Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another WINSday

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  1. I dont get Gemma’s comment :/

  2. Alex was asking for it.

  3. I love Alex’s friends!

  4. it’s on tv in Britain, like High School Musical but even more shite & they’ve brought out some cover versions of already crap songs, which for some inexplicable reason seem to be charting

  5. ^ glee, in case you wondered what I was rambling about

  6. I do always wonder why people would click “like” on their own status, kind of weird…we know you like it or else you wouldn’t have f**kin’ wrote it for everyone to see =)

  7. Thanks Hobbes… Figured it was some show reference that I missed

  8. Nathan sounds like he knows his limitations. Dead girls don’t run, criticize, tell everyone how lousy a lay you are or talk behind your back about your small penis.

  9. Sounds like Alex & his mates are a bunch of wankers

  10. Alex is a whiny little worm. Instead of being a baby ’cause his friends “ruined” his status update, he should be thankful that he has friends and they bother to read his status update.

  11. and give him helpful advice yaya!

  12. Alex’s friends… covering all the essential tips for male masturbation.

  13. I’d rather know Alex’s friends than shake hands with him.

  14. We think alike eenerbl.

  15. Not quite… I’d add- make sure shades are closed and delete history and temp folders… Oh and make sure there is none on your pants

  16. lol @eenerbl. As in Nathan, faster hun, no a little more to the left, etc?

  17. ah, you meant whiny worm boy.

  18. On the other hand, no pun intended, those boys seem awfully knowledg

  19. damn last post should say: On the other hand, no pun intended, those boys seem awfully knowledgeable when it comes (again, NPI) to handling (NPI) self-incriminating evidence.

  20. Thank God us girls can do it without all the mess.
    Although I’m aware that some girls can have that issue.

  21. LOL@issue

  22. Has any guy here ever tried to masturbate with a banana peel?

    I’ve heard it’s very good… and no real clean up afterwards (just throw away the peel).

    Thoughts? (I’ve never done it… just heard about it)

    btw, haha@sad tissues instead of happy tissues

  23. Damn skippy wordpervert! Less mess.

  24. Yeah, all us girls have to is wash and hide the

  25. if one admits to carnal knowlege with a banana peel, one is exposed to accusation with regard to what was done with the banana.

  26. Well wouldnt you leave the banana in the peel while fucking it? I mean for that realistic squishy feeling

  27. :L:L nice comments on alex’s status lol

  28. @slimjayz: If a gudgud reminds you of the texture of a banana, you should seriously reconsider your standards. lol

  29. @ 28

    You’re talking to someone who like to slap titties.

  30. Slimjays, if the poon fucking feels like a banana there is something really wrong.

  31. Alex strikes me as potentially unworthy of his friends.

    I want to know the second half of Michael’s dream joke!

    Also why isn’t the initial P in his surname blurred out?

  32. The banana thing sounds right to me. Semi-hard quickly turning to mush. Oh, you meant…nevermind.

  33. What kind of asshole tells a joke and then makes his friends guess the punchline for almost half an hour? The answer to his little riddle is clearly “Michael P”.

  34. great minds nashntth.
    I dunno though, that seems like a lot of work. I always feel ashamed after fapping anyway. I don’t imagine that fucking a banana peel will make that much better.
    Plus, you have to eat the banana, knowing what you are going to do with it. The shame would be too much for me.
    And the practice would get expensive for the avid fapper.
    well I suppose I’ve run this subject into the

  35. Ahh. You guys are wonderful. The comments in regard to the LB post are by far much more hilarious than the post itself. This seems to happen quite often…

  36. I dont know… I will fuck the banana out of a peel and get back to you all on the authenticity

    It prob feels like this one loose rocker milf i nailed years ago :/

  37. Lol@ “this one loose rocker milf I nailed”.
    That’s hardcore.

  38. Whoa…

    the banana peel thing is the peel itself supposed to be slippery and soft, you squeeze/wrap it for the feeling of the inner good-good.

    I swear I haven’t done it before…… I saw it on an episode of Weeds.

    BTW, I saw a girl with a banana before, and the trick is to get a VERY green one. Not good to eat (not ripe yet), but they last a LOT longer before turning to mush…

    hmmm, maybe I should stop typing.

  39. He’s class all the way that slimjayz fella.

  40. I had an ex that was a restaurant manager… She was the one that opened up so got there before everyone else… She used to use the banana’s to take care of herself before anyone got there… Sometimes she’d then have it for breakfast and sometimes tossed it back with the others

  41. class is overrated…

  42. I assume this wasn’t the loose rocker milf.
    So, she was fucking bananas instead of you? Not sure if I would admit that openly.

  43. @slimjayz

    She must have been quite loose, been a very gentle lover, or used a condom, cuz I’ve seen the carnage created from banana sex toys and there is usually no “tossing it back in with the others” possible.

