Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ben Cheatin’


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    also classic girlfriend-hijacks-facebook case. truly lame.

  2. weird … and ballsy

  3. interesting way to go about this..

  4. Obviously want’s his ex to read it and hope she’ll forgive him.

  5. Yeah i agree with elenore, his ex totally knew his facebook password. haha thats pretty good.

  6. Unless Catherine wrote it, lols :)

  7. Why is this a group and not a note? And where are the picks of Catherine and girlfriend? And why doesn’t girlfriend have a name?

  8. Whichever girl wrote it is a bitch.



  9. Catherine must have written that. Or she held a gun to Ben’s head and forced him to write it in order to prove that he’s sorry. That will backfire, Catherine…

  10. Why can’t I find this group on FB???

  11. Terrible.

    “Description: Trust me, you want to read this! Want to know something you didn’t know about me…”

  12. It’s quite obviously his ex-girlfriend that wrote it. He probably left his Facebook logged in on her computer or something.

    Matt, you probably can’t find it because Ben’s deleted it already.

  13. Seriously, if you don’t want stuff like that to happen, don’t give out your facebook password to your girlfriend. The story-telling could have easily been prevented if he didn’t give out his password. Probably for some sort of version of “I trust you, babe. Here’s my facebook password.” And then he never changed it.

  14. an easy way to avoid this. either dump your gf before you cheat, or dont cheat. done n dusted

  15. She’s probably foolish to assume that the rest of his friends didn’t already know about it. He hooked up with the random girl at a friend’s party – all of his friends were probably well aware of what was going on. Epic lack of dignity fail from Catherine.

  16. The ex definitely wrote this, I think it is kind of clever on her part. She even mentions Catherine’s last name…she burned that ho!

  17. LOL @ 6.
    wtf Catherine.

    But yeah, this is typical ex-girlfriend going onto the ex-boyfriend’s Facebook.

  18. I suspect it might be something to do with a browser’s password remember function.

  19. This has gotta be one of those “well PROVE how sorry you are”. It’s the digital version of the sandwhich board apology. You know it’s going to go one way…..

  20. Oh, burn.

    The prick definitely deserved. I know for sure that the ex-girlfriend wrote this….and I would’ve done the same thing.

    You go mysterious girlfriend!

  21. Yeah, because it’s so great to have a boyfriend that ashamed himself in front of the whole world. What’s the point in that “prove how sorry you are” if it’s this way?

  22. sorry meaning—-sorry piece of shit.

    Not apologetic sorry.

  23. @wowzers me too, i applaud the ex gf for her brilliance

  24. Wow – kid can spell ‘continuously’ correctly, but fails on ‘truly’? I guess I’m just surprised by anyone ending up posted in here even attempting a five syllable word. And mildly depressed that they flunked ‘truely’ – it’s almost Freudian . . .

    And I think it’s definitely the work of the cuckolded ex: surely he would have named his girlfriend, and kept Catherine as the anonymous party, rather than the other way round?
    If he did write it though, it’s a particularly devious piece of attention whoring disguised as an act of confession / contrition.

    Anyhoo, to summarise:

    Ben’s infidelity: lame.
    Ben’s continuous infidelity and deception: lamer.
    Ben leaving easy access to his FB account to someone with a grudge: lamest.

  25. hahaha this is actually quite awesome on his exgirlfriends part.

  26. Hahaha this is hilarious in so many ways. 1. That he was dumb enough to give his girlfriend his password 2. That is girlfriend is fucked up enough to actually want or find out his password 3. That someone exists that’s pathetic enough to actually think this is a good way to get back at their boyfriend when it actually just makes them look like a pathetic psycho . . . all in all this is now one of my favourite lamebooks . . . mainly because everyone involved got absolutely fucking raped and none of them seemingly intended it. The only way it could possibly be better is if it was actually posted by the psycho bitch herself xD
    To be honest though this is a little too pathetic to be real and even if it is it looks like it was written by an unbalanced teen . . . Argh it’s a toughie

  27. Also hilarious is the ‘thirteen yearold typing like a thesaurus to look superior’ age old internet classic by ‘chunder’ above. Definitely worth a read if you missed this part of a classic cringe worthy lamebook.

  28. agree with chris, it’s pretty blatant thesaurus rape, and that’s coming from a stereotypically dim thirteen year old girl. ;)

  29. I read this as a guide for Ben to show us how he cheated on his girlfriend (and got away with it).

    I was disappointed.

  30. I thinks it more fun going with the ‘Crazy Catherine asked Ben to date her and he told her to get lost so she did this’ story, lols… :)

  31. I’m sad. I still haven’t learned how to cheat on a girlfriend.

  32. coming from someone that just found out her husband had been sleeping with a whore for the past 2 years, team ex-gf all the way!! She’s my hero!!

