Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Mom Dot Com


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  1. Damn you are a hoe.

  2. That is one ugly bitch.

  3. I bet this mom has sex with guys in front of her kid too. what a pedofile. she needs to use the brians she has and take those pics off.

  4. ew why?

  5. If there are 12 photos in said album why is it only showing 8 instead of a full square of 9? Doctored much??

  6. Damn you’re ugly!

  7. Not enough room for all of ‘em, Neal

  8. she’s freakin LAME…

  9. @ Flexo
    Brians =/= brains

  10. Damn, yous a sexy fish .

    p.s. wtf is with this kid pics and then the caption “damn im sexy” .. uh i do believe those kid pics arent you lady. nice try though. : )

  11. Not enough room for 12 would make sense Neal, but there is definitely enough room for 9 :) .

  12. Sorry, I meant Dave :p.

  13. She’s so fat she can’t fit 12 into one album…

  14. @Courney

    No, I’m pretty sure Flexo meant that she should get all the guys named Brian she has laying around in the house to take the pics off for her. There’s no way she can do it herself.

  15. @13: :D

  16. Courney, that is what I said, I spelt brains DUH. Learn to read or are you retarted.

  17. Oh just saw “sexy redbone bitch” WOW !

  18. flexo- im not the first, nor the last to say this.

    Retart is not a word. Its retard.

  19. Flexo (or all flexo imposters) do not start this brians/brains shit all over again, please!

  20. @Flexo – are you dyslexic? Also, its retarded not retarted

  21. Haha the girl thinks shes really attractive but what makes it funny is that she doesnt look hot even with a blurr on her.

  22. @ neverhood

    It never fails, there is always a few retards that feed this flexo guy. It is becoming asinine and I think I might be losing faith in society.

    Regarding the topic at hand, she is fugly.

  23. Overly done cleavage + pic taken from above angle cut off at chest = fat chick. Hides the double chin and gut.

  24. oh also, shes clearly “squishing” boobs dont sit like that naturally. ever.

  25. Amber does have a fine pair of baps on her though, however I think they may still be full of milk.

  26. Yeah, um… yuck. This could have easily gone under the last posts heading. ‘Just… gross’ is indeed what it is.

  27. poor thing…she is confused!
    She doesn’t realize that there is a difference in having big boobs and being pretty.
    I mean, my ex girlfriend got big boobs after she got fat, and even she knew it was unattractive.

  28. @Steve …or it hides the fact that she is pregnant again.

  29. @ chazz: apologies, I’m not a serial comment reader and didn’t realise that Flexo is a serial semantics abuser. How long have you been a liker of asses?

  30. Retarted is a word assholes. Retarded is the imbecol way of saying it. I never said brians either assholes. I clearyl said brains.

  31. I would like to get in between those tah tahs

  32. I’m a uk size 10. I have [natural] size 36ff breasts. Big boobs are not attractive. at all. no matter how much you squishy them, fill them with milk, fill them with silicone. Small breasted girls: Love them! Guys: Stop making girls feel they need to have big tits to make them hot.

  33. Monkey Nuts

    Blame hollywood and the porn industry.

  34. @ Brian Peppers

    WTF is that picture dude? That is about as bad as the placenta thing from yesterday.

  35. Chazz : you can’t say guys dont usually talk about how wonderful big boobs are though?

  36. Flexo needs to get a new joke… this brains/brians/retarted/retarded thing is getting old. I wish people would stop feeding him and giving this troll more ammunition. For fuck sake people, IGNORE him so he’ll give up.

    He’s so predictable I bet he’ll have a go at my name being k-a-o-s-s, and that I’m an asshole or something along those lines. Although now that I have said that maybe Flexo will do something different for a change.

  37. Not saying they don’t, but a decent guy isn’t going to think differently about a woman by her breast size. I know I don’t really care much about breasts size. I am a personality man anyway.

  38. @ Kaoss

    What I don’t get is after you have posted that, pointing out he is a troll, people will STILL argue with him. WTF is wrong with society?

  39. Glad to hear there are still some “personality” men out there. You are a hard breed of man to find. Well done you.

  40. @Chazz
    Decent guys care about boobs. Decent guys also care about butts, legs, and looks in general. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Amber’s boobs are disgusting. There is something wrong with that.

  41. #19 & 36: Sadly probably never going to happen. Someone’s always going to comment on his posting of “retart” or “brians”. It’s like we’re stuck in a horrible, horrible time warp.

    And Kaoss, I think his last rib at you was saying “chaos isnt speled like that asshoel” (misspelled on purpose)

  42. @hroark314

    You are also right. It is ok to care about boobs, bums, legs and looks. But it gets a bit unfair when you concentrate on that more than you do the personality. No wonder females get self concious.

