douchebag friends who told him that they would give him an “at home” tattoo that said something that he thought was cool like “ICP 4 Life”, and then his friends did that… that is the only way I find it even conceivable.

    As for the orange-atang… I am speachless.

  45. MsBuzzkillington

    Those hips look photoshopped. I watched a show once called “science of sex appeal” and their studies showed (with the small group they polled) that girls with a small waist and abnormally big hips actually got the highest positive feedback.

    But of course, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Something I have never really understood about the girls who over tan, besides the fact that they over tan and think it looks good, is why do they keep their bleached blond hair? When you are 10 shades of orange and you have blond hair, it looks awful. At least dye it a darker color.

  46. Word, I have a feeling that his shoulder blades hurt for a long time. Just looking at that picture makes my eyes water.

  47. It’s so easy to judge when you’re just a name on a screen.

  48. #1 – Nothing wrong with pale skin. Especially if she’s like me and is unable to tan without burning. The aesthetics of a tan are not worth the pain of a sunburn. Also, little waist + wider hips is a beautiful combination. However, she went overboard. WAY, WAY overboard.

    #2 – O_O

    #3 & 4 – Is it just me or are Wotsits developing human characteristics and attempting to take over the world?

  49. The first one is, indeed, hot. She should stop sucking her gut in, though.

    Here’s hoping the orange girl just has a bad sunburn…

  50. ok, people need to stop characterizing the orange girl as being tan. she is not. she has died her skin in the effort to make herself look tan! the result is she looks like a muppet. a freakish muppet at that.

  51. PeachyFuckinKeen

    I’m pretty sure I saw the orange chick trying to be the new Fanta girl.

  52. Haha at dc, “died her skin”. Well she’s killed her skin, that’s for sure.

  53. #1 is not attractive. There have been worse, yes (Oh, a lot worse), but she is not attractive.
    I am not being harsh, just honest.

    I am sorry.

  54. Word, I do like curvy girls. I also really like skinny girls. I guess I just like girls. :)

  55. _isglory – You mean to say that #1 is not attractive to YOU. Which is totally okay. No apology needed.

  56. Momentary.Thing

    I’ve decided, in following the Memento theme, that #2 is the guy’s way of reminding himself of his sexual preference because he loses his short term memory frequently. “Wait, do I like chicks or do I like dudes? Lemme check my back. Yep, there it is. I like cock.” Although, if that were the case, he should have had it tattooed on backwards so that it reverses in the mirror.

    In regards to dealing with the pain, perhaps his memory re-set partway through and so he only experienced a fraction of the pain.

    Or, his friends are complete jerks.

  57. dc, in this case, your typo “died” works much better than “dyed”.

  58. Oompa loompa doompadee doo…

  59. that chic in pic 1 has her skirt pulled low giving the impression her hips are bigger than they are… i dated a gal with that shape in hs… tiny waist and nice ol booty… i think she has a great body… her tramp stamp is on backwards though… that will look gross as she gets older and with any pregnancies

  60. #1 I want to see that ghetto booty. The hips do not lie.

    #2 My initial thought was that his now ex-gf drugged him up before sex, then brutally carved said words on his back and he posted it on facebook to let people know he dated a psycho and that’s proof… I just don’t want to imagine that someone willingly carved something so stupid on their back.

    #3/4 Youve got skin cancer, congratulations.

  61. omglazerpewpew

    @wordpervert “The width of the actual hips has nothing to do with how easily one can birth a child.” actually it does. small girls with narrow hips are advised to have c-sections because their hips are too narrow to accommodate a baby. thought i would share. and i dont think shes that attractive, not ugly, but not my thing. also face kinda matters imo…

  62. @omglazerpewpew: That reasoning is why the US has such a disturbingly high infant (and maternal) mortality rate.

    Do some research into the high rate of unnecessary C-sections performed in this country and their effects. Then research countries w/ v low c-section rates. It’s shocking.

