Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty’s In the Eye of the Beholder

Beautys In the Eye of the Beholder

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  2. Being a tattoo artist must be the worst job in the world sometimes.

  3. I don’t even know what part of the body I’m looking at.

  4. Oh gosh I thought that was a bulging bicep. Seems like it’s a bulging belly instead.

  5. @ Jem – I was just about to say the exact same thing. It this her side? So is that her boob on the upper right?

  6. oh it says beautiful.. at first I thought it said Fat bitch.

  7. I was going to say the same exact thing Jem

  8. What is that? Is it even human?

  9. oh god I think it’s a hip.

  10. Man the harpoons!

  11. looks like it is her thigh, and where that star thing is is her Private.. gross

  12. Prettttty sure it’s a tummy pooch in the upper left. So the tattoo is on the side of her hip.

  13. as in the lump on the right with the star is the mons pubis. as in I’M GOING TO THROW UP THEN SLIT MY WRISTS.

  14. Looks like “brautilus” to me. But then again, it looks more like a blob of fleshy rolls than a person. So what do I know.

  15. Ugh…..

  16. looks like her thigh, and where the star thing is that is her private. gross

  17. Wow she must have contorted her body pretty hard.

  18. I turned my screen upside down to check if it was one of those ambigram things. It isn’t.
    I still can’t figure out what body part that is. What is that crack over under the star. Please someone help! I have an exam in 20 mins and I need closure!

  19. i think it’s safe to say if you need to physically hold up your fat with your hand to show your tattoo you should probably rethink its location.

  20. this tattoo upside down says “disaster”
    this tattoo is indeed a disaster.

  21. The star is probably near her butt-crack, so the beautiful tattoo is a little above her left hip. At least that’s what it seems to be.

  22. …beauty`s in the eye of the beerholder…

  23. Whoa! That’s just really, um, interesting.

  24. i think she’s got to hold a tire up so you can see it!

  25. haha sure is smooth though

  26. It’s on her (?) lower right hip. She’s holding side boob with her hand and her belly has the star tattoo towards the inside of her groin area.

  27. There definitely isn’t any in my eyes when I look at this.

  28. ….ho-lee cow.

  29. who had to get up in there and take the picture? bc i doubt the tattoo artist took it to keep in his look book.

  30. Nah I don’t think that’s her groin. *Pukes at the idea of it*

  31. @Hamboner, thank you.

  32. $10 says it’s an ambigram (word illusion that says something upside-down and right-side up), but copying and flipping it I can’t make sense of it.

  33. no, she’s holding up her belly fat with her hand. the mound with the star is her groin. she’d be even more seriously deformed if she were holding up boob.

  34. Oh hell it really is her groin? I’m going to get nightmares.

  35. @2 no doubt.

    @20 thanks i knew it was an ambigram but couldn’t figure out the upside-down word.

    @21 you’re thinking the wrong hip, i’m afraid… that star’s not on her ass, she’s bending forward.

  36. It says BEAUTIFUL.

  37. I think Gussie is right about it saying disaster upside down. And about it actually being a disaster.

    (and you can definitely see fingertips in the upper right corner, where it is holding a roll or boob)

  38. It’s an ambigram. It says “Beautiful” this way and “Disaster” the other. Pretty sure it’s upside down though…

  39. Upside down is says Disaster.
    So, Beautiful Disaster.

  40. Oh, gussie, didn’t see you there.

  41. FUPA

  42. it’s just past 11 on the clock on the wall, I’m betting they were in a different time zone when they started that wreck!

  43. Wow – that’s put me off of tattoos for life… that and my dinner.

  44. Her hand is about where her belly button is. Star is on her “mons pubis” as another person put it. So this is basically from her butt to her front. Its a very very bad angle, but it doesn’t appear she is THAT overweight – she obviously has some stomach pooch and very large thighs, and now a horrible horrible tattoo.

  45. @ 44
    And an exhibitionist streak.

  46. @32 It IS an ambigram, but I don’t want to stare too long at it to figure it out.

  47. You can see the fingers in the top right…she’s pulling up her belly…at first I wasnt sure what part of the flesh I was viewing.

  48. ummm, so I take it that lamebook no longer does the NSFW? I don’t think a partial shot of someone’s mound is exactly SFW, even if it’s super hot and udderly irresistible.

  49. You are beautiful, no matter what they sayyyy. Yes words won’t bring yooou dowwwwn!

  50. But she’d be crushed if she found out she was on lamebook

  51. I agree with Jessica – upside down – disaster

  52. is it necessary for her pants to be so low?

  53. I’d Hit it.

  54. @ chris.. isn’t the definition of an ambigram that it says the same thing upside down as it does right way up?? This definitely is not an ambigram!

    It is, however, GROSS.

