Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aw, Nuts

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  1. ben?

  2. aw poor squirrel :(

  3. SomeRandomChick

    A moment of silence please.

  4. god – I love facebook lol

  5. Is it ok that I’m jealous of Hunter’s handwriting?

    Definitely not something I would do but I think I’d be pretty happy if someone did that to a sidewalk I was on so I would be less apt to accidentally step on a dead squirrel…ew.

  6. take that squirrel, you got a stew baby

  7. i guess if you name a kid hunter, it better adapt a sense of humor! this made me laugh a whole bunch.

  8. I hate that I lol’d hard at this.

  9. Chewbacca shagger

    Mmm,roadkill pie.

  10. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I got a good chuckle out of this. I’m more impressed by the symmetrical heart he drew than his penmanship which is also pretty impressive… <3

  11. The Squirrel looks fake for some reason. Still funny though.

  12. That makes me wish I had chalk

  13. Truly, we can now all commemorate the moment this poor squirrel died.

  14. Toadette is the winner

    RIP mr. squirrel…you will be missed by all :(

  15. This seems so WRONG, but yet it is so FUNNY

  16. the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world, our next cartoon features slappy the squirrel!

  17. If anyone does not find this funny, they are Ben and Frodo’s offspring.

  18. Damn, is Hunter a boy or a girl? I’ve never met a female named Hunter, but that’s some excellent handwriting for a guy. That heart is so symmetrical too! Nice job. There are some crazy chalk artists at my school that write all kinds of protest and/or meeting announcements all over campus… I wish they did stuff like this.

  19. canadianinthehizzouse

    i’m surprised that a guy named Hunter has such girly writing and am i seeing things or did the squirrel take a shit after it died?

  20. canadianinthehizzouse

    or right before it died :P

  21. There is something wrong with the photo. If i were drawing the line around the squirrel i wouldnt put the chalk under its feet and its fur.

    And whenever I see dead squirrels on a path they usually look pretty messed up, like there is a good reason it ended up on the path (bike accident, dog, gun wound, etc).

  22. Really, Walter? You see a lot of squirrels with gun wounds on campus? Really?

  23. And which do you suppose is more probable- that a squirrel dies and is THEN run over by a bike, or that it is, in fact, killed by a bike. Hmm?

  24. Squirrels. Are we really are is squirrels.

  25. Yes Harriet, if that is in fact your real name, I do see a lot of dead squirrels, some of which have gun wounds, on the streets of Sydney.

    And when I conduct autopsies on said squirrels, I find that, statistically, if I find the squirrel on a street or path it has usually been killed by a person or dog, ie crushed organs caused by a tire, or gun shot wound, or bite marks. I also find that if I find a dead squirrel in the grass next to a tree or up in a tree dead in its nest, that it usually has died from natural causes.

  26. Are suggesting the squirrel is still alive and just played dead for the photo in an attempt to make it into a Lamebook post? Crazy squirrel.

  27. And when I conduct autopsies on dead squirrels, I find that, statistically, if I find the squirrel in my microwave or stove it has usually died from overheating.
    I also find that if I find a dead squirrel on my plate next to some potatoes, that it usually tastes like chicken.

  28. jeronimus, you are a crazy, disgusting, goddamn freak! Everyone knows that you serve squirrel with rice or pasta, not potatoes!

  29. Walter, not that I’m saying you don’t know what you’re talking about, but on college campuses, dead squirrels on sidewalks are not uncommon. You won’t see them all over the place (colleges are pretty good at cleaning up things like that quickly), but it’s not uncommon for the tree in which a squirrel lives to be right next to a path. On my campus, “sidewalk” is usually synonymous with “next to a tree.”

  30. NOOOOO! Not the squirrels! They are such a endangered species! This is cruel!

    By far the funniest picture. Whoever took this had a funny sense of humor and I’d like to drink a beer with her!

  31. We have those weird little bricks with the circular buttons like those in the bottom left-hand corner at Penn State…I think the picture must have been taken here! I wish I had seen that squirrel…

  32. Just noticed it was on a guy’s facebook.

    Does he just love hearts and have some super girly handwriting?