  63. I’m a professional photographer and have extensive experience in post-production imaging. That that midriff has most definitely been photoshopped. She probably saw an opportunity in the dark background and scraggy hair strands to do some amateur airbrushing. Taking into account the thickness of her arms there is no doubt her hips are that size but the waist certainly is not natural – the curves from belly to hips are far too sharp and have no natural texture or shadows.
    Also, the fact that (slay me for this if you want) she said they don’t lie – methinks she doth protest too much.

    I’m also a mom – and I’m very very small but had no problems delivering two children naturally, or my mother before me (and several friends). The “child-bearing hips” myth is exactly that – a myth. Curvier women were socially considered better prospects for marriage as weight inferred wealth but when it comes to giving birth, wider hips and heavier weights are in fact a negative, as they can often be accompanied by obesity-related issues such as diabetes, heart strain and pre-eclampsia.

  64. I’ve seen people do with Magic Markers what someone did to that guy’s back but holy god. That made me wince.

  65. The third and fourth pictures serve as sufficient evidence for the existence of tanorexia. On the bright side, the young lady now has a full suit of anti-UV body armor.

  66. @Nanuke: So what you’re saying, basically, is that her hips don’t lie, but her waist does. I thought something was amiss with her upper body (could her ribs really be sticking out that much?), but I guess I was too preoccupied with the waist-hip anomaly to notice her arms.

  67. CommentsAtLarge

    #2 should be used in a PSA on why drinking and exacto knives don’t mix.

  68. number 1 looks like she’s waist training with corsets.

    = world champ/ crazy biatch.

    Real or not I think it’s SERIOUSLY ugly.

  69. 1) I like wide hips and a small waist on a woman, but that’s just unnatural in every way.

    2) I’m thinking that Jigsaw made him carve that on the back of the guy’s skin if he wanted to survive his trap.

    3 and 4) Ew.

  70. I’m thinking the first one was wearing a corset seconds before the photo was taken. I have wide hips and wore a corset and it looked kind of like this, but not as small. I think (most) pale people are quite good looking.

    The second one… That’s a shame.

    The third and fourth ones make me want to puke.

  71. Oh she’s definitely sucking in her stomach too but the area that leads from ribs to hips has been distinctly narrowed and there’s been a slight increase to the hips in order to create such a smooth curve. If you look closely you can see the pixellation where the curve tool has been filled out with cloned skin. And look at the width of her elbows upwards, they’re hidden behind her body for the most part but you get the idea. Serious bingo wings in years to come.

    Even if the image wasn’t so obviously rendered, I’d say she’s too young to have achieved such drastic effects with waist training. The woman in Nantaise’s pic is obviously a lot older and has taken years to get that shape, even then she looks like she’s wearing a corset in that swimsuit.

  72. It’s stupid to say most pale people are good looking just as it’s stupid to say most olive skinned people are good looking…depends on their hair colour.
    I think natural is overall best, however.
    3&4 are an abomination. why does no-one tell her? :(

  73. if she had photoshopped it, she’d be pretty chubby though? and her stomach looks quite flat.

  74. Re photo #2:

    The ‘black stuff’ is from wax and the carving would have been consensual- this is pretty clearly a BDSM scene. For the second I have seen and done worse.

  75. lovely, Lupine!

  76. Ha, she’s chubby all right and has done a total clean-up job of her skin to remove dimples. The only shadow on her body is around her ribs where she’s sucking in. The navel is suspiciously high too. Arrrgh the more I look the more things I see wrong, my eyeees!

  77. Now I’m just curious Lupine, ’cause that would be getting into some extremely kinky shit

  78. I don’t like girls with a tan…it’s means they’ve been out of the kitchen… :)

  79. @Nanuke…but if she was chubby and she puts that on fb…who does she think she’s fooling :S
    Why would someone go to on that trouble…kinda sad.

  80. If #1 girls hips are saying “dear god, please let me see the sun and I am way too covered in fat rolls to be attractive” Then yes, her hips do not lie.

    Whoever said the word “tanorexic” is my new hero. That made me giggle for a while!

  81. oh, and I couldn’t figure out where her boobs were at first. Looked so strange to me.

  82. @sharkbait, not used to seeing lady boobies?

