Friday, October 16, 2009



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  1. Actually, that is frickin’ funny. Made me laugh out loud, for real.

  2. must have pine nuts on it…..

  3. Again, maybe I am just a grumpy sod, but I fail to see the awesome-ness here.

    Two fuzzy lumps. We are told it is a squirrel eating some pizza. This is somehow hilarious.

    Unless this is an incredibly meta lamebook entry, and the lameness is actually the comments of the people who whack off over the hilarity of this sub-lolcats crap.

  4. Fuck, that came out a lot angrier than I meant it to.

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah Ben, you have made me laugh all day. I like angry-sounding grumpy sods ;-)

  6. someone needs to lighten up

  7. Personally, I might laugh at the posting a little if a friend of mine had done it, I also admit to being a huge nerd though too. Ben’s angry rant though, now THAT’S what made this awesome! :D

  8. I don’t get this one bit. Someone please explain.

  9. Haha ben, stop being so angry all the time! You make me laugh

  10. lamebook fail

  11. I thought it was a small hen sitting on a rock at first…I’m not really sure why

  12. Hahahahhahaha oh stupid Ty, oh Ben…. <3

  13. LULZ! A hen on a rock! AWESOME!!!11! OMFG ROFLcopter xxx

  14. I saw a cat eat a squirrel once.

  15. Why would you torment people with a picture that cannot be figured out without questions? I’ve seen two-year olds’ art that has more definition.

  16. I think it’s supposed to be lame/awesome because of Keith.

    Fairly amusing but not great.

  17. that’s pretty funny. seeing a cute squirrel eating pizza is nice when it’s friday and you just got to work really hungover.

  18. My name is Boz and I approve of this picture.

    No, seriously though, that’s fucking kewl.

  19. Sorry. I live a hard life. I never smile. I am a total downer to all around me. I have no sense of humour and hate to see other people laughing and having fun. Somebody just run me over with a bus already.

  20. Ben, I love you.

  21. I have a cell phone picture of a squirrel getting eaten by a hawk on my campus I find much more awesome.

    Evil campus squirrels.

  22. @18 is not me.

    Also, squirrels are always awesome.

  23. Hahahaha! Hilarious! It’s always really funny to pretend you’re someone else and post things that they would never say! You, sir, are a comedy genius. I might pass out from the excitement at the way you’ve totally burned me.

    Fuck off.

  24. Ben is our King. (Weasley is not)

  25. A squirrel eating a pizza is definitely awesome. It’s as kewl as a dog wearing sunglasses, which is THE SHIT.

  26. Ahem. Dogs playing poker is better. As are otters dressed as pirates.

  27. @Ben

    Dood you are so right! Dogs playing poker IS THE SHIT!!!

  28. Cute. :)

    At first I thought it was a rock.

  29. MannequinSkywalker

    I fucking love squirrels AND pizza! Best thing I’ve seen all day.

  30. Let’s see if this works.

  31. Totally

  32. Rainy days and Ben always get me down.

  33. @31

    Let’s see if THIS works… heh.

  34. I have a picture of a squirrel eating a waffle.

    I win.

  35. @mad

    pizza > waffle

  36. Dear Keith,

    Why, yes! Yes, it IS a picture of stairs! Now if you’ll direct your attention to the stop of those stairs, you’ll notice the rest of the picture…


  37. mags is lame

  38. this cracked me the hell up.

  39. brilliant hahaha

  40. I can’t stop laughing. ‘Is it stairs?’ hee hee heeee

    ‘No a squirrel eating a piece of pizza.’ hee heeeee

    And the picture is totally shit. The combination of the above is very funny. I get jokes.

  41. My dad severely injured a squirrel then decided to ‘put it out of its misery’ by decapitating it with a shovel. Oh, how we laughed.

  42. 22 is not me.
    I love making sexy time with animals.

  43. 43 is definately not me

  44. @Ben

    Thank you. You were the missing factor here!

  45. @ Boz
    I feel bad no one is talking to you **hugs** it’ll be ok, the voices will stop one day. ^_~

  46. @ Mea

    Thanks bitch

  47. Menace to Society

    it would make a good competition picture. “Best caption Wins”

  48. Ohohoho. Someone’s got me again, with one of their legendary pranks. Bazinga.

    Seriously, can’t you think of anything funnier or more original than posting as me and being harsh? I maybe rude and obnoxious and cranky, but I wouldn’t call someone bitch for no reason. Especially when they’re being nice to me.

  49. @Ben

    Shut up bitch

  50. this is amazing, I love it.
    And @ too soon
    epic win.


  51. I just lol’d.

  52. Squirrel pizza is
    not a very tasty dish.
    Wait, I’ve missed something…

  53. made me laugh~ :)

  54. @ big wiggly style

    Made it worth reading these comments! lol

  55. it’s funny because she didn’t see that it was a squirrel.

    it’s kind of obvious.

  56. HE didnt know it was a squirrel? Keith is generally a dude’s name, dumbass.

  57. I’ve always wanted to choke a squirrel to see if its eyes would pop out.

  58. @57.

    I can’t say I’ve choked a squirrel, but I have seen one get run over by a slowly reversing articulated lorry. I can confirm that its eye popped out, followed by a stream of brains…

    I have never been so ashamed to laugh in all my life.


  60. Looks like UofM

  61. This definitely looks like a picture from Eastern Michigan University’s campus.

  62. Seriously? Just because it’s a brick building and gray railings it must be your school?

  63. BEST POST EVER. For so many reasons I love it. x

  64. the comments are so much better than the post :L

  65. Ben is still funny. And not the fake Ben. He’s poopy.

  66. I thought it looked like a hen too…still kinda do.

  67. Excellent!

  68. Lol! That’s funny-especially how well it’s holding the pizza

  69. I love how Ty’s response has a strong undercurrent of “how is this not awesome?” XD

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