Monday, June 7, 2010

Back on the Markets

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  1. first

  2. fuckin’ lol. must be fake.

  3. This is awesome. This is lamebook in all its glory.

    And anyone planning to buy clothes from what will be Kim’s former place of employment had better check them for stains before purchase.

  4. Now don’t ruin it for us, libbyt.

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    Well Kim may have only gotten fingered, but in the end, she got fucked.

  6. @commentsatlarge – lol well said :)

  7. PeanutButtercup

    Ahahah, beautiful.

  8. This made my day! Yay lamebook!

    I’m secretly jealous, I never got any action at my places of employment. Maybe I should consider a change in careers. Hollister, here I come! Don’t worry word, I’ll wash up before touching the merchandise.

  9. ee, I’d buy the clothes if they had memories of you on them.

  10. gutted

  11. lol word, maybe I won’t wash up then! Just for you though.

  12. I don’t know about other gals on here, but I despise the term “fingered”.

  13. I’m curious, word, what is your term of preference? Diddled? I.. can’t think of any others.

    eenerbl, you still have to sell your soul, and your sense of smell, before working there. Ugh.

  14. robotninjazombiebear

    loving this one. she’s probably all of 18 years old.

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  16. Kim sounds like a giant slut.

  17. I think my company needs to hire Kim.

  18. CommentsAtLarge


    Hand lovin’? Making finger puppets down below?

  19. CommentsAtLarge

    and thanks cupid ;)

  20. ROFL That is so a win on Richard’s part. I think Kim is a bit in the closet about who she wants to be with, but yet again, Lamebook has come to the rescue. Where would we be without you Lamebook?

  21. Much better, Comments.

  22. Dude, she works for Hollister and presumably these were her Abercrombie buds… I’d think acceptable work behavior would be going all the way.

  23. CommentsAtLarge


    Well I do aim to please…

  24. Please, please me.

  25. Wow. There’s a straight guy who works at Hollister? No fucking way.

  26. lol Comments @ making finger puppets down below! Gotta love those bunny ears!

  27. Morons will never learn..

  28. Would people prefer the word “fingerbanged” instead of fingered? I do.

  29. I would finger her in the back area, the front area as well if she liked.

  30. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ word I’m also not a fan of that term..

  31. @sosegado, I have now got the Fingerbang song from South Park stuck in my head!!!

  32. fingerbangbang.. bangbang


  33. Here comes the SHOCKER!

  34. fingerBANG her job died.

  35. Btw ee, you don’t necessarily have to change careers. I would be glad to come visit you at work instead.

    Also, i’m convinced Erica just wants to use this as an excuse to have Kim eat her out at work so she can keep her job. That’s the only good thing management positions are good for in a retail store.

  36. I have a feeling that’s one of your pleasures nuff. You seem to be one for surprises. Nothing like a little volt to get her going.

  37. I’m sure you would nuff!

  38. Sorry Richard, but that dude was me. Kim was just so skilled in the art of seduction.

  39. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Well considering the general darkness and loud music of Hollister’s everywhere, along with the sleazy club atmosphere, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

  40. Lamebook delivers :D Stuff like this is why we’re here.

    #7, PeanutButtercup, you reckon the moral is here not to add your boss? :P I’d go more for ‘don’t let some knob in a Hollister shirt finger you in the storeroom when you’ve gor a boyfriend… and then invite him to a party with a big group of other Hollister guys who know your poorly fucking hidden secret and don’t mind telling him because they’re not horrile horrible people… and then don’t add your boss on Facebook.’

    Okay, so it’s not ‘slow and steady wins the race’ but it works, okay? Jesus, stop moaning.

  41. @word, very nice Smiths reference. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that when people say please lol.

    Totally proof of karmas existence. Kim cheats, then gets fired for it.

  42. @Hobo that’s probably what her coworker kept telling her in the back.

  43. I knew it! I always knew people who worked at Hollister were pricks…now I know why.

  44. I’ve found in my experiences that most women don’t like the word “fingered”….
    If you ladies can give me some suggestions, because i’ve tried using the term “hand-blast” or slippin’ her a snack size Kit-Kat, and those have met with little success as well…..

  45. twiddle? personally i like fingered. it sounds nice and dirty.

  46. Sucks to be that girl…

  47. Is funny :-D

  48. I use the term “fingered” or something close to it (with a swear word attached). I’ll have to start asking if it is truly disliked, or if it’s just certain people here.

    With all the “stuff” that “certain” people “here” seem “to” talk “about”, I “find” it “funny” that “the” term “fingered” is “so” offensive, “though”, or even just disliked that much.


  49. @lex… very good xD

  50. hahaha hilarious. never add your boss… also you should probably defriend your ex as well.

  51. agree with myjobisthesuck….took care of the ex-purging the first day.

  52. lol

  53. @robotninjazombiebear, ewwwwwe!
    @NoLongerTroll, ewwwe too!
    @wordpervert & @iddjit, maybe you could call it ‘getting fired’ :)

  54. Gotta say I’ve never liked the term “fingered” either. Strangely enough I feel much more comfortable saying “I fucked X” than “X fingered me.” It just sounds… grubby.

  55. Kim, you’re a filthy wench!

  56. I prefer “stimulated digitally” I used to like finger fucked but now that I have grandbabies I have to speak in code.

  57. really professional Erica. deal with it on facebook status thread why don’t you. that’s why you’re the manager at Hollister you retard. they’re all retarded for each other!

  58. Haha, the Kim one was golden.

  59. Um Nikita, the Kim one is the ONLY one in this post…

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