  83. No Nantaise, I have my own. But at first I thought the pic was of a topless person that had had their breasts removed. Then I looked higher, and squinted a little.

  84. #1, I’m pretty sure those are her natural hips. No waist training. It would be apparent if it were waist training because there would be marks on her body from continued corset wear. Because to achieve such a whittled upper body you have to wear the corset for at least 23 hours out of the day. Everyday. And her ribs would be much more tapered, as it constricts the lower ribs together.Plus that it looks like a girl I have on a friends list elsewhere, and I’ve seen multiple pictures of her. Her waist looks like that in every pic. Cute girl.

  85. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ^^^^ HAHAHAHAHA zing!

  86. I don’t know about her hips, but judging by the scars on her arm, she must have spilled a lot of paint in the garage.

  87. Onlyformojitos

    Those aren’t hips, they’re saddlebags. Her muffin top don’t lie.

    Also, leather face is coming for you. Keep SPF500 on hand at all times to protect yourself.

  88. Wow, I must live under a rock because I always thought pasty ass fat girls with welts on their arms were not in the “cute girl” category.

  89. youre all assholes. the girl in the first pic is a bellydancer (hence the strange outfit). and she actually has pretty close to the IDEAL body for bellydancing. real women have curves yall, and shes not even CLOSE to being fat or whatever. there are no rolls on that girl. women arent supposed to look like sticks.

    and that pic is not photoshopped. i have a few friends, bellydancers and otherwise, who are built the same way.

  90. Each to their own, SharkBait.

  91. b-doll, I am not going to argue with you on the body type..but about it being photoshopped, yes, I will. Because if you look, it’s paler on the sides.

  92. SharkBait is awesome and my new hero.

  93. B-doll, how is suggesting her body type is wrong any worse than suggesting hers is right, but other body types are wrong?

    You’re the one suggesting that women without curves aren’t ‘real women’ and that women shouldn’t be sticks.
    But what if that’s their natural body type?
    You’re being just as judgmental about body shape as the people you’re criticizing, so I guess that makes you a hypocrite and an asshole.

  94. b-doll: Use of the phrase “yall” pretty much sums up your utterly stupid dumb-fuckin-bitchery, but let’s not let that stop us:

    Real belly dancers do not wear skull-themed clothing.

    Real belly dancers do not wear black nail polish.

    Real belly dancers have a sense of professionalism.

    Real belly dancers have tits.

    This goth loser skank has no fashion sense, no taste, no ability to color-coordinate–and no tits.

    And you have no abilities as a commentator/

  95. lokiparagon, im not saying that women who are naturally skinny arent beautiful. but it seems that societys standard is that women should STRIVE to be stick-thin, and THAT is what i see wrong in these comments. women dont need to starve themselves to be beautiful.

    mikey mike, way to be a bigot. just because i say “yall” on occasion does not make me uneducated. it simply means i lived in the south for a short period of time. and do you even know the first thing about bellydancing? there are many different styles, one of which is GOTHIC bellydance. yes, it does exist and yes, her skull-themed costume and black nail polish fit the style perfectly. educate yourself before you speak again ;)

  96. Hey, what’s wrong with “y’all”? I’m from Texas and it’s part of our vernacular. I think there are better ways to prove she is an idiot without dissing “y’all”.

  97. Grrrroossssh…

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was so great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  98. MikeyMike, how does it feel to be bitchslapped in public? And that too by a girl!

    b-doll FTW.

    I have a couple of Gothic belly dancing friends and you are correct, b-doll.

  99. Where do they get this stuff? Oh yeah.

  100. I’ve never been so glad to be called an asshole! Way better than being on team fat goth chick! I mean, professional-ideal-bodytype-gothic-belly dancer.

    Nope, I really do mean fat goth chick. sorry

    And I really wouldn’t pick on her that much but she really doesn’t look healthy. Wait….no…I think I’d still pick on her, just for pulling her skirt down so low. And for wearing that skirt. Won’t hate anyone for liking it though. I’m nice like that.