  55. So the only situation in which you would see the “Disaster” side is as your getting ready to 69… Fitting.

  56. These kinds of tattoos are pointless unless they’re on a part of your body you can reverse easily. And even then they’re still pretty fucking stupid. How awkward is it when she gets asked about it… although God, I hope she’s not wearing midriffs out in public.

  57. Oh no, not when I’m eating! :-( I almost throw up!

  58. that blob, top right, is her “Gunt”… that’s where you can’t tell where her gut stops and her c*nt starts…

  59. Ashlee fo Fashlee

    Disaster indeed.

  60. Does that read “Beasty”?

  61. Oh goodness, someone’s who’s not physically perfect, let’s all overreact! I’d like to see what each of you look like.
    I applaud her for not giving a fuck. I suggest lamebook should do the same and go back to the stupid comments instead of focusing on crap like this.

  62. I think Lamebook didn’t censor it because they couldn’t figure out what the hell they were looking at either.

  63. I’m feeling more sorry for the poor soul who had to tattoo the -other- tattoo further south. Hell.

  64. @stealthbanana


  65. @stealthbanana

    that’s what I was trying to say in a manner of speaking.

    I dig it… and I honestly don’t care what other people think.

  66. I don’t care what this woman looks like–we can’t see all that much of her so I have no idea whether she’s attractive–but that is kind of a lousy tattoo. I like it in theory, but I could barely figure out that it was supposed to say “Beautiful”, and it took one of the other commenters to explain what it said upside-down.

  67. in the words of my two year old…ewwww gross.

  68. God fat people are disgusting.

  69. I agree with Ron and stealthbanana

    Who really gives a fuck?
    Its her body and if she is comfortable with it…then so be it.
    Thats with wrong with the world today.

    This isn’t really lamebook material I don’t think. We’re suppose to be making fun of people in a different way…..as confusing as that may seem.

  70. @Ugh
    The only reason you say that is because you hate the fact that you can’t lose weight. GET OVER IT. there are fat people in the world. and granted some people may not want to see fat people naked, just like i don’t want to see anything involving Gays. However that doesn’t mean i say “FA6S are disgusting” i don’t care what other people do… so STFU and Lamebook should know better than to post something so subjective.

  71. @Ron The fact you think I’m fat is hilarious. Seriously. Awww look at all the fatties getting offended.

  72. I don’t agree with this to be lamebook material, either. I’m sure millions of us could go around digging around for photos of people ALL OVER THE WEB whose bodies may not be “ideal” in our minds. What’s the point? Boring! Next!

  73. I think i died and went to heaven – upside down – hell

  74. @Ugh

    I’m not even close to being fat. I just think its rude and tasteless to sit here and make fun of people like this. I am all for other lamebook post, when people say things they should not on facebook. All this girl is doing is showing her tattoo on her body that she is comfortable with.
    There is no need for anyone to make a big deal about it.

    So what if she doesn’t have the perfect body. Its her body. I’m sure you have many flaws that you don’t want brought up about yourself. Grow up.

  75. WTF… ur a girl where the fuck is ur self pride…u put a picture revealing ur vagina on the WORLD WIDE WEB? ur a fuckn dumbass fa dat shit…am tired a ppl like u…get some sense…its common nowadays…. nice tattoo though…smh UGH

  76. I think some comments and spelling from here ought to get posted on Lamebook.

  77. Why is her boob so close to her crotch?
    And where is her ass?

  78. @Ugh, I’m not a fatty. However I dig chubby chicks… so that’s why i kinda get uppity.

  79. ok I think I have it worked out to all you people who are confused/grossed out at what you think you may be seeing!
    The lower part that has the star tattooed on it is actually just the second part of her belly,you can see the line inbetween her belly where she wears the waistband of her clothes and that has caused the ‘double belly’ affect.
    So it is not her private parts with the star on it is in fact just her lower belly,the part she is holding is the belly roll that is under her boobs.
    Coz that bit with the star on cant physically possibly be her private area because no ones starts above the thighs and goes up! Her private area is between her legs under the belly roll!
    I hope that has helped!

  80. Kate, that isn’t her boob. Its her fat roll. That she is holding up with her hand.

  81. @Ron It’s cool. Just something I don’t get.

  82. the star is right above her vag….or atleast above and to the right of it.

    Its really not that hard to figure out people. Geez.
    I didn’t think some could be so stupid? If you can’t figure out what part of the body you’re looking at then you need to be on the other end of lamebook.

  83. Seriously, is that human?

  84. @Ugh.
    Sorry for insulting you… just took offense real quick… so it’s cool.

  85. maybe it’s a midget

  86. I think it says USDA Approved

  87. I think it’s just above his arse crack, and it looks like it says Beastify

  88. It looks like it says beastialty.

  89. Beautiful disaster is a Kelly Clarkson song. That in itself breaks the lameometer.

  90. oh god oh god. x__________X my eyessssssssss.

    is it just more, or does it look like it should be like one of those gram things that are in angels and demons that say the same thing upside down? but it isn’t. =\ lame.