  43. Chazz,
    Flexo IS what’s wrong with society….
    I can’t wait for lamebook to have registrations, at least that way trolls and excessive/abusive posters/imitators and spammers can get booted.

    I think we should ALL write and ask for registrations….

  44. Guys like big boobed girls because is an indicator that they were probably chubby during their developing years. That chubbiness lead to a case of low self esteem that probably still lingers in the girl. And as all men are ingrained with the primal knowledge that low self-esteem leads to a higher likely hood of the skank blowing them in a bathroom stall, they are instinctively drawn to them.

  45. Q: How do you make 10 pounds of fat look attractive?

    A: Put a nipple on it.

  46. It is Chaos, not kaoss cumbucket slut whore bag fucktard.

  47. The Dave. I suffered Anorexia from the age of 12-18. I have 36ff boobs. Please re explain your big boobs fat childhood theory.

  48. @45 : lol

  49. @ #45–>like
    i like turtles…

  50. monkey Nuts,
    Yeah I knew what he was saying, Hence my reply mentioning that Flexo isn’t actually a word either. He is an obvious troll, posting shitty comments mispelled to get all the spelling nazis on here fired up. I am a spelling nazi in the real world, I don’t correct people on here though, It’s like correcting someone in a text message for using ‘Ur’ instead of you’re… just shorthand and minor spelling errors. Flexo on the other hand REPEATS the SAME spelling errors, uses the same ‘comebacks’ (not that you can call them comebacks, a 6 year old could do a better job)
    and also Flexo ALWAYS manages to stir up something. I want to slap the next person who falls for his game. Surely after this many posts of him doing it everyone NOW knows to ignore it.

  51. I said probably. In most cases large boobs develop from the girl having excess body fat during the maturation process. Also sarcasm? I was making a wise ass comment? Any of this familiar to you?

  52. I was right!!!

    Flexo FAIL

  53. Also if you were suffering so bad from anorexia, why didn’t you just stop starving yourself?

  54. Dave, I wouldn’t go there, you’re asking for it….

  55. @52.

    No I’m not familiar with those terms sorry.

    Are you familiar with the phrases “fucktard” “smart arse” and ” go play in traffic”

  56. @32. Monkey Nuts

    If you’re a size 10, you shouldn’t be wearing a 36 back size.
    I’m size 10 and I take back size 30, and I’ve got G cup breasts.

    You’re either lying/wearing the wrong sized bra/a guy who thinks they know what they’re talking about, when you don’t.

  57. *rubs boobies in your face*

  58. I like turtles.

  59. Kaoss – YOU keep falling for his game by reacting.

    Shit-the-bed! You’re pretty much the only one commenting on it in this thread.

    Besides, I like flexo. He makes me laugh. But then, I like eating roadkill, so what the hell do I know?!

  60. @claire

    I’m a female. I work in La Senza. Don’t tell me what bra size I should be wearing. I think you will find everyone is different.
    Or would you like to tell me I, or anyone else that I work with, doesnt know how to do their job?

  61. I want to slap the next person who gets annoyed by the people who get annoyed with flexo ;-)

  62. @Claire Very good point! Like the fact there are, in fact, some real girls on here to stop things from getting too stupid. I think you have busted Monkey Nuts. Does that make them just a Peanut now?

  63. ey crackas, ids ho iz fly. luk at dem titties, i bet dey iz bouncin all ova da place at dis momen.

    off da topic at han, yall crackas iz racit and need pologise fo slavery n we iz coo

  64. Oooooooooooh burn. You got me good monkey nuts. Maybe you should take some time for yourself to go find a sense of humour. I’m bored of you making shit up and generally acting like a prototypical dumb person that for some reason thinks they are intelligent.

  65. Is it kinda sadistic/wrong that as a female, I’m still amused by bitch fights?

  66. Eat shit and die

  67. Headless,
    I know, I’m kinda enjoying it, I keep getting a little image of this scrawny 12 year old boy getting riled up over it! Like his face is red and his heads about to explode over everything anyone writes…

    And the only reason I was commenting on it was to hopefully end the train of people trying to correct him in every single fucking thread….

  68. @ Neil & whatnot

    Facebook actually displays pictures 5 to a line, so if the album had 12 photos there would be 5 on the first and second lines and 2 on the third ;)

    Whoever did the screen grab (or perhaps lamebook blog editor) must have simply cut the last 2 columns of pics out to better fit the blog, as can be evidenced by the fact the lines appear to continue off the right side ;)

  69. I’m really sorry I’ve offended everyone, I’ll make sure I pay more attention in school once my dad finishes with my ass

  70. She’s a gross skank who should have fulfilled her dream of getting gangbanged through her career as a glamour model before she let someone spunk up her muffin and make a baby. How can you have images like this next to images of your baby?