  101. @wordpervert….I know its been covered already as we’re already on the 100th comment….but I’m pretty sure thats the same oompah loompa girl in both pictures….

    However it pains me to inform you that she is not by any stretch of the imagination, an isolated case….

    I wish I could remember the name of it but I was just browsing a website the other day(similar in nature to Lamebook)where people only posted pictures of this strange race of orange people….lots of serious cases of tanorexia…mostly orange girls with fake overly-blonde hair taking pictures of themselves making that stupid-ass duck-lip face.

    Why are girls doing that?????

  102. also…I take offense to the implication that using the word “y’all” makes someone “utterly stupid dumbfuckin bitchery”….

  103. Late on this one and didn’t read all the other comments but I think the chick in #1 looks fine. My only problem is that she’s being a douche, posting herself on FB and writing something stupid like “these hips don’t lie”. What a loser. But people saying she’s disgusting are what’s wrong with the world. BOO!!

  104. The girl’s hips are natural (not so sure about the waist), however, as far down as she has her skirt pulled, it’s definitely squeezing some fat out which emphasizes the width. I don’t have very wide hips in relation to my waist, but with a tight enough skirt pulled down that low, I can achieve a similar (though less drastic) look. Also, she looks like she has 2 sets of boobs, which bothers me.

    However, I take much offense to the “too pale” comments. I am a natural red head with pale, fair skin. I cannot tan, I only burn. I also tend to think natural red heads look strange with tans. Tanning is not healthy, nor necessary and I really wish people would stop telling others they are “too pale”.

  105. I think in number two they were probably trying some special effects make-up, or something of that sort, and did this to try it.

  106. @ HarrietTheSpy i am a doctor, and no im not from the US. the reason the US has so many unnecessary c-sections is because of elective c-sections. very few women have hips too small for delivery, the unofficial rule is a size 3 shoe or smaller, one starts worring :)

  107. @UsuallyBoring I totally agree. I’m a brunette, and I actually tan quite easily, so there’s no “excuse” for me to be pale, except that I think I look just dandy the way I am. No need to pay a small fortune over the years just to end up with a leathery hide and skin cancer. I think dark skin is beautiful when it’s natural, but so is light skin. Though I have to say that I think the black clothing is making her look even whiter.

    As for her body…wow. I think big hips are seriously underrated, but this is overboard. Not sure if it’s from a corset, photoshop, or if she just looks that way, but that’s so extreme. I certainly wouldn’t say she’s fat, but this is beyond curvy.

  108. southernbrunette

    #106 – I always wondered about this and thought in the US docs did c-sections unnecessarily due to insurance.

    I have small hips and after 20 hours of labor and not getting anywhere with my first, they opted for a C-section.

    Now I’m about to have my 2nd C-section in a month and it is required, my doctor says, since my first was a C-section. Which outrages me because I didn’t want the C-section the first time, I certainly don’t want it this time.

    My friend had a C-section done in the US and moved to Brazil for a year, had a child naturally in Brazil no problem. When she came back to the States and became pregnant again, they told her too it was required to have a C-section due to her previous one..I don’t get it. :(

  109. y’all are so stupid.

  110. I mentioned my eleven year old daughter on another post. I knocked her up (she’s hot!), and the doctors recommended a c-section due to her age, but she wanted to do it naturally. I could actually hear the bones shifting when little Oonga was coming out. Now her hips look like pic #1. I call them incest hips, and there ain’t nothing hotter (until they turn 18. Ewwwww.)

  111. So what’s the general consensus on #2? Voluntary or involuntary?

  112. #2 shows a good reason not to pass out at a homophobic sadists house . . . . . .or the cutter told him it was “I LOVE MY MOM”

  113. Southernbrunette, a lot of docs will let you try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) but a lot won’t. If it’s that important to you, ask your doctor to let you try, and if they say no, ask another doc. What they’re worried about is uterine rupture where you’ve had the first C-section.