  44. No… I did that rocker chic just once and wasnt proud of it… Felt like I was fucking a banana

    And the ex gf told me that… It was before I met her… And so what if she was… If I’m not there and she needed some then why not… Not sure what I’d have to be embarressed about

  45. I dont know mcowles… I wasnt there… I was just repeating what I was told… She wasnt loose or gentle though… So not sure what to make of that

  46. Are you guys completely unafraid of crossing lines? Or do you honestly see the act of using a banana to please one’s self a sensible, controversial topic? Or an art, maybe?

  47. Oh its art lady… I strip to nothing but my black socks… I take a banana and sit down… Then I pretend the banana is giving me a lap dance while I scream ‘peel it baby’

    Finally i caress the banana, kissing as I gently pull back her skin exposing her delicious treat inside… mmmm, my memeber is throbbing with excitement

    If thats not art then I dont know what is

  48. @Lady Katara

    I know a woman that used a cucumber and then rinsed it off and made a salad for her family.

    I also know an awesome joke involving Jesus and Easter.

    So talking about eating a banana and “recycling” the peel isn’t really a big deal for me. And if I’m ok with the cucumber story, then I’d be a hypocrite to think badly of a woman that was trying to get an extra serving of fruits in her.

  49. Subtlety, thy name is Slimjayz.

  50. Hah. I wasn’t criticizing either of you. I am honestly curious. Personally, I enjoy crossing lines just to see how far I can get with certain people. That’s probably the main reason I find you hilarious.

  51. Necrophilia : it’s dead fun.

  52. Well Lady Katara… there’s no line within site here. So we either crossed it ages ago, or we never will.

    Either way, feel free to join the banana conversation. I think Slimjayz is “close” and might need a little more fap-fodder, if you know what I mean ;) .

  53. So mcowles, slim and lady are the only 3 survivers of a crash in the Atlantic… They find themselves alone on an island… They look for food and water, set up signal fires and wait for a rescue

    Well the days start to pass and ‘urges’ take over… Lady finds herself sleeping with both mcowles and slim… After a while she is so disturbed and feels horrible about what she is doing and she kills herself…

    Well this left mcowles and slim alone on the island… They waited for a rescue as more time passes… Soon ‘urges’ take over… But after a while they feel horrible about what they are doing

    So they finally bury lady

  54. All this talk has me wanting to drop into the fruit & veg market on the way home from work.

  55. Well word, just make sure you get more than a baby carrot

  56. If I had a nickel for every woman that offed herself due to having sex with me, and a penny for every one of them that I had sex with after the fact… and a dime for every body I buried… and a quarter for every necrophilic three-way I had with slimjayz… I’d have $5.17!!!!

    I’m sure it’s obvious how many of each I’ve done… so I won’t bother spelling it out for you.

  57. Well, Slim. You sure know the way to a woman’s heart.
    But, the only banana comment that comes to mind would likely turn a guy off. Unless they proceeded to take part in banana necrophilia. :( Poor banana.

  58. Of course I know the way to a womans heart… Thats where the good necrophilic fucking is

    Ok, I better get back to work… I’m starting to creep myself out

  59. I want a banana.

  60. I’ve found three different ways to get to a woman’s heart. They are about equally as effective as each other… some just require a bit more scooping.

  61. Here you go eenerbl

    And here is one for you mcowles

  62. Here you go eenerbl

  63. And here is one for you mcowles

  64. haha slimjayz, thanks! I’ll keep a mental picture for my planed events later this evening.

  65. Oooh. Nice pikcharzz.

  66. how long before slimjayz and mcowles start lookin’ like empty banana peels one to the other?

  67. alex’s friends, for the wank bank –

  68. Jonathan ftw man.

  69. Ahaha, Alex deserves it for doing a ‘sympathy’ FB post, wanting people to come ask what’s up.

  70. Got my cucumbers and bananas, I’m good to go for the evening!

  71. Wow, I’m beat. I just put my banana to good use wordpervert. Good luck with your stockpile! lol!

  72. It would take a complete idiot to expect anything different in response to Alex’s post. Alex is sure to have known about the consequences of his post.

  73. Whoa, is it too late to ask wordpervert and eenerbl for some fruit/vegetable comparisons?

    I’ve heard if you put an altoid inside the banana before you start, it adds some extra sensations to the experience…

  74. I’m going to leave it a mystery mcowles. But I did thoroughly enjoy myself last night! ;)

  75. You seem to know way too much about this fruity fetish nmcowles, hmmm…

  76. Excuse your name typo honey.

  77. insert clever name here

    53 kinda turned me on. Is that weird? Of course I’m picturing Mcowles as Kurt Cobain and slimjayz as Rupert Friend. Excuse me, I’m off to the produce section!

  78. @wordpervert

    Would you rather be with someone that seems to know way too much or someone that doesn’t know anything at all? (in general, not just about banana sex toys, haha)

  79. Is that a rhetorical question mc?

  80. haha, my friends and i always comment like that by ANYTHING ANYONE statuses XD

  81. Alex has some of the coolest friends ever! Awesome shit!

  82. Poor Alex :/

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