  71. @ 56 Claire

    I’m a size 4/6 and take a back size 34, so either we’re all talking different sizing or you’re the one confused or lying. My mother is a size 8/10 and takes a 36 as well.

    All I can say is my sympathies. At a size 34D on a size 4 or 6 body, I’m already having back problems that require me to do special exercises to strengthen my muscles. I don’t want to know what going up extra cup sizes would do. And I agree that the fat as a teen = big breasts thing is a false correlation. I was pretty thin as a teen (not anorexic, but definitely lean and athletic). I might not have huge breasts (thankfully) but I am above average, at least for the area I live in.

  72. @67 I’ve tried before – and failed. Lamebook is sadly starting to bore me now.

  73. This is by far the most interesting comments to a Lamebook post I have seen lol.


    There is nothing wrong with you being amused by this =)

  74. Thanks Sam- its a nightmare huh? I dont think people realise how annoying large boobs can get, and i actually dont like the attention they bring either. Im not into sleazy men. Yuck!

  75. @Monkey Nuts I’m afraid Claire is winning this one hands down. You’re going to have to work hard to get out of this.

    Plus, I’ve been to La Senza to buy my girlfriend some lingerie and the girls in there didn’t have a clue what they were talking about. I went to Agent Provocateur instead where they really are experts about this kind of thing.

  76. @ 69, fake flexo

    Give it a rest already you fucking loser. Go jump off a cliff and od us all a favor, and take real flexo with you.

  77. The Idiots Are Winning

    Can anyone tell me what a ‘redbone’ bitch is?

  78. You mean there is a real flexo? All I see are you and a few others, including flexo, going through the same circular arguments, so I thought he was just a fabrication of YOURS meant to amuse those of us who don’t spend our whole lives on here! I apologise for getting you so agitated xxx ;)

  79. damn

  80. I think that Amber just made a fabulous attempt at securing her next baby daddy who will, once the booze wears off, leave her just as quickly as the first one did.

    It frightens me that her child is using the same exact poses/head tilts that mom does. Leads me to believe that Amber shall be a Grandma before she hits 30.

  81. I believe redbone is used to refer to light skinned black women who are considered attractive. Similar to yellowbone, but I think redbone is used to describe a fatter woman and yellowbone a skinnier one.


  83. @Krat

    It has nothing to do with weight. It’s all about just how light the person is.

  84. No sympathy for women

  85. Mercure @ 75:

    I think Claire is talking about a different sizing system than MonkeyNuts and I, because she keeps referring to a back size rather than a band size. I’m not sure where she (or MonkeyNuts) lives, but as far as I’m aware, Canada and the US share the same sizing while the UK’s sizing is different. Perhaps Claire is from the UK, but even then, back size 30 is the smallest size they offer, so I can’t see how a size 10 women *should* be wearing the smallest back size offered.

    If you’re interested, going to any bra page on the Victoria’s Secret website will provide you a link to a javascript pop-up explaining how to measure for band size and cup size. Looking at the sizes they offer (usually no smaller than band size 32) should also convince you that Claire’s sizing is different than the standard North American one.

    Or you can trust that I am an actual female and take it from me that I’ve never seen anyone but 12 year old girls getting their training bras wear less than a North American band size 30, and those are hard to find outside of training bras as well. A 30G, which Clair claims to be, is rare if not impossible in Canada or the States

    If you’re really curious, though, here’s a site that takes measurements of above, below and across the breasts and tells you what size you are: http://www.85b.org/bra_calc.php
    I’m not ashamed to admit that mine were 75, 90, 82 (in CM), which says I’m a 34D in US sizes.

  86. Big Boob Connoisseur

    I’d show her my redbone.

  87. its monkey nuts. with an s. not a z

  88. Her daughter or probably grandaughter does the same retarded head cock

  89. regardless, STFU

  90. @Sam: Great advice. Thanks! I bow before your 34D (which is the same in UK or US currency).

    Monkey Nuts is in the UK as she works at La Senza (a UK lingerie store). I think Claire is in the UK too.

    I thought we had a US / UK problem with language on here with all the color/colour, realize/realise, etc. but getting mixed up on dress sizes takes things to a whole new level!

    From my experience of UK women a size 10 (US size 8) woman would never wear a 36 bra (US size 36). She’s either a very generous size 10, verging on size 16, or she has a very baggy bra / needs to go up a few cup sizes.

