Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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  1. first flexo fails

  2. its funny because a child shouldn’t be messing with a gun until they are at a legal age.

  3. i like fat cocks in my ass

  4. Why is it parents like this little girl’s find it so easy to get pregnant but people who really do want a child can not?

  5. fuckin fake flexo making people think that i am not the real flexo.

  6. son… i am disappoint..

  7. I like turtles.

  8. HAAW, oh duncan, you made me laff..Flexo shud use his brian more often, then maybe he would have better spelling habbits

  9. Relax dude its not me, but its funny how your getting all worked up.. trolled

  10. Relax dude its not me, but its funny how your getting all worked up.. trolled keep it up fake flexo

  11. flexos girlfriend

    flexo were breaking up sorry,
    you cant satisfy.
    stay true to you self ok?

  12. asshole ashhole asshole dickbutt. that is what all of you all are.
    also the joke is on you because i am actually tubgirl. flexo is my new name because of how big my asshole can flex.

  13. dont you fricken use my name fake flexo

  14. or are you the fake flexo asshole

  15. Flexo. Actually, it’s “disappointed” and “retard”. As in “I’m really disappointed to see that the retarded parents of this poor child were capable of figuring out how to spawn.”

    Duncan, you are using the wrong tense of “your”. It should be “you’re getting all worked up”. “Your getting all worked up” makes me wonder “his what is getting all worked up.”

    See? You’re both daft.

  16. i think you are. what do you think flexos girlfriend

  17. asholes isnt a word but i like licking them.

  18. i said ashhole you retart. god youre a fricken moron.

  19. sic everyone should call themselves flexo then we can all troll to our hearts desire

  20. @22 , Too long ,didn’t read.. you fail.

  21. Anybody else think Narlayp was referring to blow jobs with his “bad habit” remark? I would probably have been more offended if said baby wasn’t sticking a gun in her mouth. With parents like that, I’d just be happy if she ever reached adolescence to even give blow jobs. Yikes.

  22. i luv flexo.. at least hes not an uptight asshole who likes to type up an english lesson after every misspelt word or pronunciation. flexo is legend in my book. :)

  23. What is the difference between a Mexican (flexo) and an elevator?

    One can raise a child.

  24. Serious, I never post comments on here but it would nice if all you flexos would fuck off. You are all annoying cunts.

  25. In Colorado we have a law that states how firearms should be stored in a household with Children under a certain age. I don’t know the specifics of it but I would assume that allowing the child to hold the firearm, loaded or not, would violate this law. Posting a photo of this on Facebook is extremely stupid, it would give the authorities a perfect reason to take the child away and put the parent in prison.

  26. giving out free handjobs.

  27. Two flexos reminds me of Smeagol vs. Gollum.

    Also that baby seems kind of ugly so I guess it makes sense why her mom would let her play with a gun.

  28. good evening every one i’d like to apologize for my rude behavior

  29. :)

  30. @flexo hahahaha amazing, i was hoping someone would get flexo before the original flexo.

  31. Fake flexo’s been blocked. So we can all move on now.

  32. Wha-wha-what? Logging in!? Did this just happen in the last three minutes?

  33. Seriously good grief

  34. Hey, flexo, it’s spelled RETARD.

    Kidding, kidding, completely kidding. I must admit, I was tempted to change my name from Julie to a more known Lamebook name and pose as them. Alas, my dignity and identity prevented me from doing so.

  35. Julie stick to fingers in me plz

  36. shut up fake flexo you retart

  37. Great now the fake flexo is cloning Kaoss

  38. insert clever name here

    Pretty sure the gun is fake… but still.
    What the hell kind of names are Narlayp and Amit?

  39. fake flexo: Here’s a thought: come up with your own unique name and do something to get yourself recognized. Zombie kid, Boz, Anonis Gay (thank god I haven’t seen him in a while), and flexo are all well-known. You could make your name something like carpet muncher and post lewd comments about how you love munching carpet and I bet people will start to remember you.

    Seriously, come up with your own identity.