    Also, two C-sections in a month?!?! LOL

  114. PeanutButtercup

    @els the website you are looking for is antiduckface.com

  115. #1: She is a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer. Look it up on youtube. Look up Indigo (Rachel Brice, Zoe, Marty Love) and Tribal Fest/international Festives. You will see gothlica, theatrical production to all sorts of styles and intermixes of each belly dance element (Arabic, Turkish, Eqyptian) all fused to Tribal. (I am a Tribal Belly Dancer…).

    #2. Person is an idiot.

    #3. Too much…too much.

  116. Lying hips!!!!

  117. @Mutchkin21

    You should post some of your own pictures so we can get a better understanding of the culture. We are not here to tear down, but only to learn. If you could provide some insight into this foggy world of tribal dancing, we would only be the better for it. And then I could pretend I was fucking your bottomless belly button.

  118. gothic belly dancing?? hahahahahahaaa

  119. #104 Usually boring – You take offence to people saying she’s too pale while you’re busy implying that she’s too fat?? I forgive you though cos you must have had a very hard life, being a Ranga and all. Must be nice to sometimes get to pick on others for a change.

  120. Enough with picking apart this girl’s body. So maybe curvy girls aren’t your thing, but she’s not some disgusting beached whale!

  121. ^^ yes she is! her hips are massive = beached whale!!

  122. the 2nd one almost looks like it was some sort of hate crime, i hope not.

    And these girls need to lay off the carrots. Shit will turn your skin orange like that. Happened to me as a kid.

  123. @peanutbuttercup….yeah, actually that does sound vaguely familiar.

  124. #3 & 4- I’ve seen girls at my old high school like the orange ones. Actually they look very similar…. Weird.

    #1- I don’t mind curves but damn thats too much. Pale skin is fine, being in Florida its kinda funny to see pale people…

    #2- I’ve known people to carve names or initials on themselves or words, but not phrases. Ick. I would never do that to myself ever. He prolly consented to someone doing it but didn’t know what they were carving =/

  125. I am thinking the girl in the last two photos is aboriginal and her normal shin color combined with some sparkly bronzer or lotion and died white hair just makes her look weird.Some people are born with skin that exact color(yes some use fake tanner to do so but that should not be the default assumption)>

  126. Apparently there are some haters with “boy hips” on here today.

  127. Southern Brunette – It is NOT required in the States but some doctors require it in their practice. It is up to you to call a different doctor if you want a v-bac. A few years ago almost all doctors rejected V-bac due to malpractice issues now the numbers have turned and most practices recommend them.

  128. And odd clothing aside #1 is f*cking hot! You guys are blind or anorexic/maybe both? I am with Soup and Ben. Even with the tight weird clothing she is drool worthy to the nth degree.

  129. I don’t have a problem with the pale skin, tat, or the clothing. The clothing is dumb imho, but that doesn’t make here ugly. My gut reaction to that picture though is that she is unattractive, although it is hard to tell from such a small sample. Her hips seem out of ratio to her waist, but again, that’s just me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no? You can’t see her face anyways, and that’s possibly the most important thing to me. The face is what you see unclothed the most generally.

  130. you guys have such weird taste :P

    _isglory i completely agree, i think #1 is almost repulsive. not being “god forbid someone have a bit of meat on them”, curves are hot indeed, but that – that is just unnatrual. she has clearly gone wayyyyyyy over the top with the corsets… but she’s goth so what do you expect eh?
    still, that’s just gross, and it looks like she’s gotten hip implants or something. i cannot get over how gross that is. urgh. sorry.

    #2 just a freak

    #3&4 my gut hurt from imagining her leaving the house and the reactions she’d get. oh id love to see that oopa loompa in real life.

  131. *gut hurt from laughing so hard
    i dont just get abdominal pains when i find something funny, i swear :)

  132. Nanuke, you try too hard. I used to work as a professional digital photographer, and there is nothing in #1 to indicate photoshopping. AND although this woman clearly has some fat cells (as women should) she is far from obese — I hardly think it’s rational to compare her to women who are so fat they’ll have serious problems with pregnancy and birth.

    Further, I have seen women who look just like this naturally, and don’t use corsets. A good friend of mine, in fact, is a phenomenal bellydancer and has a body just like this, with very wide hips and a tiny waist. That’s just the way she is.

