Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Wrap-Up

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  1. Hello back to you.

  2. ooo that’s embarrassing.

  3. anyone want to explain kenzies situation to me? im having a bit of a blonde moment.

  4. The way I read it, Kenzie’s friends made everyone think she was pregnant. But that may not be right, because she seems to have one hell of an overreaction to that.

  5. The last one was simply amazing.

    I am damn confused about Kenzie’s situation too.

  6. My girlfriend once pulled the April Fool’s fake pregnancy trick, but I got back at her by pretending to be an abusive boyfriend and throwing her down the stairs. Oh how we laughed and laughed.

  7. We have to card reader doors out of our office area. I put a sign on the inside of both the doors that said it was out of order… I did this about 2 when people were starting to go home… I enjoyed watching people walking up and down the area trying to figure it out, good times

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lol soup that was great

  9. Maybe Kenzie was considering getting an abortion?

  10. @Soup that was awesome.

  11. *yes!*

  12. I am assuming it is Kenzie’s second worst day because the first worst day was the day she found out she was pregnant. She was going to get an abortion, but made the mistake of telling Alex and Tori, who outed her.

  13. Soup , I love you.

  14. @Soup…that was laugh out loud funny. Thank you

  15. @Soup: I genuinely loled.
    Or… lol. That makes more grammatical sense or whatever the fuck.

    Kenzie’s REALLY confuses me. At first it seemed like Kenzie had told her friends a lie about her baby, because Tori said ‘I know it is convenient you chose to tell everyone today.’
    But then Kenzie speaks like those two have played a prank on her. Even though somebody else said ‘congrats’ before either of them…
    I think Kenzie’s situation is that she IS pregnant, but getting an abortion or giving it up for adoption or something, and maybe… they pretended she had said she was keeping it instead, when she isn’t.
    Or something.

    Fuck, my head hurts. Lamebook, at least post statuses that are easy to understand for idiots like me.

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    Jessica, way to remind everyone (including people that didn’t ACTUALLY know before) about a horrible moment for you. I felt bad for you for a sec. until I realized you could have kept your yapper shut and it would have gone by without a word.

    Apparently, that’s a hot button issue for Eric. He must love him some interwebs…

  17. Seriously? Who makes an April fools about cancer? Come on, it’s no exactly laugh a minute stuff.

    Hmm, I originally thought Kenzie wasn’t preggers and it was all a joke, but now I’m thinking along the abortion route too. Tho if alex is her boyfriend, which was the impression that I got, he could have been just a liiiittle bit more supportive.

    Started to think I’d lost my sense of humour today as I found none of these funny, and then I read Soup’s comment.

    Thank you, Soup, for restoring my faith in myself.


  18. I know jessica and I remember when this happened
    no need to feel bad for her, she totally deserved it
    @soup you made my day.

  19. Pretty sure Kenzie’s FRIENDS were the ones April Fooling her.

  20. hootie the blowfish

    @CommentsAtLarge If what Eric was pissed about were real, I’d be pissed off about it to. Really pissed. But I’m also not stupid enough to believe it is happening (yet!).

  21. MsBuzzkillington

    Does Steve has cancer for reals or not? What if it wasn’t an April fools joke?! aaah.

    I will have to agree with the people who said that Kenzie’s fiends were the ones playing a prank on her. They got all her friends to believe she was pregnant (when she is not) and that would explain her reaction to “today my life sucks.”

    Also, does Eric not pay a monthly bill for the internet, or what?

    And I agree Soup’s comment should be the comment of the day. Made me laugh.

    aaaand John’s WOULD have been funny if he didn’t Post it, then a second later say april fools and then a second later take a snap shot of it.

  22. I got the impression Kenzie meant April Fool’s day was her second most hated day in the sense of ranked yearly holidays. Like, Valentines day could be her most hated day, and April Fool’s is her second.

    Her gross overreaction could be down to the fact she’s ‘pregnant’ every April Fool’s, or she has horrendously strict parents who now believe she is with child and have grounded her till she’s 35 and made an appointment for her to get a chastity belt fitted as soon as Easter Weekend is over.

  23. I hate lamebook things that I don’t understand. DELETED!

  24. Eric is an asshat, and I feel sorry for Jessica, nobody deserves that.

  25. LOL @ Soup. Priceless!

  26. LoL, <3 Soup

  27. @ Soup –
    The only thing that would make that story awesome is if you played your prank on her BEFORE you found out she was joking.

  28. I too am confused about Kenzie’s situation. What the hell is up with that? I hope whoever submitted it comes and explains it to us.

    @MsBuzzkillington totally agree about John’s post, would have been cool if he wasn’t so lame about it.

    Also, I agree with everyone that Soup’s comment was hillarious!

  29. Oh and, @ Elle Bee

    I totally agree with you – the only thing I laughed at was Soups comment.

  30. Hurrah for Soup!

    Kenzie has made my brain hurt.

    Eric is indeed an asshat. Though to be fair to him, he said he’s a Sun reader(it’s a British tabloid) and Sun readers are not renowned for their cognitive aptitude.

  31. Bugger. Clearly my cognitive aptitude has deserted me, or I’d’ve remembered to hit the space bar before typing that open bracket.

  32. Eric, Don’t you already pay for internet, anyway?

  33. I think John is funny.

  34. What if Steve DOES have pancreatic cancer>

    Food for thought.

    Or something. Is that even a real saying?

  35. Kenzie pranked everyone by saying she was pregnant on April Fools. They all realised what she was doing and they pranked her back and made her look like a tit. 🙂

  36. Had to register so that I could let Soup know that I totally bow down to his awesomeness!

  37. @soup, awesome!

    You have to love the ambiguous posts that Lamebook gives us. Is it this? Is it that? Who knows?

    John’s rocked! Loved it!

  38. to clear things up:

    – kenzie, alex and tori are best friends
    – all three of them, including alex are girls
    – thus, alex is not kenzies boyfriend hahha
    – kenzie is not actually pregnant
    – for april fools alex and tori hacked her facebook and hotmail and made everyone think that kenzie was pregnant
    – tori and alex also sent out baby shower invitations for kenzies “pregnancy”
    – there was also a facebook event for kenzies baby shower
    – we dont know how this prank got on lamebook, but we are loving life

    – alex

    ps. @soup… your fucking hilarious

  39. I like how if you click on soups link, and fix the obvious typo of alcoholism, it takes you to a page that says it doesn’t exist. This proves there is no such thing as alcoholism, and people who drink too much are just fucking awesome.

  40. Black Cloud knows whats up.

  41. JesusOnADinosaur

    Holy shit alex, that was… something.

  42. I lol’d so hard at john. And wish i’d thought of doing that.

  43. Soup, you are one sick bastard, but I’d still make little Campbell’s with you. Although you already knew that.

  44. @alex ohhh thanks for that. Makes much more sence now.

  45. If the originally “Kenzie’s pregnant” status update had been posted, it would have made a LOT more sense. But still, it was great, makes me kind of wish I had friends who would hack my Hotmail/Facebook to make me lol

    And Soup ——> Just absolutely f’ing brilliant

    From a non-Sun-reading Brit xx

  46. *original, even

  47. Soup, Your hilarious originality never ceases to amaze me. When I think you have “Jumped The Shark”, you go and prove me wrong every time. I bow to your grace.

  48. the baby one is so incredibly messed up… and hilarious.

  49. Soup can you please stop posting on Lamebook so I never again face a situation similar to this one where I have to read through 35 comments worshipping the “brilliance” and “originality” of a throw-my-pregnant-girlfriend-down-the-stairs joke? What a bunch of tools.

    Thanks in advance dude.

  50. lol

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