  33. just me, may I suggest creating a group to teach people what a doucher your ex is? It could be very cathartic. LOL

  34. @ just me

    A real whore, or a metaphorical one? Details please!

  35. Lol, I shall have to keep the facebook group in mind…definitely tempting and would get lots of exposure, what with the likelyhood of ending up over here as well…double score!!

    Sadly, at least anecdotally speaking, not a real whore..exactly, well..she doesn’t get paid for it anyway…just much easier to call her that. God knows he’s gained plenty of names over the past few months…poor little dear only has the one name though. Such a pity.

  36. At least you’re not bitter.

  37. Mister Haiku says:
    “Don’t give the bitch your password
    If you plan to cheat”

    I should of thought of that when my ex cheated on me. I hate when some people only get to hear THEIR side of the story!
    I did however post that he has a misshapen penis as his status. And some people liked it :)
    Some guys can be such dicks.

  39. @chris and elenore
    Yup, not my wittiest outing here it’s true, but by the fuck, you think a 13yr old needs a thesaurus to use *any* of those words? Bless you youngsters, and my deepest sympathies for your difficulties at home with your smarter younger step-sisters.

    Also love that Elenore’s comment can so easily be read to imply that the “stereotypically dim thirteen year old girl” in question is herself.

    Ahahah, 13 year old girl thesaurus rapist – I *like* that.
    I shall henceforth be known as “Thesaurapist 13(F)”
    Cheers dipshits!

  40. @chunder

    Uh, sorry chunder, but poor attempt at covering your tracks. What 13 year old knows the word cuckolded, or knows what the word Freudian actually means? Notice in your response post you used no large words, probably because you didn’t remember to since it was in response to your thesaurus raping. You did manage to use “by the fuck” though…whatever the hell that means

  41. LoL @ Jonas

    Irregardless of gender, one of the most fiendish concoctions of revenge I’ve ever encountered.

    & Chunder, what century were you born in to use the word “Cuckolded”…. update your thesaurapist

  42. @Scoob

    Irregardless isn’t a word – cuckolded is. You fail.

  43. thesaurapist? Is that like a thesaurus rapist?

  44. I like this guy, he has balls.

    But he should still be punched in them.

  45. You don’t have to log on to someone’s facebook to create a group about him or her. It’s pretty obvious the girlfriend created the group to expose the guy to everyone. Well played, ma’am.

  46. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    “fiendish concoctions”? Late 19th century the pair of us, apparently . . .


    FTW! :D




    Oh noes! Does this mean I haz lost teh interwebs?
    I haz sads!

    “By the fuck” is an absurd Australian exclamation that has developed into a site-specific meme. You could think of it as a vulgar replacement for ‘by God’ (or something along those lines) if it confuses you.
    Here’s it used in another sentence: By the fuck, you are such a retart doosh.

  47. @46
    I’m Australian and have never heard of by the fuck. Or a retart for that matter. If you are Australian please stop embarassing your country.

  48. @46
    im australian as well…. i have never heard ‘by the fuck’ either. please dont claim its australian

  49. By the fuck, I hate Australians. They are so fucking ignorant.

  50. Aussie here too…never heard of ‘by the fuck’ before. By absurd, do you mean ‘obscure’?

    I’d be more inclined to believe it if you didn’t also use the misspelt words ‘Retart’ and ‘doosh’. :)

  51. @Nevil

    How are Australians ignorant exactly?
    I’d like you to be able to back up your insults instead of making ignorant assumptions.

  52. Australians are must less ignorant, back yourself up Nevil, im assuming your American? yea, you yanks are probably the most ignorant nation of all

  53. My Comment Version
    @Tyler I’m from America and I’ll be the first to admit that Americans are the dumbest most ignorant pieces of shit in the world. I should live in Sweden where at least they have good music festivals…

    American Comment Version:
    tyler im in america and i dont like bad things abut our supor awsum cauntry cuz is not nice and astrala is not good

    See the difference?

  54. @Damn Right.
    You’re not the first American to realize how stupid they are. I’m with you. They are the scum of the Earth. I want to go to Canada for college. It’s nice up there. At least the parts I’ve seen. And Sweden sounds like a pretty sweet idea. You’ve got the right idea, what with their music festivals and such. Good luck escaping this bullshit.

  55. Guys…this was about my brother…just to clear things up here…it was Catherine who wrote that and not him or his Gf…This has all been blown out of proportion as some sort of practical joke that all went wrong so don’t go blaming him…just go attack the Bitch that is Catherine for ruining a bloody good releationship

  56. @ Tom – This was clearly not written by Catherine, she wouldn’t put her first and last name out there for everyone to blame her! It is all written from the gf’s perspective. Classic case – he cheated. People do bad things!

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