    #1′s skirt isn’t squeezing out much “muffin top” if any — there is minimal overhang going on there. I’ve seen far more egregious muffin tops on “properly” skinny girls who have their asses shoehorned into jeans a size or two too small. And THAT looks disgusting, thanks very much.

    Some women don’t naturally conform to society’s idea of “correct body type”. Get over it. I think her body is cute, and who gives a shit if she’s pale? I like pale women much better than tan women. Tanning is unhealthy anyway, and pale skin is pretty. Very dramatic against dark hair and dark eyes.

  133. Why do people automatically assume that you’re either fat or ugly or jealous just because you find someone unattractive?

    Clearly there are people who like #1, and obviously she does too, so that’s cool, but I find it slightly gross. And I find it slightly gross because I do. Not because I’m some 500 pound woman who is super jealous, I genuinely find it unattractive.

    I’m certainly no supermodel by any means, but I’m still entitled to my own damn opinion, damnit!

    And I’ll quit ranting now. G’day.

  134. # 1..nope. #2…hate crime?? #3+#4 I guess she does not realize the only thing protecting her from UVB and UVC and most UVA rays is is thin layer of ozone (about 3 mm thick compressed at sea-level; (http://hypertextbook.com/facts/2000/ChoTan.shtml), and that chloroflourocarbons have reduced that thickness. Or-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozone_layer. Congradulations blondie I took one minute of research to point out your stupidity

  135. I would kill for a body like the first picture! Those hips are amazing.

  136. It is perfectly possible to have a body shape like #1′s without using corsets or photoshopping.

    I should know, cos that’s exactly my body shape. My hips are around 2-3 dress sizes bigger than my waist/boobs.

  137. I personally think chick number one’s pic is hot….

  138. wow my god she has an amazing figure!

  139. chiiro: Most likely because there are other people viewing the same picture as you are who have the same or similar body shape as she does and you and everyone else saying she looks disgusting isn’t just an opinion, it’s an insult. To all the posters who like #1, in the words of Michael Hutchence, “You’re one of my kind.”

  140. I love you, Ben Waiting

  141. @mwnci tal, pics out!

    if she isn’t photoshopped she’s damn unlucky, to have a body that people think is so unnatural it is photoshopped can’t be nice.
    Plus she has chubby arms and small boobs :(

    Nothing to do with not having ‘curves’ or whatever you people wanna call it, it’s just having a strange bodyshape.

  142. what in the world...

    That blonde needs more fake tan.

  143. krasivaya_devushka

    Obviously, it’s better to be curvy than stick-thin, but my God, that is just so weirdly proportioned!
    Everyone has their own idea what beauty is and that just isn’t mine.

  144. @Nantaise I don’t do pics, sorry!

    You know, no-one’s ever told me that they think my body shape is unnatural… I reckon if you saw her in the flesh, without her making such a feature of them, you’d probably just think ‘my word, she has rather a large arse’. Well, that’s what strangers tell me on a fairly regular basis.

  145. That should read ‘rather large hips’. Oops.

    And on that note, I’m off

  146. krasivaya_devushka

    I know a girl that is obsessed with tanning, and although she’s getting orange, she’s nowhere near what the girl in the last two pictures looks like. She is getting there, though, slowly but surely. I honestly think if you’re that stupid to do that to yourself then you deserve everything that’s coming your way.

  147. Chick #1 looks like she’s got on a goth fusion/belly dance outfit. If she is a good dancer then those wide hips will serve her well. The fact that she’s tagged the pic “these hips don’t lie” make me think she’s a bellydancer.

  148. Turkey Vulture – if you can’t recognise a curve with complete lack of feather, shadow or anti-aliased edges, well, I guess it’s no surprise that you’re no longer a photographer.

    I never said she was gross or unattractive or ugly or blahblah. I said she was chubby (stating the obvious) but didn’t say she was obese. Just that photo is DEFINITELY ‘shopped from the waist to the hips.

  149. @nanuke,you’re right she’s definitely chubby – look at the arms! which makes me think there is some jiggery pokey with the waist be it photoshoppery or not.