  91. all this bra nonsense needs to stop. @ Sam, the smallest uk back/band (same thing) offered is 28″ and is relatively hard to come by, but definitely not impossible. I wear size 28G, but am a normal dress size 8-10, but just with pretty big boobs and fairly narrow back.(not a result of being fat when young @ The Dave) Perhaps everyone should stop guessing everyone elses sizes and just let it be. focus on the disgrace which is this ‘mother’

  92. Boobs after kids aint pretty. Take her bra off and her boobs will be like a tube sock with a rock in it. People who say different are liars. Same with the people who say your vagina doesnt change after kids. Denial or lies.

  93. It has turned my ‘ (US size 8 ) ‘ into ‘ (US size 8)

  94. OMG keep talking about bras. I am getting a boner

  95. haha. idiots fighting against each other and typos.

    btw, that woman needs some spanking. get your head straight! moms don’t pose like pornstars.

  96. @ Lila

    Why are you back here again? I thought when we all made fun of you a few months back that you had learned your lesson.


  97. I think Jay-Z’s latest song is about Amber:

    ‘Mami took a bus trip, now she got her bust out
    Everybody ride her, just like a bus route’

  98. I’m so confused by this bra stuff. I wear a size 4 and have B cups, but wear a 32 back size. So…. doesn’t this just mean all women are shaped different. One isn’t necessarily lying about their bra size.

  99. La Senza staff are pretty crap when it comes to bra fitting in my experience, but nowhere near as crap as the Victoria’s Secret staff in New York who measured me outside my clothes and then told me I was a 30C when I am in fact a 32E. I am very surprised that Monkey Nuts is wearing a size 36 back if she is only a UK size 10 (which is a US size 6 – not 8 Mercure). Most women wear the wrong bra size, so maybe she should get that checked?

    According to Bravissimo (and they know a thing or two about big boobs) you shouldn’t try and measure yourself with a tape measure, but simply try on different bras until you find one that fits properly (i.e. filling the cup without ‘overflowing’, not too tight round the back, sitting properly between the breasts).

    Anyway this is a digression. I agree with #23 Steve – a typical ‘fat hider’ pose. And a very unattractive one. Ew.

  100. Sorry guys, I just wanted everyone to think I was hot, that’s why Imade the comment about my bra size. Can I just reiterate that I am a SIZE 10 with 30G BREASTS. Thank you and goodnight.

  101. This comment thread is a joke.

  102. La Senza is actually a Canadian lingerie brand.

    Monkey NutZ: I wouldn’t put too much stock in working at a shitty lingerie store, I’ve had different employees of that store tell me I wear a variety of bra sizes. Considering yourself a bra specialist while working at La Senza is like Subway employees calling themselves sandwich artists.

  103. I love this-the comments are funnier/lamer than the original post.
    Women don’t have penises,so we have fights over who’s the smallest dress size with the biggest tits.
    *Falls over frontward*

  104. lol at 103. Maybe you’re right.

  105. On the subject of men making women feel inadequate because they don’t have large boobs: don’t hate us. We are naturally programmed to be interested in large boobs. In all other mammals, the female’s mammaries become enlarged only at certain times to signal to the males that they are willing to mate. Humans are the only mammals whose mammaries are always the same size, indicating that they can mate at any time.

  106. I dunno,nimmy,that’s my theory,anyway!

  107. @Umm…Yeah…

  108. comments really have taken a turn for the worse in about a span of a week.. shame

  109. @ foolishwolf

    Apparently people would rather talk about bras and boobs and shitting in the shower, rather then the important things.

    I miss flexo, at least he would get a laugh out of me occasionally.

  110. Vile. I am absolutely convinced that 90% of the world’s population is seriously fucked in the head and only just barely evolved from apes.

  111. Holy shit.. this was a fairly amusing post from Lamebook and you’ve all ruined it with your incessant girl talk. Can we take the bra size discussion somewhere else, please? I’m thoroughly embarrassed for all of you. I’m also embarrassed that I skimmed most of this thread. Fuck. I’m outta here.

    Oh Lamebook, you used to be fun…..

  112. @ Mittens

    I will let you know when the morons leave so we can all get back to some intelligent commenting.

  113. I agree mittens. I’ve also come to the conclusion that ‘flexo’ is a kid somewhere living off his parents, because he sure seems to be on the internet 24/7 keeping up with the posts for the past week or two. It got tiring just reading this crap after 1 minute, I can’t imagine posting it and reading all the responses to come up with more responses ALL GOD DAMN DAY.

