Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Time!

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  1. i wonder if tiana takes bets on her goldfish races?

  2. Oh my God! She wants to race a baby! Please do not let her breed.

  3. That must be awesome , racing babies , a new breed of supercreatures that can race at 6 months but will unfortunately never learn how to write properly …

  4. Ohhhh, so Belinda is PLANNING to have a baby, in order to stop smoking. No pregnancy yet, but soon. She is also addicted to water, so she is planning to contract rabies, as it’s the only way she knows of to give up drinking it (ya know, without all the tablets and patches and shit).

  5. krasivaya_devushka

    Racing a baby…lol wow!
    And how do you compare raising a baby to having a fish or a dog?

  6. soo…she’s planning to quit something that takes over your life and costs loads of money by…doing something else that will take over her life and cost loads of money?

  7. I’ve never raced my babies… maybe I should start! don’t think the newborn would fair well but my toddler can get a bit of speed going when he runs!

  8. Re-read Belinda’s statement, she’s not having a baby, just using pregnancy to quit smoking. Assuming she’ll abort it eventually. Yikes!

  9. Ok Tiana (nice name) and Belinda are stupid bitches.


  10. Once Belinda has a kid, she’s gonna be so sick of it that she’ll need to find a way to quit it, also.

    Maybe she’ll take up drinking or “dumpster tossing” as a way to quit that motherhood addiction.

  11. She might abort, there has been scientific studies into hormonal effects during pregnancy with regard to cravings and changes in habit and taste, in one group they found that women who were asked to quit smoking at 4 weeks stayed off after aborting at 10 weeks, where as the control group who were told they were pregnant and asked to quit had a 70% failure rate.

  12. I don’t understand, why did Belinda get confused as to why people were congratulating her when she said she was going to have morning sickness.. retard. And I wonder what kind of track Tiana used to race her goldfish.. or perhaps she shrank herself and used a mini submarine..

  13. yea, because taking care of a goldfish is soooo the same as “racing” a baby…

  14. Not really interested in the baby racing, goldfish loving, half wit, spunkcan up top, the real interest here is Belinda.

    Belinda you’re going the wrong way about giving up smoking, the kid will only grow up, become un-cute and argumentative leading you to take up the habit again.

    Instead stop breeding and peform a tracheotomy on your throat..this will make smoking too much of a fuck around to bother with and as an added bonus give you a sexy husky voice and an alternative fuck hole.

  15. Yeah it sounds like Belinda is pregnant just to quit smoking and then will abort when she’s had her fill of hormones. What a disgusting waste of space.

  16. That Belinda is a piece of work. Skank! I hope she keeps on smoking and does the world a favour when she dies of cancer.

  17. 4 all 24 years of my life, I been wanting to be literate for like a long time.

  18. So Tiana’s been wanting to have a child since she was a toddler? That’s kind of weird…

  19. OK, here are 2 examples of why IQ tests should be required for breeding … these two should have been sterilized.

  20. @draeggs: you’re so right. i always say: you need a license to drive but anyone can have a baby.

  21. I completely agree with Tianas peeps.. You should really have a pit crew ready before racing any baby.

  22. @18 That really isn’t too unusual. Lot’s of little girls pretend they have babies (especially if they have younger siblings) and wish that they could have a baby of their own (not just a doll).

  23. More of us need to realize that “Idiocracy” is actually a 90-minute PSA.

  24. I really wish I could find Belinda’s Facebook, I’m sure there continued to be some questionable updates.

    Who knew over 500 people could be named Narelle.

  25. Ughs… and once again, the topic of children brings out the “you should be sterilized!” comments. Let them breed, I don’t care… my future daughter, Violet McOwles will need someone to pump her gas polish her space boots and park her hovercraft.

  26. I could’ve sworn I put a comma between gas and polish. Maybe the future will have gas polish, idk.

  27. belinda. is. a. whack-job.

  28. Oh my Tiana and Belinda should be happy this computer is holding me back, because all I want to do is bitch slap them on the side of the head.

  29. Bitch slap their ovaries instead cupid!

  30. Did #1 race 4 goldfish against 2 dogs? Or were they raced within each species. I honestly don’t think I would have enough stamina to race goldfish, and I have a little girl . . . She should definitely reproduce SOON!

  31. meh

  32. angel on the sideline

    how exactly would one go about racing a goldfish?? would there be a track???

  33. In the rat race we call “lyfe” Tiana is a massive FAIL.

  34. Don’t sterilize the morons, get the smart ones to breed more!

  35. Found Belinda’s profile! Looks like all she does all day is play Farmville and have people bitch at her…

  36. TylerDurdenUMD

    It’s getting to the point I can’t even comment on the stupidity anymore.

  37. And people wonder why I’m starting to believe you should have to apply for some kind of permit or whatever in order to get kids so morons like those 2 couldn’t ruin some poor kids life. Ugh.

  38. I think the people in Tiana’s life are trying to tell her something…hmmmmm what could it be?

  39. PeanutButtercup

    Bahaha, love you mcowles :)

  40. Tiana…..dont listen to them, just go for it, then you can join me in the whinging, crying, spew and shit filled heaven which is motherhood….do it, you and your limited spelling and vocabulary deserve it!!!!

  41. pandainspandex

    @ 33 (RacingBabies)- Don’t you mean baby race we call life?

  42. Oh God, tell me I read that wrong. Tell me she’s not getting pregnant, to give up smoking, to then abort the baby. I don’t even have views on abortion (too much effort for me) but that’s fucking awful.

    Am questioning why her reply was pretty much ‘fucking haters always got something to say’ despite everyon congrtulating her on such a fucking disgraceful idea.

  43. I’m on your side Tiana. Racing a baby is the trend these days and obviously the haters haven’t caught up with the present times yet.

  44. is there big money in racing babies?

  45. frogsandsticksandshit

    Ben is here! The question remains which Ben???

  46. We need Belinda to clarify what she means. No one would go through a pregnancy just to quit smoking, surely. That’s just ridiculous.

  47. rebarbativebecc

    Wait so is Belinda pregnant…and is going to stay pregnant until she quits smoking and then get an abortion??

  48. Doesn’t Belinda know that babies are difficult to light? Also having a baby is a much more antisocial habit than having a cig, although the negative passive effects of babies on innocent members of the public have not yet been scientifically measured.

    She really hasn’t thought this through.

  49. @angel on the side, I actually knew a guy who raced goldfish. When I worked at PetSmart, a guy would come in every couple of weeks to buy the 10 cent ones. He said he made pretty good money from the bets he’d take.

    @opera, if you’re not kidding, you should email me the link or something. It’s like reading someone’s diary, I really, really want to.

  50. This makes me sick to my stomach. I’m pro-choice, but damn… I never even imagined someone doing something so despicable.

  51. Holy shit at how mad everyone on this site gets about everything. It’s a little funny, but mostly sad. Can’t we all just enjoy the posts without cyber-shoving our opinions down other people’s throats?

  52. @suzanne88, I’m not sure who you’re mad at for cyber-shoving, but I think it’s a perfectly rational response to be mad at someone for using pregnancy to quit smoking.

  53. Gordonfan24rocks

    to tiana, i think no one wants to get u pregnant is due to the fact that 1, ur a lil young, 2, the way ur talking is not goin to be a good influence on ur children, and 3, no one wants their kids to have the same if not a lower I.Q. than u do… And to belinda, id be suprised if u wernt a redneck…

  54. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Gordonfan24rocks – I counted 17 mistakes in your comment. People in double-wide trailers really shouldn’t throw stones.

  55. hitmewithyourrhythmvic FTW!

  56. Belinda’s gotta be a fake…

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