  91. is that a dude?

  92. YAYYY.

  93. What the hell is that – the body and the tattoo!!

  94. Questionable ambigram of “beautiful disaster” makes 311′s Nick Hexum cry.


  96. Every time I read a comment, I have to go back and examine the picture for another few seconds. So I’m not reading any more!

  97. i thought it said bestiality

  98. All the disgust isn’t just because she’s overweight. if she was fully-clothed, without a dumb tattoo, this photo wouldn’t even be on here. The point is her tattoo is ugly, she’s pulling her pants down so you can see a piece of skin you don’t normally flash around (no, not her vagina, but her pants are pulled down far enough for it to not be okay in public) and holding up her fat roll to show off a tattoo that says, “Beautiful”. Do you get it now?

    I hate it when people start freaking out over body size as if this girl was walking down the street all innocent and sweet and people started pelting fried butter at her. There’s a reason why this photo is being made of.

    And what’s wrong with the world is that some people think it’s okay to be fat. Let’s start driving that in our children’s heads and we’ll all be have diabetes and heart disease and miserable lives. Having an average or healthy body which, I admit, is not represented very often in entertainment, is a good thing, for sure. Health should trump size, but obviously, the two are related. You cannot be truly overweight and be making healthy choices unless you have some sort of disorder, which are rare (like thyroid or something). Being overweight should not be okay. That’s a pretty big fat roll. She should lose weight for her own sake.

  99. I… I can’t even tell what BODY PART that is…

  100. This atrocity was inflicted on the world on my birthday? Unfair!

  101. @ Rach “I’m not even close to being fat. I just think its rude and tasteless to sit here and make fun of people like this.”

    Why are you even looking at this site? Oh but you mean it’s ok to make fun of stupid people but not fat people? Who made you the fun police? I think it was very stupid of her to post this pic, so going by your rules we can poke fun hurrah!

    I don’t think butterfly has seen many naked women, how can that be an upper and lower belly? It’d have to be one bad hernia in that top one!

  102. It’s time to start killing all the fat people.

    And yes, that tattoo does say “bestiality”

  103. Bring out the Harpoons

    Seriously, what the fuck are we looking at?
    I know its a fat person that says “Blastify”

  104. They should’ve titled this. “Beauty is in the eye of the belly holder.”

  105. I’ve worked it out, it’s the hip

  106. @WTF, #60.

    You had me laughing so damn hard. This is too horrific. D:

  107. So that’s what FUP looks like! I’ve always wondered, and I learned something today.

  108. wah wah wah. At least it’s posted on lamebook – some sites show faces (cough cough people of walmart).

    If people can’t tell the difference between your crotch, your butt, your boob and your bicep, it’s time to put some clothes on.

  109. She has a huge F.U.P.

  110. I vote for ‘Beastiality’ too.

  111. Ambigrams are great, but we should think of a word for something that’s unreadable both ways.

  112. Ok…I saw the “Beautiful” but the funny part is I read it flipped as “ThisIsNasty” I was dyin when I read it was “Disaster”

  113. What I want to know is why she found it necessary to pull her clothes down so far down her thunder thigh when all she needed to do was remove her top, grasp at the belly roll (as she is already doing) and bam there we have it? There is some definite unnecessary nakedness in this post goddammit!

  114. She has a Gunt. (where ones gut meets … Well you can work it out)

  115. yeah….beautiful…ironic.

  116. I don’t understand why this is even on lamebook. I think it’s a beautiful tattoo, complete with an original idea and gorgeous design, and if she’s happy with it, everyone else should be, goddammit. She’s not even that fat. Get over yourselves, you small-minded, bigoted assholes.

  117. Um… Find a fold and fuck it?

  118. Rany- it’s lame because she’s posted a picture of her pubic mound on facebook. well that’s why it’s lame to me…

  119. Check out Golden Post

    Did anyone else notice the album belongs to the same woman that said she pee’ed on her baby?

  120. I saw beastiality as well

  121. I’m speechless.

    Actually, no, I’m not ….. BY THE FUCK!!!

  122. This bitch is disgusting.

  123. Beauty is in the eye of the fat bitch.

  124. I’ve been staring at this for 10 minutes and I still can’t figure out what part of the body this is on.

  125. I’ll bet she has another star on the other side of her pubis. Gross.

  126. The comments on this are too fucking funny.

  127. @Jax… Never gets old does it

    By the fuck!

  128. interesting, usually they brand cattle, this must be some new-fangled technology

  129. I….I dont know what fucking part of the body that is :(

  130. one of the ugliest things i ve ever seen. if i was a tattoo artist , i would deny to do it.

  131. imagine the poor bastard that had to do the star!!!

  132. It’s the side of her hip. That thing at the bottom is uh..the front of her vagina or w.e you wanna call that thing. that bulge on top is not a tit…it’s her stomach. I mean it.

