Monday, January 10, 2011

Background Checks!

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  1. pic when driving?

    damn i’m on tv

    no comment

    prostate: checked.

  2. oh yeah, the last one is sooooooo funny…. omg lamebook, whats wrong with a dad holding his son?

    second one made me chuckle though.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Boomstick is probably going to chime in with something along the lines of “All blacks look alike”

  4. the first baby should sue… forgot to blur his face

  5. Dukey is creepy and racist. I hope they choke on the next dick that gets shoved down their throat.

  6. “If you cheated with my Mom .. the wedding is off”

    Not a very open-minded program, Maury.

  7. Although I love the first baby’s perfect facial expression, I’m surprised his face wasn’t blurred out.

  8. LOL @ calling someone racist and then using a homophobic insult.

    Also, Kaybrahm? CHRIST stop making up names!


    This is priceless. I love you, Google!

  10. Love your shirt, gramps.

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If you know who Dukey is then you should probably also know that Dukey is a black guy. So don’t call me a racist for thinking that you are a cock.

  12. Are you just fucking with Dukey, broomstick?

  13. OMG OMG! WOW! call Scooby and the Gang, boomstick figured out how to use Google!

  14. To be fair, it looks as if she’s in a car park in number one. And that is obviously a stuffed animal’s paw if THAT’s what the fuss is about.

  15. I can’t make out the girl in the first pic, with her eyes blurred out and all.

    I hate what they are suggesting in the last picture.

    B00mstick sounds like an immature 12 year old girl: “omg, I’m going to make a cliff-hanger of a statement and wait for someone to ask ‘who?’ because they give a crap. LOLOLOL”

    …but well done on finally being noticed, B00m. I think that was your aim.

  16. Yeah, the first one she’s parked in a parking lot. Either that or all the cars are in a SIG alert at really unfortunate angles. I’m assuming it’s the stuffed animal’s paw we’re supposed to laugh at, but even that is a huge stretch.

    The second one’s funny.

    I’m not really understanding the puppy and kitty one though. I’m sure when it’s pointed out to me I’ll feel stupid for not getting it. Then I still won’t get it.

  17. “Kaybrahm?” That’s a crappy name.

  18. maury is hot…. as for the guy grabbing the kid.. he’s probably just checking for a shitty diaper.. and found one.

  19. Hey b00mstick, do yourself a favor and fly away, you’re nothing but retarded entertainment at this point. Stop trying to make a point on LAMEBOOK, no one here gives a shit.

    Also, Maury is hilarious. I’ve noticed that most of the people on that show (when I’ve had the misfortune of watching it) refer to him as “Muuurrry”. Cracks me up every time.

  20. antixmas, well they’ve not answered my question, so I think it’s safe to assume it was a load of bollocks. By the way, the festive season is over – when are you going to go back to being trusty ol’ Saffer?

    Hi, Zoned? I am.

  21. Hey word! Well that’s a silly question, I’m always zoned :P How are you feeling ma’am?

  22. I not long ago responded to your message on that crazy weekend post. Check it out…

  23. The puppy and kittens one is about the fresh meat sign just above it. The last one the guy is lifting the kid, notice the holding of the hand up in the air, but still looks awful creepy. The guy doing the lifting looks a little too thrilled.

  24. The last one was clearly put here for imamofo’s benefit.

  25. hello

  26. Where is the baby’s chest clip in the first pic??

  27. I think he is spanking the baby in the last one…

  28. #15, Antixmas, I thought the same thing about boomstick as soon as I saw her #9 comment (I say “her” even though I don’t know for sure, because if she’s not an adolescent girl she should stop acting like one).
    We don’t have that “Murray” show in New Zealand, but it sounds like I’m not missing much. Seems very similar to all the others.

  29. Anyone else feel like the first one might have been an application photo for this season of MTV’s “Teen Mom”?

  30. 1: Is clearly the leg of a stuffed animal, grow up. More specifically, it could be Scooby Doo.

    2: Eh, meh, schmeh.
    3: I’m guessing not only because of the sign (which by the way, IS the other white meat) but some of them are Asian, two on the right and one on the bottom left, which further makes it lame due to the stereotype.

    4. I too love to shove my fingers into the rear ends of toddlers. What? They just giggle at it. Clearly they like it.

  31. You people are so immature and short sighted.

    I don’t have a problem with homophobias or racists, because if you think about it, it’s perfectly natural.