    ZING @ Turkey Vulture.

  150. #1 is definitely sucking in. You can tell because there is a telltale pinched look above the navel, but it’s smooth under the navel. My bigger concern is that her left hip extends so much higher than her right. I understand her left hip being bigger, as my right hip sticks out slightly further due to 11 years of carrying children on it, but they at least run horizontal and not diagonal. Seriously “plot” the top of her right hip and the top of her left and there is a considerable difference.

  151. I don’t know who said the phrase “bingo wings” earlier as part of a prediction of #1′s future, but it was pretty damn funny.

  152. Anyone else getting the feeling that number 2 is a hate crime? Cause he can’t do that to himself, and I’m seeing some bruises and other random cuts that don’t look self inflicted….

  153. I can’t beleive that no one has pointed out the “waist-whittling” effect on Miss Orange’s second picture. Her waist has been “shopped” to make it look smaller. The pillow is cloned and the edge of her shirt is a little fuzzy.

  154. @Mwinci, me too. I used to be a freak because I have a 22 inch waist and 34 in hips and breasts, Now I love me and don’t give a fuck what others think. I am full blooded Italian so this is my shape I will never have boy hips, but I no longer want them. Do not take it too personal, just think when you are 30 and the 19 yr olds who do your yard/pool work are hitting on you and they all look like saggy house fraus who will be laughing then. :D

    And before anyone starts with pic requests last time this kind of subject matter came up I posted my facebook link, so if you haven’t seen me yet you will just have to dig back though the old threads. ;)

    krasivaya_devushka Are you 7? Hips are weird if they are large? I hope noone whips there C— out in front of you. Grow the f—up

  155. AZFreckles You must be a little slow or touched, yes? :) She is a belly dancer and she is posing for a photo, think realo hard honey and you should be able to figure out why one hip is so high. ;)

    I hope I caught that last typo before Word sees it. I meant to say I used to feel like a freak. I was and still am a freak though word!

  156. Jackulahaha – I never said she was fat, I said her skirt was squeezing some fat out on the sides. Which is true. Everyone has fat on their bodies. I’m fine with people enjoying their own bodies and all, but I just think it’s unflattering to wear clothes that are too small. And you can tell that skirt is squeezing fat out the top by the creases on each hip.

  157. Nonnie, I never correct people’s typos, I make enough of my own. So I most definitely wouldn’t pull you up. I just thought that dc’s typo was pure poetry, in relation to his comment about the blonde orange.

    As for you being a freak girl… keep it up.
    Would love to see these pics of yours, but I’m not so inclined to dredge through old posts. Bugger.

  158. OMG!!!! What a freakin’ coincidence.. :S
    I was browsing through my myspace and found the first
    girl’s real myspace.. Has pictures of her modeling
    and her hips.. they’re real :S
    what are the chances I’d find the EXACT same girl..
    what the hell :P


  159. lol99yeah, all I can say after looking at that is, WHOA!

  160. the first one is my girlfriend and who ever posted this deserves there face on lame book cause its some sad pathetic loser who has problems with there own self just like everyone who posted her criticizing the way my gf is shaped. and if your calling her ugly or fat shes a fucking MODEL and your probably some over weight losers with nothing to do that’s y your sitting on this stupid site making fun of others so that you can feel better about your pathetic little existent so grow up get a life and stop trying to make yourself feel better by chastising others oo and p.s. this photo was taken by a MTV’s “My Sweet 16″ PRODUCER then release on facebook

  161. Ah, self-appointed experts….

  162. Word I wasn’t referring to you correcting my typos, but by all means feel free, everyone can if they want. I have my masters, I am not worried about it, I know what I mean. :) I was worried you would think I was no longer a freak as I said was a freak by accident instead of thought I was a freak. ;) I’m still patiently waiting on our threesome you’ve promised. More than once I might add, and I didn’t want you backing out. :P

  163. krasivaya_devushka

    #154 Oh yes, you guessed it – great job! What an idiot you are. I never said having large hips is weird; all I said is hers look waaaaaaaay out of proportion with the rest of her body. So you go grow the f- up & learn how to read. :)

  164. mouse1992: Your girlfriend is HAWT.