  133. GUNT!

  134. *Vomits all over the keyboard*

  135. am I the only one who thought this was just a really fat guy at first? Until I noticed the name….

  136. 104. MJ “Beauty is in the eye of the belly holder.”

    Too funny!

  137. Look at the background…did she take this photo at work?

  138. ringinglikeamantra


  139. I don’t think I will ever eat again after seeing that!

  140. She seems to be in an office… could it be at the tat place? (I think so as the tattoo looks fresh?)

    Hope so… otherwise I am led to believe she took this at work???

  141. what it really should saw is “beast-iful”

  142. Seriously, the comments on this site are funnier than the submissions. Makes me feel better about there being such idiotic people in the world. I would have never figured out that said “Disaster” upside-down on my own. Good to know someone cared enough to look at that for more than 10 seconds. Good job, team!

  143. Youse is all just jellus, cause her vagina got a star for good behaviour! God pity the person who had to award it, if she dropped that stomach he would end up in traction!

  144. I hate lardbellys

    Should you really get a tat if you have to lift up your dunlap to see it? I wonder how puffy her funt is.

  145. Haha, there are so many!

    1. if she lost 200 lbs that tat would be on her back

    2. um… really miss, you don’t need to pull your pants that low

    3. can you even feel the gun with all those layers?!

  146. oh and upside down it actually says “dnsnster”

  147. I’d hit it.

  148. That line isn’t her crotch… it’s the start of a roll. you’re looking at her right hip and thigh and the line is the side of a roll of fat that would be hanging over her crotch….

  149. @Anon, no that’s the line to her crotch. the bump ABOVE is her stomach, can’t you see she’s holding her stomach? learn a womans body, fat or not. yeesh.

  150. so this is lame because she is fat. it really just seems mean. arseholes.

  151. Agree with levi. assholes.

  152. Levi must be fat.

  153. Wow.. y’all mean.

  154. nope. just a human being.

  155. Same Bianca who took a piss on her baby?

  156. Disgusting.

    It’s lame because it’s disgusting and, yes, larger people need to know decency, just like slim girls ought to not post slutty pics of themselves but some of them do. It’s all about lacking taste, whether it’s for large or smaller women.

    It’s not her fatness that’s lame, it’s her lack of decency.

  157. Yep, agreed. It’s not so much the fatness per se but rather the overexposure of self. Some things are not meant to be shown publicly.

  158. oh. my. god. i didnt even kno what this was at first. buuuhh

  159. she has a buldging puss.

  160. @Rofl – your comments are void, learn to spell..

    She is fat. You can tell a smoker that smoking is unhealthy and will kill you, so why can’t you tell a fat person they are fat and need to lose weight?

  161. I thought it said “Bestiality”


  163. Oh MY GOD.
    she has a star tattoo on her pussy!

    Holy fuckarooni.

  164. This is the first time I’ve seen a MAD fold-in in years. I think it becomes a skinny girl with a butterfly on her hip.

  165. That poor girl should sue the “artist” that scarred her for life. The best case scenario is that it’ll bleed in on itself and become an irregular blob. Worse tattoo ever.

  166. If this is the same Bianca that pissed all over her innocent child, this makes me want to puke myself to death even more. What a slurry.

  167. Where the hell even is that??!!
    And as for what it says… isn’t this a libel case right here?
    SHE LIES!!

  168. Maybe you should look up the word “libel” you dumb fuck ^

  169. Libel (n): A false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person’s reputation.

    As from answers.com. And free online dictionary. Feel free to check elsewhere if you like.

    Clearly describing whatever part of her anatomy that is as “beautiful” is a false publication.

  170. Well atleast she had the decency to wax before takin the pic..

  171. WTF is that? looks like somethin Rocky used in his training to punch the shit out of

  172. Tat? more like Shat.

  173. Good design, bad choice in placement…

  174. We’re looking at her from the side. That is her spine, running top to bottom on the left. She’s leaning forward or hunched over a bit, and her sweatpants are pulled down at an angle, exposing her side. She’s holding her boob back/squishing it down in an effort to see her tattoo from above. Any woman with boobs trying to see a tattoo there would be doing this. She probably has her right arm up over her head.
    The star is about where our appendix are. That crease is a FUPA crease leading down into the groin.
    All that bare skin at the bottom, is her right hip and butt cheek. The tattoo is basically on her waist, right above her hip bone. But the letters are really big and she’s very short-waisted, so the combo makes the perspective weird. It’s a banner that basically covers her from rib-to-hip, from front-to-back, even when she’s standing up straight.
    I think.

  175. @interchangeable- omg, you are so wrong about all the body parts! The big tattoo is under/at the level of her hip bone, on the side of her thigh; what she is holding is her bottom belly(pouch), far away from her boobs. The star is on her pubic bone, which looks funny, cos it’s covered in layers of fat.