  114. zoned you asshole, i am in mexico retart. i never post at night either asshole. i only post 5 days a week, 8-5. the rest are people cloning me asshole.

  115. If you google “sexy redbone bitch” you might find out what this skank does for a living.

  116. Yeah take that, flexo.

  117. 8-5 works. I still think we should get married. Are you still interested in my pedophile tricks?

  118. I’ll show you some things the bitch in the pictures probably ain’t even heard of.

  119. Damn Zoned, that’s quite a claim. That bitch looks like she’s heard of just about everything.

  120. Well mittens, she’s quite the charmer, but flexo is my favorite butt slave. 8-5 is the only time during the day in which I currently allow him to use the internet. Perhaps that will change as we get to know eachother more, but I see he has caused quite a problem on here, so I can assure you that will be dealt with tonight.

  121. No I think that’s just what flexo needs, Zoned. It’s about time he was put in his place. That should be more effective than all these idiots going, “Hey ‘retart’ isn’t a word silly!! omgg!”

  122. insert clever name here

    @111 Thank you.

    Will all you dizzy cunts shut up about your tits?

  123. I see my ways with him have given him quite the fowl mouth. Well again, that mouth will be taken care of tonight.

  124. *foul

  125. No I believe you’re mistaking your dad for me. He sold you to me a few years ago, remember? I’m your daddy baby.

  126. @115

    Cool story bro!

  127. @131 – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bro.

    Boom. Roasted.

  128. *douchebag

    flexo does not win

  129. zoned is my hero.

  130. bitch probably doesn’t even know who the father of her kid is. outside of the fact that he wasn’t white so that narrows it down, but not by much.

  131. Hahaha well that was entertaining. I figured if I pulled that on him he’d start the homo stuff and then start impersonating me, even though my posts were much more obviously…myself, not him. That was fun though. Oh, and for the record, I’m a female, so I’m really not a weird future pedophile or anything. I just have an sense of humor when it comes to messing with people like that, and brians ;)

  132. God damnit, *a* sense of humor.

  133. Lol Kaoss.

    Why are you so angry?

  134. Just to clear stuff up, because I haven’t been online since I last posted, and I caused a bit of a discussion!!

    @60. Monkey Nuts – Yes, everyone is different, but I struggle to get into a size 10 sometimes, and your 36FF breasts are much larger than my 30Gs!

    @71. Sam – Yes, I’m in the UK.
    @85. Sam – It’s not as rare as you think here in the UK – just becasue they are rare (and bras are hard to find), doesn’t mean my 30 back/band size doesn’t exist. Also, I used that site you linked to, and even though I said I have 30 inch backsize (which I do, and I wear 30backsize bras), it told me I’m a 34!

    @75. 90. Mecure – Thank you! You made me laugh so much! ‘very generous size 10, verging on a size 16′ – exactly my thoughts!

    @91Skeek0919 – We sound very similar :) Thanks for reiterating what I wanted to.

    @100. Shut up. Probably true, but still ;)

    And now I’ve said my piece, I’ll go.
    The woman in this picture is a douche.

  135. Yeah, I agree that all these chicks need to STFU about bewbs.
    I will congratulate anna on being the only one not to claim to have fucking enormously unproportional breasts. Considering average is C, it amuses me that EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU who seems obsessed with bragging about your tits seems to be skinny with massive ones. Please. get. over. yourselves. Jesus fucking christ.

  136. @Leverhundar

    I applaud girls who talk about their melons, whatever size they are. We should be encouraging them, not stopping them. It is sure as hell much better than them banging on about shopping, shoes or periods (eurgh. Sorry ladies, I love you all, but I don’t need to know about time-of-the-month things).

    You may have noticed that when blokes talk about their nobs, they all claim to be as big as a baby’s arm, etc.

    We’re not so different…

  137. Mercure, You make a very good point.
    Though, if I had my shlong out next to a babys arm, even for comparisons sake, I’d want to be chopping it off within a matter of seconds. xD

  138. Oh, not the arm, the dick. ha!

  139. :D

  140. damn them are some tatties!!

  141. Nothing quite like a huge set of heaving knockers below a picture of your daughter. Class act.

  142. What the fuck is a redbone bitch??! :S
    And those are some seriously lumpy tittays.
    All in all, I think the worst part is that her toddler is clearly learning it all from her – anyone else notice the coy little headtilt going on there already?

  143. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=red%20bone

  144. Idiot Police – I like the name, do me a favour and put some more chlorine into the gene pool, please, it’ll make your job easier

  145. “I LIKE BOOBIES”!!!!

  146. Aaaw, is that the cute little girl that grew up to be a Facebook whore with daddy issues? So adorable!

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