    But I do have a problem with gay racists and black homophobias because it’s like, they should be more understanding and emphatic to other people with handicaps or disabilities.

  32. Word I can’t be Saffer again without effort. Little effort, really, but it seems like too much trouble to re-register all together and under a new e-mail. I wasn’t as fast thinking as dear ol’ Wlater about names being fixed after identity theft situation.

  33. Talking about you was completely coincidental btw, Sobchack. I didn’t refresh before I commented.

  34. Don’t worry, you can call me Wlater Sobchack as long as I can call you manstix.

  35. bamaredsoxchick, the chest clip is a US (and I think Canada) thing. It’s meant to position the straps correctly and will break apart in an impact. Other countries like Australia don’t have it, they have more faith in their users to position the straps in the correct spot on the shoulders.

  36. Apologies, Walter Sobchak. You can call me womanstix the next time I mess up your name, hope the flowers help to ‘feminise’ my identity.

  37. saffer’s back! The problem with these avatars is you can’t see what the hell they are. Flowers, you say? Even on the dashboard I can’t make flowers out. I wish we could make them bigger…

  38. Is there a scientific name for a grouped unit of douchebags? Like, a gaggle of geese, a herd of sheep, etc?

  39. ^…a guido of douchebags?

  40. I googled it for you Melee. The Germans have a word for everything. It’s a frathaus of douchebags.

  41. Word lol. They looked like flowers at the time. I almost used my face but (as weird as it sounds) I didn’t want to put my picture up on the internet :)

    Melee any reason you’re asking?

  42. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Invalidusername Wins!

  43. saff, no it isn’t weird. it’s just good sense. But I know Buns would give a nut or two to see what we look like.

  44. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’ve seen Saffer‘s picture. And I think she has seen mine too (although she keeps insisting that I am Kras and Alord rolled into one.)

    I tend to keep my nuts in check unless I have a good reason to bet them.

  45. Yes, I’ve seen your picture before Dukey, and I proposed to be Duchess Saffer Buns twice thereafter.

    About the Alord thing, this may sound pre-mature considering it’s only been a few days but I’ve let those theories go. My resolution is to not listen to what Anonisgay has to say (rhyme unintended). I refuse to be the nut of lamebook.

  46. the babys car seat 1. has no chest clip 2. the strap is twisted and 3. the straps start above the shoulders and should be below the shoulders on top. the seat is completely unsafe, if there was an accident he would come right out of that seat. stupid mother right there.

  47. I never saw either of your pics – only MEG’S… and her boobs. We all saw those monsters.

  48. The mom looks young, knole, I don’t think she knows all of that. Good thing you wrote the manual for child-rearing and safety. We’ll find a way of getting it to her.
    You didn’t, Word? I thought we all saw each others. That said, I missed MEG’s tits, I just saw the blue-footed birds she replaced them with.

  49. During these lean times I often supplement my wages by performing a joke ventriloquist act with the help of my two year old son.

    We get on stage and he pretends to be my dummy. Then I stick my fingers up his arse and let the audience take photos… we only play very selected venues.

    (That one was especially for you Jonjones)

    The Third photo says Puppies and Kittens? Looks more like load of pussy’s to me.

  50. God boomstick, what’s eating you? It’s certainly not going to be Dukey!

  51. youmustbejokingright

    are you people dense?
    Pic 1 is an aussie pic which means girl is in passenger seat, obviously either going to or coming from school, note uniform.
    Pic 4 is just a dad about to play lift off game with his toddler, hand under butt, other hand on toddlers hand ready to lift him high which also explains his exciteable face.

    Bit of common sense would go a long way people

  52. Surely the thing about the first one isn’t that they should have blocked the face of the child for identity issues- more so that’s pretty much one of the ugliest babies I’ve seen in ages.

  53. #51 Help me out, I’m too dense to get it. Is it written on her forehead that it’s Australian pic out of the possible 196 recognised countries of the world (a majority of which drive on the right)? I went with the kids baby gap socks to narrow the country numbers down.

    Side note: good to know she didn’t wear a yellow golf shirt by choice though, I was seriously wondering about that.

  54. hahha, ya’ll are reading into the first picture waay too much.

    it’s funny because the dog that the kid is holding looks like a DICK.
    plain and simple..

  55. @54 Thanks for helping us out, because as has been pointed out, we’re dense. And obviously a dog’s paw that looks like a dick is going to keep us entertained all day, rather than the comments.

    *Rolls eyes* (Just making sure you get it.)

  56. Dumbfuck.

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