  176. @stealthbanana

    Well said.

  177. Shame! Disgusting! Call the RSPCA people should NOT tattoo overweight sloths!

  178. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Thinks the truth lies somewhere just *between* the locations put forward by interchangeable and stella . . .

  179. *THROWS UP*

    this is the definition of DENIAL

    the world does not contain the resources to produce enough alcohol to make that look good.

  180. She’s not exactly a giant. When she’s not half bent over I’m sure she’s not as fat-looking. It’s sorta sad that everyone here is making puke and fat-beast jokes. Believe me, they get MUCH fatter than that.

    Regardless, that tattoo does not belong on anyone because it is pathetic and desperate and (attention) whorish.

  181. @ monica
    I know they get bigger than that however being that size is not natural if the human race were to be subjected once more to natural selection the obese and fat people would be the first to go. Also the food the people who get themselves to this size eat could be feeding people who are starving across the world. Malnutrition is an ugly fact of life anything that causes more of it by relation is also ugly.

  182. @atheismo
    I wasn’t aware that natural selection stopped. When did this happen?

  183. I thought it said ‘beastiality’ at first..

  184. @181 So the solution to world hunger is to get fat people to eat less? Then food would magically appear in front of the poor and starving? Wow! You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

  185. Imagine how many Pizza pockets this bint could have bought with the money it cost to get that done.

  186. at first i thought it said beastiality

  187. what if this is a guy? so many rolls, hard to tell…

  188. I agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way, but being overweight is NOT something to be proud of. It’s unhealthy and shows a lack of discipline and self respect. I know some people have thyroid problems and all that, but the majority of obese people do not.

    Should this girl be publically ripped apart? No, of course not. But is her being overweight any less offensive than someone who can’t spell, or over shares about a relationship? Nope. And that’s what this site is about.

  189. @Jessica… Being overweight shows a lack ofself respect?? Does this mean that thin people respect themselves more than people who are overweight? Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse are as skinny as twigs… How much self-respect do they have for themselves?

  190. @Snugglebunny

    Yes – being overweight does show a lack of self respect. I’m not saying that only thin people have this – everyone can lack self respect in different ways.

    However, as someone pointed out earlier – is you are allowed to tell smokers that their habit is dirty and they should give up smoking or die, why can’t you tell fat people they are dirty and should go on a diet.

  191. Why do all of your ignorant losers think that the only way to become “fat” is by being lazy and over eating? Being overweight is sometimes something that people cannot control.
    I had a tumor on my thyroid gland which caused me to put on over 30kg’s. I was eating healthy, exercising everyday and yet I continued to put on weight – and when you jump from 50kgs to over 80kgs you realise something isn’t quite right. Before everyone calls me a ‘fatty’ I had the tumor and part of my thyroid removed and put on medication to control the hormones of my thyroid so thankfully it dropped right off.
    So before everyone looks at overweight people and thinks ‘Omg they are so lazy and must eat too much pie’ there is A LOT of people who have thyroid or metabolism disorders which cause them to put on weight regardless of how active they are or what type of healthy lifestyle they lead.
    Personally, I’d rather be with someone who has a bit of meat on their bones than someone with bones poking into me.



    being anonymous makes me super witty and awesome and i love making fun of fat people on the internet.

  193. It’s one thing to be a but chubby…it’s another thing to be so overweight that people can’t even identify what part of your body they are looking at.

    That’s not even the bad part, really. I wouldn’t have known what the tattoo said unless it was stated.

  194. # 169

    Yes, but the publication does not damage her reputation.

    Therefore, it’s just misleading advertising, not libel.

  195. Hey everyone, I’m beautiful because I SAY SO!

    Should’ve gotten “Delusional” on there instead. Or better yet, just go run around the block 8 million times.


    What are you so butthurt about? This revolting fatty got “Beautiful” tattooed on its meaty gut and plastered the photo on the Internet. They’re asking for it. btw, it’s not our fault you’re fat.

  196. @ everyone making fun of her cause she’s fat.

    God you all are so fucking annoying. So she’s a little chunky. Who gives a fuck. I’m sure she would love to be just as skinny and beautiful and flawless as every single one of you commenter. And you don’t know if she’s ugly. You can’t see her face. Leave the poor girl alone. And I would bet my life that 99% of you suffer from a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”.


  197. Pete,
    You sound fat.

  198. i can’t tell what part of the body that is?

  199. i’ve got it.

    it’s her back, and i think she had some sort of accident resulting in a scar/deformation here it looks like sideboob.

    imagine someone with a missing/deformed arm and a “beautiful disaster” tattoo.

    this is the only solution. now the rest of you are dicks for making fun of a cripple.

