Friday, March 5, 2010

Another FANtastic Friday (Part 1)

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  1. Yeah guys, Mum said you don’t always die. :P Oh I laughed a lot.

  2. the megatron ones already got enough members, but i joined all the same… tempted to join the group for chris though, should be fun.

  3. interestingly enought, i joined the megatron group last night

  4. Benjamin must be the biggest idiot on the planet

  5. I love the Obama one!

  6. Oh, and Liza (what a lame ass name) you fail!

  7. Dang, it took me like a minute to understand what the last one meant. I feel stupid.

  8. BringYourOwnSun

    It takes a million people to give a kid some stupid name (of which she would likely picked something moronic anyway), but only a hundred thousand to have a dick cut off. Way to shoot for the stars there Chris.

  9. Jaybo. There is a big difference between ’100,000′, and ’1,000,000′. I know with all those zeros it’s tricky. This group has definitely not reached a milliom members. It’s a stupid group anyway, but whatever.

  10. I’ve decided Benjamin is 7 and already on his way to being an awesome Snopester, and trying to educate the masses to boot. Benji FTW

  11. ***million.

  12. Oh, and the last one made me giggle. It has been a slow day.

  13. Sorry Jaybo, KitKat270 is right…only about 10% of the way there, but pretty good for a couple days work. I joined…have YOU?!?

  14. It might be cool to be a fan, you get to blow around people’s documents and stuff.

  15. fair do’s, i can admit when im wrong…i really should actually look in future, but hey.

  16. Oh man, I immediately went and joined 2 of these groups. :D

    I almost want to have a baby now just so I can name it Optimus Prime.

  17. The last one is genius, some humour had finally arrived on facebook, yes!

  18. 4chan memes? In MY Lamebook? It’s more likely than you think.

  19. Haha Mean Girls quote for the pregnancy group.

  20. I’ll cut Chris’s dick off for 50,000 fans, or best offer. I won’t be undersold! If I can’t beat any advertised offer to cut Chris’s dick off, I’ll just do it for free!

  21. ok, i became a fan of my first thing on face book… Go megatron!!!

  22. I just joined the Megatron group, and so is everybody else, apparently. You can sit there and refresh the page, and it’s going up by about thirty people every time.

  23. LMAO “Dont have sex, you will get pregnant, and die” I laugh at how she is scared and doesnt realize its from a movie

  24. he * ^

  25. I’m rooting for Megatron!

  26. While I think it would be hilarious for a kid to be named Megatron because his/her mom made a stupid bet, I refuse to join a group where the admin uses caps lock all the time and can’t spell worth crap.

  27. wait wasn’t Megatron what Spanka named his johnson?

  28. obviously benjamin has never watched Mean Girls… haha.

  29. ahahahaha the last one is FANtastic

  30. How long till pedobears on here i wonder…

  31. Benjamin is probably joking. No one can be that dense. Can they…?

  32. Lies on facebook? INCONCEIVABLE!

  33. chickens dont clap


    you keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it mean.


  34. chickens dont clap


  35. Liza became a fan of Hypocrisy, THE BAND……they are a death metal band……

  36. Umm Tanks MissMetal for givig us the real meaning?

  37. I’m as liberal as they come, but the Obama one made me laugh. Humor is humor.

  38. Chris should aim higher, unless his dick doesn’t work or something. The last one is lame but funny, lol.

  39. Oh god it took me a while to get the last one, but what a win.
    i’m very slow in the morning i guess

  40. Benjamin is too cute. :)

  41. Benjamin; If you get pregnat and died, then you wouldn’t be able to ask your mom if that’s true, because she would be dead.

  42. then i must be incredibly slow as i still dont get the last one, some one explain – my head hurts.

  43. duh. got it.

  44. kiki, you retard ;)

  45. yeah i deserve that.

  46. @MissMetal: Don’t stand up for the girl. She chose to become a fan of a band whose name just makes it funnier. ;)

  47. I don’t understand. Is it masterbating with the fan?

  48. It’s becoming a fan – literally

  49. ok you guys are fucktards! my friend and i are the ones who joined that group and there is nothing humorous in joining that group. it’s a political statement! we don’t like obama! you all must be d*ckhead liberals who don’t know that he is a facist, communist, socilist liberal and is also ruining our country! He had fricken Mousie Dung ornament on his Christmas tree for goodness sakes at our WHITE HOUSE! If you dumbasses don’t know who that is look him up! Barack Obama is ruining our country! I seriously hate waking up and knowing he is president…you guys need to learn your history, what is truly going on in America and about your president before making outlandish remarks and posting stupid shit!

  50. Mousie Dung? Really?

    and how come no one can ever spell socialist right?

  51. I have a pretty good feeling that duckonarock is a troll. Not a chance in hell someone could actually be that stupid.

  52. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    HAHAHAHA Mousie Dung FTW.

  53. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Oh yeah, I’m instantly joining the Hypocrisy page. Not the band, the actual page for Hypocrisy. It’s the lubricant that keeps society rolling.

  54. HAHAHA LOL the last one is genius where is that from

  55. lol

  56. spammers suck

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