  33. Look, my lies may be drawing attention from the real issue here. And that issue is that that squirrel is MY stuffed squirrel that was stolen from my house last Saturday. I want Squidgy back NOW!

  34. I logged in to mention the girly handwriting on a dude but then I remembered there is a soap actress named Hunter Tylo. She’s been on soaps since the mid-80s, unfortunately long enough to give a few people the idea to name their daughters Hunter. So I guess even though I’m disappointed at the idea of the handwriting belonging to an actual girl, I am relieved to know the naming girls Hunter thing didn’t take off.

  35. All very rodent CSI, I like it.

    Wednesday, yes that Hunter Tylo person is in that soap “Bold and the Beautiful”, and no, I don’t watch that piece of shit.
    She’s been in it since the beginning, and I think she’s died a few times, and come back to life, or something very realistic like that.

    She’s had that much botox and other plastic work, that she now looks younger than she did in the beginning.
    But not in a good way.

    I wouldn’t name my kid Hunter. I wouldn’t her taunted because of the B&B connection.

  36. Feeling miserable, I have a head cold, and the “l” on my keyboard is fucked, so it’s taking me twice as long to type, so I think I’m done for the day.

  37. Of course a kid named Hunter would dabble in dead animal art.

  38. I am wondering whether dead animal art is the only thing Hunter is dabbling in. Dead animal n-something?
    That may explain the heart and general memorial overkill.
    How does one autopsy a squirrel to check for that?

    And I aint eating it after someone’s messed with it like that.

  39. I couldn’t actually tell it was a squirrel til i read the caption….don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a live one.
    But, somehow, this picture has inspired me to now carry chalk around in my pocket just in case I have the urge to create some amazing art

  40. Chewbacca shagger

    It is/was a large squirrel.I haven’t seen any that large but in oz, not surprising.
    On the hand writing thing though, i can write on cakes (it is what i was trained to do, goddammit) absolutly perfectly but on paper my hand writing is average at best.
    @ Walter Sobchak, ” gun wounds, on the streets of Sydney”, I really dont believe you. Wanker. Sydney is full of stray cats and junkies but not sqirrels.

  41. There’s no squirrels in Sydney. They were introduced, at one point, but they’ve been eradicated now. I think the only place in Australia that you’ll find any feral squirrel populations is Perth, but it’s a bit dubious.

  42. yep,no squirrels in Sydney. There was a feral colony at Taronga, but I believe they were eradicated..

    Poor wordperve.. still alot of I’s in that sentence for a buggered key…

  43. The funny part is, ants won’t cross a line of chalk, so Hunter just kepth them from their dinner. Notice them sniffing(? I’m not sure how ants realize there is chalk in the way) around the edge.

  44. i don’t know about your campus, but on my campus i wouldn’t go near the fucking thing. They were brutal, and would steal stuff out of your hands. Pretty sure that they also were addicted to nicotine, by the amount of cigarette butts they ate.

  45. chewy, are you really that dense? Not only did I imply that I wasn’t being serious – by claiming that I actually climb trees and find dead squirrels in nests in a place I named specifically where there are no squirrels, I then ALSO in post 33 directly said that I had been lying.

  46. This is not lame. This is hilarious.

  47. Never forget.

  48. Now this is why I should always carry chalk. Never forget. x

  49. lol

  50. Lesson for the day: too many nuts in your mouth can lead to this.

    For some reason, I hear military funeral horns.

  51. The Salmon Mousse

    Screw 9/11, we have 4/8 now. Priorities!

  52. It must have been ‘squaids’
    For reference look it up on youtube, Ray William Johnson will tell you all about that.

  53. What would we do without people like that? :D

    @ Ceasar
    Ray William Johnson is a legend! :P

  54. OMG I KNOW HIM! (Yes people, Hunter is a boy.) His handwriting isn’t girly, he’s an artist- an amazing one!


  55. what a sick fuck- bury the poor thing already!

  56. Thats hilarious! Rofl I just choked on my coffee.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  57. Elixabeth, cut it out. You’re annoying. And you failed Inspiration 101.

  58. .

  59. Ok. This is awesome. This girl with the chalk wins 50 internets.

  60. I wish I had a camera…I would go around taking pictures of road kill & dead animals…Does that make me sick or just weird?

  61. Vegetarian.

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