  200. you guys you guys you guys I figured it out! it’s her “hip” area! that isn’t a side boob, it’s a pooch! a belly pooch! muffin top, if you will… when the pants are up… and that little star tat… is the beginning of the happy trail AWWW YEAAHHHH. god that tattoo is awful.

  201. That could just as easily say Beastiful.

  202. God, people. I was disoriented when I first looked at this pic but then I figured out what I was looking at within about five seconds.

    ‘Course I’ve ACTUALLY SEEN a woman’s naked hip/groin region before, so that helps. :)

    And she didn’t necessarily have the intention of posting this for the whole internet to see, haters. She may very well have her profile set to friends-only and some traitorous douchebag leaked the pic here.

    Yes, it would be safer if she just hadn’t posted the pic at all. But she probably didn’t think one of her friends was gonna be a shithead.

  203. how do we know if it’s even a woman

  204. Reading is Fundimental

    because the name is bianca?

  205. @michelle
    I would to hell a mother wouldn’t name her baby boy Bianca….

  206. I don’t care about her size it’s her vag tattoos and unnecessary pulling of the clothes so far up and down. I don’t need to see that much of her ass.

    Come on show a little class. Especially when you get a Tattoo that damn big in horrible spot like that. She shows no discretion as to where she slaps her Tattoos on.

  207. Having actually seen fat women naked before, and having enjoyed that experience, I feel the need to clear up that the star tattoo is NOT on her vagina. That is the lower part of her stomach, which hangs a bit because it’s bigger. The indentation is across her belly button, likely there because of years of wearing pants that cut across her waist in that same location.

    Anybody who is not fat needs to just think about how it would be if your perceived “flaws” were constantly visible to everyone you met. And most of the invisible types of flaws are really the worst kind.

    I agree that the tattoo is hideous, however.

  208. @Jeff

    I think the indentation is below the belly button. If you look at the person’s back, you’ll see that there is a bend which has to be the butt. I can’t be her back because the arch is too pronounced. This person is very short. The star isn’t on her vagina either, it’s on her f.u.p.a.

  209. If you flip the pic upside down it says Disaster… I get it… Beautiful Disaster…. Prob what she thinks of that weird misshapen body of hers.

  210. I cannot decipher what part of the body I’m looking at.

  211. @ 196


  212. @192- you made me lol

  213. How in the hell could you think the star is on her ass?? ITS ON HER VAGINA PEOPLE!

    Or that that buldge is a bicep? Or boob? ITS A STOMACH PEOPLE!



    This is why I don’t let fat people add me on Facebook…seriously. 120 lbs. or under.

    Now I have to go throw up my dinner…feel fatter just seeing this.

  215. It’s her right upper hip area it looks like. And the star isn’t on her “mons pubis” or whatever that is on overhanging belly. The shaded area in the crease yeah THAT is mons pubis and the indentation above it must be where she wears her hip hugging jeans which is why the upper pooch is so pronounced because it’s been forced to be a permanent muffin top. Why would she post this???


  217. @sponge cake



  219. It’s a horrible tattoo, but she really isn’t THAT fat, I guarantee a lot of the people posting here are just as big or bigger

  220. fucking hipo!!!

    thats so disgusting!!!

  221. Does that say “Bestiality?”

  222. I thought it said “bestiality” at first, too!

  223. who said it’s a ‘she’?

  224. what the fuck is that!!!!!!!



  226. you know, it looks like one of those tattoos that say something different when upside down, and I think if you look at it upside down it says “this nasty”. not sure. but it could be.

  227. Upside-down it reads “SoHungry”

  228. @hamboner that’s not sideboob, thats fat gut. the star is on her FUPA.

  229. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. HAHAHA. HA. You people crack me up. So does this bitch.

  230. it’s funny how we’re all made of the same matter, we’re all the same molecules yet we outcast those who are a little different. if you ask me, i’d prefer someone with a body like this that can accept who they are, rather than a 90 lb whore with no brain.

  231. If I had that tattooed on my body it’d probably wrap from my spine to my belly button.

    then again I weigh 200 lbs less than that

  232. Wow just because we aren’t looking at a size zero we all have to make fun of her weight? i garauntee that most of you are overweight as well. I myself am a pround size 12 woman, and wouldn’t want to look like a stick. curves are beautiful. Jeez grow up people.

  233. @sammie
    Rolls =/= curves.

    Get back to the kitchen.

  234. “@sammie
    Rolls =/= curves.

    Get back to the kitchen”

    ToXiXXX–you are a sexist pig. die.

  235. When I first looked at that, I thought it said “bestiality”.

    What is wrong with me?


  237. I’m not making fun of her weight (though I don’t think she should be applauded for being obviously overweight either – if you have that much belly to hold up, yes, you are unhealthily overweight, and that is not something that should be encouraged. I am not an advocate for extreme skinniness either before you blast me) – but I do want to say why get such a badly illegible tattoo?