    /soap box

  40. i don’t think it is a real gun… but seeing at the picture makes me feel unconfortable anyway!! :S

  41. I don’t think the original flexo ever capitilized his name, leaving me to assume you are a fake.

  42. This photo is disgusting. Child services need to be called.

  43. yeah Julie, grow a brian.

  44. mom is just getting her ready for when an actual ‘pistol’ is shoved uncerimoniously into her mouth by some gang member…maybe it gets easier after time?

  45. should he “laff”, or not? Definitely not… everything about this picture is sad :( not funny or cool… not really lame either, just sad.

  46. Hey admins, can you just block the original flexo too? I’m kinda done with everyone named flexo, fake or not.

  47. done

  48. Wonderful! Thank you.

  49. Haha, that’s kind of amazing. Thank you, admin.

  50. O HAI!

  51. LOL

  52. CumDog Millionaire

    WTF is this log-in crap

  53. i’m glad you have to log in now … hopefully it’ll keep the annoying middle school kids to a minimum

  54. All hail Darwin.

  55. Admin WIN!

  56. Maybe it’s a toy gun?

    I am going to pretend it is a toy gun so I can sleep tonight.

  57. @ anon.b.mous

    That is the best comment I’ve read in, well, weeks!

  58. Coming from Australia where it is illegal to have a gun (if you’re any thing but a farmer or a police officer) I find this so disturbing. Real or not what the hell were you thinking!!

  59. Somebody call Children’s Aid!

  60. I just don’t know what to say…

  61. That’s a toy gun people. Chill out!

  62. Thank heaven for Patrick Bateman. His post made this entire worth the read.

  63. entire *thread

  64. shud i laff? or wut?

  65. Ami, Narlayp and kiran…….seriously?

  66. I expect her brains to be on the floor some time soon.

  67. sometime*

  68. Or that’s wrong as well? whatever…

  69. omg. isn’t a naralyp something bad girls get on their hoo-has?

  70. some people shouldn’t breed. how many kids do you suppose she has? and do each have a different daddy?

  71. i really hope she wasn’t listening to russian roulette by rhiana…

  72. mannn, who the hell names their child narlayp? how dya even pronounce that shit anyway? nar-lape? narly-p? i’m guessing the father’s into surfing and the mother just needed a piss at the time.

  73. No one even mentioned that babies shouldn’t play with guns???

  74. gun lock?

  75. This is why we have gang issues and kids shooting other kids at school; seriously stupid breeding should be against the law.

  76. IS this supposed to be something to be proud of, or did the parents find it funny, so took a photo? F*cking morons.. They should be reported to the law. Jesus Christ.

  77. The Fallen Madonna

    @Galvin at #65, and others…

    Ever considered the possibility that not all people are white Christian? There are quite a few other cultures outside your little world.

    And get over it people, it’s just a toy… the kid’s too young to even know what kind of a toy it is. If it were a Barbie in her mouth, would you accuse the parents of introducing her to cannibalism?

  78. She’e a great Mother. Providing her child with a valuable education at an early age. She’s using the gun to teach her how to suck and blow. Suck some cock and blow some people away.

  79. Whaaaaaaaat the

  80. This is disgusting you fucking cunts!!! How does anyone think this is ok?!?!?! WTF

    @ Duncan, you are a hippi and possibly more fucked up than this girls parents…. I hope the prison you no doubtably going to end up in had a library!!!

    @ Flexo, you are also a fucken wanker….

    *Wow, that was awesome! Thanks lamebook for putting such retards on a public panel!*

  81. and just think next year she will get her first shotgun :)

  82. How are you people so convinced that this is fake? It looks like it has a clip in it to me…

  83. KalliErin

    Handguns don’t have clips, they have magazines. Stop watching gangster movies.

  84. Toy Gun. Squirt or air soft.

  85. toy gun or not any parent that thinks its okay to let their baby put the muzzle of a gun in it mouth and suck on it should be shot. Do you realize how easy it is for a child to move its hand down and pull the trigger before you can get to them?

  86. Yeah, but mate, if it’s a toy gun, who gives a flying shit if they pull the trigger? What’s going to happen, the little pop-sound’s going to give them a heart attack? Fecking ‘tard…

  87. Fail. Epic.

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