Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad Dad Competition


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  1. Diane, making it awkward for everybody else since 1998.

  2. Wow, look at these chicks 1-UP each other. I work with a chick like this, she is about as useful as that jewish calendar ad to the right.

  3. ok i feel sorry for diane but lets be honest there was no need for her to just ruin the atmosphere and just butt in like that, i dont wanna sound insensitive i mean its horrible her dad died but this just screams self-pity…

  4. At least Diane didn’t add an LOL to that buzzkill.

  5. I hate people like Diane. She needs to learn how to keep the conversation relevant.

  6. If she said “Mine died yesterday” or “today is the anniversary of his death” then you might understand it was something on her mind and she got upset at these girls who at least have a father, but that just screams “My dad died, therefore that is my sob story for the whole of my life so people will do what I want”. I’m so sick of people like her, using their dead relatives like that.

  7. Diane Debbie Downer

  8. Maybe she is pissed off that he hasn’t contacted her from THE OTHER SIDE.

  9. Penny Flame Phucks

    What a bitch. I wonder if Stephanie has a hot dad with a big B0ner

  10. This is hilarious.

  11. But my dad just died (as you read this).

    So I’d technically win.

  12. I’m not dead, I’m just avoiding you.

  13. “Look at me” comments are so 1998.

  14. Oh yeah?? Well I was a test tube baby. At least you HAD a father!!

  15. Jesus would totally win this competition.

    Immaculate conception FTW.

  16. Penny Flame Phucks

    My dad pimped me out to his friends and still does to this day. I have 3 of his children and he has made me enter into the world of porn.

  17. @Pink – “I’m so sick of people like her, using their dead relatives like that.”
    Sounds callous, but SO TRUE! I said something remarkably similar to that not so long ago.

    @Lajeve – win!

  18. Egad! Bad dad!

  19. diane with the father pwnage. haha.

    geeze, these girls needs a hug. i feel bad for them.

  20. Ugh, I hate it when people do shit like this. No, don’t sympathise with your friends, instead make it all about you, what a way to be!

  21. Not any of those girls' dad

    Brittany received 2 phones in the past 5 years. Why is she complaining? I had to buy my own.

  22. Why has no one mentioned how much Brittany sucks?

  23. @ Dad

    You must watch the entire video to fully understand my reaction to your comment.

  24. jewish calender FTW

  25. @Mimi – she got out-sucked by Diane

  26. Someone should tell Dianne it’s not a competetion. If they were my kids i’d take off as well, delinquents putting everything on FB. Actually I’d probably beat them first, for bieng such disapointments, then leave and never call… HAHA fatherless children are so yesterday

  27. @ nor’n monkey

    tru dat.

  28. haha. i hate ppl like diane too, i mean. i never met my dad, but im fine with it, im better off with out him! :D !

  29. My dad died in 1997. I win bitch.

  30. My kids dad is from/in Brazil (because he got deported) and we have never gotten a call from him in 5 years. Oh, and my dad died when I was 6 months pregnant with him. I win bitches.

  31. You were pregnant with your dad??

  32. so is diane saying that she hasn’t been molested since 1998?

  33. Hahaha! tiffs, boomstik, jessicalea… you all winnin’ bitches!

  34. At least none of these girls’ fathers were Joseph Fritzl…

  35. I like turtle soup

  36. Diane’s father is OBVIOUSLY the biggest dick here.

  37. @L i know, what a bitch. i mean it sucks that he’s dead, but at least you don’t have to deal with the fact that he’s a total asshole. my dads dead, it sucks ass, but i wouldnt try to one up someone with it.

  38. ok, so your dad is a deadbeet. woopee. and your dad, well…he’s just dead. congrats? I’m sorry?

    still, my dad is way worse. when i was young, he would dress my friends and me in see-through outfits and take naughty photos hed post on FACEBOOK. go ‘head and top that, bitches!

  39. @superphunk
    i spy a lie there… either you are still young or he wasn’t posting anything on facebook since it’s only a few years old. timeline FAIL

  40. @superphunk
    also… “deadbeet”? some kind of dead vegetable?
    spelling FAIL.

  41. Oo oo! Are we comparing shitty fathers?! Mine left when I was two; came back 7 years later; got remarried; was verbally abusive to the new wife, her kids, and me; uses his depression to blackmail people into being nice to him; and is now kicked out of his second wife’s house. Do I win?

    No? Okay, thought I’d give it a shot.

  42. My dad Ejaculated into a zebra’s anus

  43. My dad not only impregnated me, he recently left me for our daughter, and is the process of creating my little sister/grandaughter/neice.
    Too far?
    Yet it still doesn’t beat (beet?) Diane’s dad for dying.
    I mean jeez, what a douche.

  44. My dad showed me how to beat up my mom and my sister if there is no cold beer in the house

  45. Ugh. I hate one uppers. Especially when what they one-up with isn’t really relevant. Good dad who is dead =/= crappy dad who is alive.

    I mean, my dad died in middle school, but based on my observations having a great dad for a short time seems better than having a shitty or uncaring one.

  46. My dad’s upstairs passed out on the couch. What a badass.

  47. @Erection: wasn’t the anus, or you wouldn’t be here. :-P

    As for “wah wah my daddy doesn’t ring me” entitled girl, well it takes two to tango. Pick up the phone and call the cunt instead of whinging about it.

  48. my dad rang me last night. and about a week before that.

    it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

  49. My dad never calls me. But that’s no biggie. We haven’t fallen out or anything. He’s one of those dad’s that when I (occasionally) call home and he answers, he says “Oh hello, I’ll get your mam.”

  50. I pushed my dad down the stairs when I was a little kid and he died.

  51. @boz- lolololol

    my dad is right next to me…

  52. @Erm

    You fail at intelligence and understanding when someone is taking the piss

  53. jesus jelly…that was very innapropriate and very very funny. scores for u and kjellupa.

    superphunk phailure.

  54. @jigz I agree. The grass is always greener on the other dad…

  55. LOL @ Too Soon!

  56. You know, I haven’t gotten a call from my dad in 3 months.

    I just… You know, talk to him everyday.

  57. @Felix LMAOOOOO

  58. 1998? 11 years ago? and you still feel the need to whip out the guilt card when dads come up? Move on with your life!

  59. @brent

    agreed. what a douche bag.
    you had your time to talk about it in ’99 or ’00.
    11 years later is just a dick move.

  60. why people post stuff like that is beyond me. fuck, stop making it weird for all involved!

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