    I’m guessing ‘beautiful’ is right, definitely doesn’t say ‘dangerous’ the other way up, but all I could make out was ‘thisnster’ or ‘thirstnsler’ or ‘thirstnster’ or varying other permeatations[sp?] that make as little sense.

    If you are getting a word written MAKE SURE IT’S FUCKING LEGIBLE eejit

  238. Um… I’m going to go ahead and go with, “Ew.”

  239. hmm beautiful disaster.
    pretty cool tat if it wasnt on a whale… :P
    jfyi “disaster” is upside down ;]

  240. Uh…all the people who are arguing about where this tattoo is: ever think to take a look at the PANTS? The pants clearly have a cord hanging in front of where her star tattoo is. That cord is always on the FRONT of sweatpants. It would be just a little annoying and ridiculous to have them on the back, don’t you think? So if that’s the front of the pants, the part she’s holding is clearly her belly, and the star tattoo is clearly on her FUPA.

  241. I think the comments to this picture are more lamebook worthy than the picture itself, if not only because no one seems to be able to figure out what part of her body is photographed. Wasn’t that hard to figure out.

    @Sammie–thank you. Seriously.

  242. she has a star on her gunt. ew. if i hadnt read the comments and found out this was on her hip then i would have assumed it was on some flab of skin on the far corner of a very greedy pot belly pig. aint so beautiful.

  243. omg i thought she was holding side boob but it’s her belly!!

  244. dang, i initially read the tattoo as saying “beastiality”

    it makes nearly as much sense

  245. shit i read it as ‘beastiality’ as well.

  246. It also says “disaster” upside down. Which is apt.

  247. thats the bitches hip!!! lmao!! the thing thats the funniest, when she moves her hand, that fold of skin is gonna fall on top of the ful….

  248. I’m gunna go throw up my dinner now…

  249. @6 FTW

  250. Did someone tattoo a pig? ‘Cause that’s what this looks like.

  251. wow. I bet most of you people who are trashing this poor girl are overweight as well, but somehow feel the need to put someone else down to make you pathetic life feel a little more important. grow up and stop being ignorant people.

  252. my only complaint is that the font makes it difficult for the eye to translate what it is. it’s “beautiful” right? other than that i see nothing wrong with this picture…

  253. i cant even tell what im looking at…

  254. Guys it says “Beautiful”… C’mon now, it’s not that hard…

    It’s above her right hip bone, the star is above her vag.

  255. No one is ever going to read that as anything other than beastiality if they see it in real life.

  256. If I remember right its a anagram. read it upside down it should say sinister!!!!

  257. It totally does say sinister upside down. That’s not what an anagram is, though. Nor is it a palindrome. But it is neat.
    I mean, once you get past all the horrifying…

  258. @257. it’s called an ambigram – a really bad one because ‘beautiful’ and sinister’ are both really hard to find unless you know what words you’re looking for…It wouldn’t have been too bad had she made different choices about every element of it…

  259. Wonder if this is the same Bianca that pissed on her son

  260. wow, i can’t even tell what part of the body that is…fuckin fat people

  261. Gunt or Genis?

  262. thats a great big canvas

  263. Oh my goodness it really DOES say “disaster” when upside down

  264. For this reason alone, I could never be a tattoo artist.

  265. What part of the human body is this?

  266. Hip, I think.

  267. Hey, wow, I never noticed that. “Disaster” upside down. Now that’s clever.

  268. Exactly what part of the body is that?

  269. That’s definitely the Top Round. It makes for a delicious roast when seasoned properly.

  270. On this day, tattoo artists all over the world experienced a shortage of ink, now we know why.

  271. that dude would be raped in Russian prison for that star tattoo. Get em comrads

  272. I can’t even tell where on the body I’m looking at! It’s all just a blob.


  274. @271

    It’s a woman, I reckon.

    I hate the tattoo, I hate the photo, I hate the size and position of it, I hate that I can see their crotch. Blurgh!

  275. so that’s their right side?? and that’s their crotch at the front? wow, couldn’t work out what i was looking at…

    …i just threw up in my mouth.

  276. Damn! In the summarised words of CumDog Millionaire “I’d hit it!”

  277. I swear i thought that said “beastiality” at first…

  278. @JordanX
    …it doesn’t say that?? What does it say, then?

  279. What the fuck is wrong with everyone? You see a big person and this is how you react? I really do think that most of you are overweight yourself but your heads are too stuck up your own asses to even realize that. The only thing that bothered me about this picture is the fact that you can see her vagina and I find it uncomfortable when ANY people show their privates on Facebook. *Everyone* here knows *exactly* which part of the body it is but are pretending to be cool by sounding like a complete and utter idiot by saying “DUDE, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS”. Idiots like you will probably never even get the message I’m trying to pass on. Bottom line is, don’t criticize anyone when you probably have a million things that could be criticized, being complete cunts is one of them.

