Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. The dead old lady pillow cover was never really popular but several hotel chains bought them up at a cut rate in the late 90′s.

  2. Pic 3

    Forget the background check, what the fuck is that chick in the black dress doing?

  3. @word
    haha, i think it’s ‘the Elaine’

  4. Clear the dance floor everyone, I think she’s about to drop a load of something.

  5. Someone’s getting tombstoned.

  6. dawnstar, oh yeah!, but I don’t think it’s wearing a Gaultier dress.
    Loving the Seinfeld references this morning.

  7. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    @wordpervert- I was thinking the exact same thing! And what is she holding?

  8. @Jack

    She’s holding a pillow, obviously… taking a dump on the dance floor, while doing a semi-Elaine dance is very tiring.

  9. they should be wearing a pair of heels as well

  10. the girl is holding a clutch purse i believe. a really ugly one.

  11. Jack, something masquerading as a purse, but looks more like a cushion to sit on if you have hemorrhoids.

  12. haha i thought the same thing about the girl taking a dump.

  13. i would have a boner with those pants on.

  14. I thought dawn was referring to “the Elaine” mannequin.
    mc, you’re talking about the Elaine dance.
    Doesn’t matter, they both work in this situation.

  15. that poor pooor girl should just burn that pic, if not for herself than at least for allof us having to look at her very CONCENTRATED face!

  16. @wordpervert

    Horrible dance… thumb out (although it’s clutching a hemorrhoid pillow).

    Anyway, we should be nicer. She was probably doing a half charlie brown dance (legs in and out) and the picture caught her mid-burp.

    Not very ladylike, but I doubt she was really taking a dump. I mean where’s the glass coffee table? Where’s the guy laying underneath her? Where’s the erections of everyone around her? I think it’s obvious she wasn’t laying cable.

  17. obviously his 1980s cell phone. duh.

  18. I don’t know…black dress girl has that “gotta drop a deuce” look on her face. The concentration, the spreading of the legs so as not to mess on the shoes…it’s close.
    But maybe that’s a new dance move…kids these days…

  19. @lovelame – totally agree. Definitely boner inducing pants…

  20. I’m digging the Elaine dance!

  21. Laying cable. mcowles FTW!!!

  22. i don’t know what’s worse.. the red pants or the boner?

  23. @awwkitten

    Taste-wise, it’s the pants

  24. regarding greatest picture from the whole trip. I don’t know what’s worse: the chick with the wheelchair pillow preparing to drop a load, or the guy behind her with his face in somebody’s crotch…. either way: EW.

  25. In the first pic…are those paddles in the back?

  26. bollywood_rocks83

    Forgive my ignorance but what’s wrong with number 2?
    As an aside, any brits know where the number symbol above 3 is? I press alt-3 and the pound sign pops out. It pisses me off a bit. I’m a “Yank”.

  27. PileDriver!!!

  28. perhaps his 80′s sunglasses are the biggest tragedy of them all…

  29. Yeah those are paddles. It’s probably a frat house. New members of the fraternity, or pledges, have to make them in some places.

  30. @word
    I was thinking of the Elaine dance…thumbs out, awkward pose…i’m willing to bet there was an awesome kick about a second after this pic was taken.

  31. @thatjennchick

    Yes, paddles… looks like a “1980′s party”… hence the clothes and the dances. Paddles were big back then for Seniors in high school to use on Freshmen. At least that’s what Dazed and Confused told me.


    #2 (isn’t the pound sign the same as the number sign?) The girl is trying to take a sexy picture in a mirror, with an elderly woman sleeping in the background. Not exactly sexy.


    A piledriver is done the other way around… back to front. Front to front is a “Tombstone” move, made popular in the late 80s/early 90s by the wrestler known as The Undertaker

    OHHHHHHHHHHH, I finally see it!!!!!!
    Dump Girl is doing the Chicken Dance! You can see her flapping her wings, look close! “Chicken taking a dump dance”, that is.

  32. Or the twist… maybe it’s the twist…

  33. whatever dance, it’s just plain wrong.

  34. “Twist and Dump” – by Chubby Blumpkin and the Turtlehead Boys

  35. I’ve decided it is “the Elaine” mannequin.
    Her mate probably got it in the Seinfeld props sell off.
    She’s taken it with her to the club and posed it in that position as a tribute to “the little kicks” Elaine dance episode.
    Cos surely nothing actually alive would stand like that.

  36. I love the boner guy…reminds me of some over-bonered guy grinding on me in the 80′s….ahhhh good times…

  37. @word
    If that were so, I would totally want to be friends with the girl on the right. Provided every time we hung out, she brought “Elaine”.

  38. Ok that girl is not doing the elaine dance. She’s clearly pointing at the morons behind them. That’s why they took the pic. Not sure why she’s standing like that though.

  39. mcowles you need to somehow find my facebook. gogogogogo!

  40. I’m 108% sure I’ve asked this before, but since I’m on my phone and its internet is slow, I’ll just ask again.

    What does “so-and-so is Frodo” mean?

  41. @ lady Katara-the following link should explain Frodo for you.

  42. LOL i just realised what was wrong with the 2nd one, there’s and old lady sleeping in the bed hahahaha a bit of where’s waldo for ya

  43. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    @wordpervert- thanks for helping me out with that one.. it’s definitely a hemorrhoid pillow.

  44. note to self: Don’t check lamebook when at grandma’s house…

  45. 40.Lady Katara– Since you’re on your phone and probably can’t get to the link that was provided, I’ll tell you. In short, Frodo = gay.

  46. dawnstar, come dancing with me sometime.
    I don’t have an “Elaine”, but I do have a mighty fine blow up doll that should fit the bill nicely.

  47. lol

  48. the girls in the last pic are taking my focus off of the guys dry 69′ing…maybe because the girl on the right looks like a spaz and the girl on the left looks like she’s trying to take a piss, lol.

  49. Drop down and get your labor on girl.

  50. Ok, I have a few pics with guys lifting each other like that – it’s just when they get drunk and testosteroney. The lame thing is the dancing and pillow.

    #2 makes the funeral pics from a few weeks ago look more classy, at least

    @26 – I have that problem – it’s the button above ‘enter’

  51. @bollywood_rocks83
    I hope this works for you. If you are on a PC, hold down the ALT key, then on the numeric pad hit 35 and release the ALT button. If the code is that same you should get your #.
    Of course, if you are on a laptop, you will need to use that buttong that will make the letter buttons into numbers, sorry that I cannot describe it better.

  52. @word
    I just saw your invite, and milady, I AM IN. There is no possible way you don’t know how to have an awesome f*cking night!

  53. dawn, you’re right girlfriend. I can party like it’s 1969.
    I love the idea of Woodstock, free love, and mind altering substances.

  54. Celebrity Peever-What Bluetooth has Ruined

  55. Someone tell me that’s not a corpse in the bed in #2.

  56. Haha the boner picture is classic. I don’t know about the chick trying to be cute with her dead grandmother in the background.

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