  165. if she was on ‘my sweet 16′ she’s a cock.

    and anyone can be a model, just takes someone to take your picture :)

  166. LB has finally returned to form, albeit inadvertently, and delivered the ultimate in lame. I stand by my opinion of waist fakery but now think the only thing bigger than this wannabe model’s nasty image is her rampant ego. Yuck.

  167. MachineGun Monica

    Wow, Nanuke, stfu. You are really, really annoying.

  168. One day, Nonnie, one day.

  169. #3 & #4 Is what a carrot brought to life looks like.

  170. sean-shutupchump

    You people are a bunch of fucktard morons.
    The girl in PIC #1 is not photoshopped, is not fat, is not sucking in, was not wearing a corset before the pic was taken and is not ugly.
    I was at the party she was at last week when that pict was taken, it was an MTV party here in Houston, TX.
    She is a gogo dancer and is pretty fucking attractive actually.
    So everyone talking shit you have no clue WTF you are talking about and should just keep your uneducated comments to yourself.
    Hell.. 95% of you are probally about as attractive as a rock with dog shit on it, trying to criticize others.. pfft.
    That is all.

  171. attractiveness is subbbbbbbbjective so when you say ‘she’s pretty fucking attractive’ – well most of here don’t think so.

    Mouse 1992, if you were born in 1992 that would make me lol. Would also fit with the comment.

  172. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=10148821&albumID=3064663&imageID=73318885

    p.s model? Lol. Models don’t have ‘brioche’ as we say ’round here.

  173. sean-shutupchump

    most of you on here have seen one very odd picture of a close up of a certain part of the body. again, im sure you yourself are fucking troll like in attractiveness so I would just shush my ugly ll mouth personally.

  174. well given i just posted the link which is an even worse picture imo, obviously not.
    why would you assume that just because someone says someone isn’t attractive that they are evidently unattractive themselves?
    beautiful people think everyone else is beautiful, is that it? I don’t think so, chickadee.

    Get back to me when you reach maturity, either legally or physically. Either way is good.

  175. I’m with Nantaise.

    Damn, these people are freaks!

  176. @171 Yes Mouse was born in 1992. February to be exact.

  177. #2 photo…. the guy in the photo gave his consent to be carved into with a push pin like an idiot. He is traveling with some guys promoting Spicy RV (http://spicyrv.com/blog/). He didn’t know what the girl was carving and she intended to put ink in the carving and it didn’t work out the way she planned. They did this in the RV they travel in. They traveled from Texas to Virginia at this point. This took place in Virginia Beach.

  178. By the way… the guy in photo #2 was not on anything and it was done in one sitting. It’s definitely not normal.

  179. I felt the need to comment on this one (as I have been reading the archives). … Actually, it’s all been said. I just wanted to put in that there’s been some amazing good trolls in here *bows to anyone who claimed that #1 was “weird”, “fat”, or “photoshopped”* And wonderful job everyone else feeding them. Made for an interesting read. ^_^

  180. well, i honestly am not even sure how to respond to these posts without being bashed on end or the other haha.
    truthfully, the girl in #1 appears quite normal to me, my body is similar to her, just not AS curvy(40-36-44) and i am quite fond of my waist and hips and butt. there are women out there with such curves, doesn’t make it photoshopped or unattractive, imo. it has taken ME a long time to like my body, and seeing so many people demean curves such as those made those feelings want to come back up from the past. not a great feeling.
    so, yea, in MY opinion, the girl is beautiful, not much in the face though(i had to sneak a peek at her profile), but her body is one of the only bodies left out there that’s not labeled in one of 2 categories: a branch or a blob of fat and cellulite.
    thank you

  181. All the power to #1 for being proud of her curves! I’m not even going to comment on #2 – I can’t force myself to believe for a second that he didn’t know what the girl was carving. And as for the Oompa=Loompa, Willy Wonka said to stop sitting around being lazy, and get back to work.

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