Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Background Checks!

More classic background checks here.

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    Great ones!

  2. Ahh ffs Amy look at the state of your room

  3. Muhahahah, these made me laugh, especially the last one.

  4. i’m pretty sure the first one isn’t a background check…..

    and the third one made me feel dirty, cringe, and laugh at the same time.

  5. anonisgayisgayisgay

    Is that an adult being potty trained?

    I don’t get the first one either, is it supposed to be the hand of the half-cropped-out dude? I don’t get it.

  6. The last one is shopped by some pederass (the sign probably said “Grapes”); which makes it extra creepy.

    That’s it – someone pull this universe over, I want out.

  7. anonisgayisgayisgay

    Oh, and anonisgayisgay is gay.

  8. Oil Seed Rape is one of the ingrediants in Mayo. In this case this must have been on Ol’ Mc Pedobear’s kid farm. Dang animals always escaping…..

  9. Isn’t Brocolli Rabe also called Rape in some countries? That’s what I thought it was. :-\

  10. In the third picture, forget the naked fatty in the background, the girl needs to learn how to pose.

  11. I just googled brocolli rape for poops and giggles and found this (among other things)

  12. In the last one, I’m pretty sure what they’re growing is, in fact, rape.

  13. I grow rape in my backyard. I like it, but other people doesn’t quite enjoy the taste of it.

  14. And yep, that’s a field of rape (brassica napus). Definitely not grapes. Grapes aren’t grown on the ground like that.

  15. I don’t understand the first one either. The hand belongs to someone who is obviously in the foreground, not the background. Is there something I’m too blind to see here?

  16. the second one is oh so gangster
    I hate wannabes so much

  17. I too don’t quite get the first one.

    And the third one begs so many questions: is that a male or female in the background? What the hell kind of crazy sexin’ went on to destroy that room? Is that a brace around Amy’s midsection, hence the awkwardness of the pose? Oh how I wish I could get answers…

  18. And why isn’t he/she tagged?

  19. There’s a tall guy to the right of the stripy girl who’s got his arms around both. I think the comment by stephanie was the lame factor.. although it’s not a very good one.

  20. dirtylittlepretty

    @Comments I think the fat ass belongs to a woman..looks like she is looking in a vanity mirror, also I think they are just sloppy ppl..
    it’s an ugly belt on an ugly shirt
    the pose?? who knows…maybe she is constipated.

  21. it’s pictures like #3 that remind me how fun it is to play “chick or dude?”
    as well, all rape jokes aside, the kids in the last one are adorable as balls.

  22. It’s also possible that Amy was taking the pic to embaress the whale. Possibly her sister?

  23. I expect to find dead chickens all over the house in #3.

  24. Could be shaydee .. I wonder why she’s nude though. The local tent and awning store must have her laundry.

  25. The first one isn’t that difficult to figure out. The way the picture is cropped it makes it look like her friend has a giant black hand.

  26. You know, when I’m in my room, naked, looking in the mirror for whatever reason, people don’t come in. In fact, people don’t come in even when I’m clothed. What kinda sick little girl opens a door, sees someone is naked, and then just walks in and takes a picture in the mirror? It’s not like she couldn’t see her there.

  27. yeah she’s just a little hard to miss! I like shaydee’s idea.

  28. @polsvoice: It must be such a common occurrence that she didn’t even think twice.

  29. I figured it was what shaydee said…it’s pretty jacked up. Though I think it’s funnier that this turned into mocking her horrific modeling skills.

  30. pols brings up a good point … anyone naked?

  31. I don’t grow rape, I spread it downtown.
    First one is a terrible photobomb. Captain hook would have been way cooler.
    Third one was her one night stand just getting out of bed, she just happened to put herclothes back on from the night before. Now she can check whale off her furry list, though it’s not really furry-ish at all.
    Second one, I give you props for deciding on using a knife to kill yourself instead of a gun. I mean, that -is- his pre-suicide photo, right?

  32. What’s with the pale hippo in the background? More importantly, why is the photo taken in a mirror?

  33. holy hell, apologize for yourselves

  34. the first one’s pretty easy. its supposed to be because there’s a GINORMOUS black hand seemingly crawling out of nowhere onto the chick’s shoulder. Obviously we know its the guy on their left’s hand, but the way its cropped you don’t notice him right away.

  35. Ok sorry if someone said this already but the mystery hand is actually a black guy who is too black and blends into the night haha u can make him barely. Look closely u can see the white logo on his hat.

  36. at first i struggled to see what was wrong with the last picture, because i’m italian. in italian rape means turnips…

  37. Anyone else see skid marks on that bare mattress….you’d think they’d atleast throw a sheet over that thing. I’m a little scared to begin analyzing the rest of that tornado-mess of a room.

  38. Holy crap, there are no words for the craziness that is number 3…

  39. 3 is Manbearpig.

  40. Pic 3: I’d hand over 5 bucks to find what the hell has been going down in that room.

  41. #20 it’s not constipation… ;-)

  42. I think she’s either fat or preggers, but otherwise I find that picture to be absolutely baffling. Not even Sherlock Holmes would be able to tell wtf is happening.
    ‘Is it elementary, my dear Holmes?’
    ‘No Watson, these are some fücked up bítches and no mistake.’

  43. lol Sherlock Holmes

    Srsly, WTF…

  44. mad2, I don’t know for a fact but surely it’s the abdomen not the FAT ASS that expands? unless in her case that’s where the baby is going to come out

  45. Saffer, I was referring to the standing girl. I am not sure what is going on with the… I’m not sure what is on the bed.

  46. Why is everyone ignoring the brilliance of Number 2? Nothing says “Gimme your wallet or Ima fuck you up, blood” like multi-coloured tweety pies. Or, maybe he just sustained a head injury and the little birds are flying round his head to denote confusion?

    Also, @green – EXCALIBUR!!

  47. “Rape” might be short for “rapeseed”, which is another name for canola. It’s also Italian for “turnips”, but I don’t think this is the case.

    Still funny, though.

  48. Maybe it’s a field where you can get raped by Italian turnips. I like things that combine other things to make one amalgamated thing.

  49. @dddtl – if the girl in the mirror had taken the picture while she was facing…let’s say, a wardrobe, instead of a mirror – then all the image would have shown is a picture of wood.

    Which is ironic really because that’s exactly what I got when I saw that image of the back fat-bingo-wings on that man/woman/bear/pig

  50. Loma… LOL…
    Word… i will contribute to the cause…

  51. #1 is an allusion to “once you go black you never go back”…that’s why she’d want to touch herself with that hand.

  52. Is it just me or is there a ballerina on the calendar in #2 ?

  53. It’s supposed too look like the chick in the striped shirt has her own giant black man hand on her friends shoulder. Which is why the comment of “i bet u like to touch yourself w/ that hand” is high~larious! Aye yi yi… don’t know how that wasn’t obvious?….

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