  280. yourselves*

  281. That is fucking disgusting! I had to read the comments to figure out what part of the deformed body it was!

  282. If you’re a fan of beastiality, you should probably keep it to yourself and not tattoo it on your side. Fail.

  283. Well considering it says “beautiful” and not “bestiality” I think it is you sir Fail :D

  284. this could totally be a man.

  285. Kinkks- you have no sense of humour. Fail.

  286. Thank you bianca! I now have a joke for the week ! LOL

  287. @ gussie

    Aah, thanks, I kept turning my laptop upside down to see what the hell it said, because I knew it said SOMETHING as well as ‘Beautiful’.
    I also turned the screen upside down to figure out which feckin’ bodypart it was. And now that I know, I wish I didn’t =/

  288. If you have to hold your fat out of the way so you can take a picture of your newest tattoo…yeah, you probably shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place.

  289. I feel like throwing up right now…

  290. and when you flip it upside down it says “disaster”

  291. *twitches*

  292. Yeah, my belly looks gross like that, but I’m not going to subject my facebook friends to that shit!

  293. Why would she get a tattoo in writing that no one can read?
    Why would she take her clothes off??
    Why would she subject her FB friends with that photo???
    Why isn’t she wearing underwear????????????????

  294. @Purple Haze Don’t critisize others when you have errors yourself? What the hell is someone with those ethics even doing on lamebook? THIS SITE MAKES FUN OF OTHERS! Being fat, being ugly, being stupid, being poorly educated, being overly frivolous with information, making accidental mistakes (such as posting messages as statuses or typoing in a particularly relevant way).

    Okay… we’re on Lamebook. Established. Guys who are saying “God how mean to make fun of people like that” err… I’m sorry, what is this site all about then? You don’t go on this site to be nicey nicey. That’s not why Lamebook is funny, because everyone is so fucking nice about everyone else. I don’t care if you’re fat & laugh at this because I’m not 100% sure but (I’m fairly definate) you don’t have a picture of you having to physically hold up your rolls of fat to see part of your skin on facebook.
    Who cares if you’re fat and want to laugh at other fatties? Hell I sometimes make typos but I’ll laugh at them on facebook, & don’t tell me that’s not the same. You are laughing at someone else. No matter what the reason is, they’re probably not going to be thrilled that you are taking the piss out of them. As a confident enough woman to post this picture to facebook, she probably wouldn’t even take too much of a knock from it (NOT SAYING it wouldn’t bother her).
    Being fat is not the only (if any of the) reason(s) this picture is on Lamebook; it probably helps that the tatto is hideous/unreadable/hugely in the wrong place. Or maybe that it says “Beautiful Disaster” or possibly “Bestiality Disaster” which is something that belongs strictly on a spoof porn site. & of course the fact she is showing a very private area of skin there (I am well aware, as a woman, that is not her ACTUAL vagina just in case someone thinks to correct).

    Yeah, I laughed. But the comments here were funnier than the picture itself, by far.

  295. Wow you guys are all real shallow. Just b/c someone is bigger doesn’t give anyone the right to say the things I have read on here. People like you don’t deserve to live.

  296. Holy crap! That’s the most comments I’ve ever seen on one picture.
    Though I bet you could fold that tattoo to say anything you want with all those folds, lol

  297. Oh my god people she is not that fat. she’s got a little belly. the worst thing about this picture is the tattoo. although even that’s not that bad. they coulda found something better than this. lame.

  298. All of you people who are rudely calling her fat need to grow up. Do you know the average size is a size 14? Not being stick thin is average so stop dissing her!!! You should be dissing the tattoo, it’s horrible! It’s not even legible!

  299. Uhhhhh…

    #298, that’s why obesity is such a huge problem in America. Everybody wants to sit here and ‘embrace’ fat people, and while I’m not the type to discriminate or treat someone less fortunate badly, I’m not going to accept it because it’s not HEALTHY. You may be cool with clogged arteries, and diabetes but I’m not. People who don’t take care of their own diets generally don’t take care of their childrens dietary needs which is why they’re making that T.V. show called Food Revolution. Because obesity is a huge problem. #297 she’s definitely over-weight, and I’m not just talking about the belly. You can say she’s not fat, but she is fat. That doesn’t make her a bad person, or ugly, or unattractive but there’s not need to expect people to sugar coat it. Just like if somebody saw a woman or man that was emaciated they would make comments about it.

    You can blame it on a medical condition, and that’s legitimate, or maybe she just had a baby, but honestly…none of us knows her situation. She could be hoovering cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries as I type. The point is, she pulled her pants down and got beautiful tattooed below her fat roll and posted it on FB.

  300. MaddyManchester

    I can’t even tell what bodypart that is.

  301. dats a huuuuuuge bitch hahaha

  302. Don’t understand what it says, and can’t figure out what body part that is. Wow.

  303. Star-fupaed Sneetch?

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