Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Always Remember?


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  1. Let’s just hope that Cath never votes…

  2. I don’t get it.

  3. Wow, that last comment just completely confirmed that she is an airhead. Does she live under a rock.

  4. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is who you are dying for.

  5. Time to hit the unfriend button.

  6. The Scarlet Pimple

    lol yah i no im a dum bitch. y do u ppl judg me?

  7. I guess this is why everyone makes fun of Americans around here. Sigh.

  8. Good lord. I wish Cath didn’t exist.

  9. Not only does Cath sound like she’s been living under a rock, but she seemes to have trouble comprehending the sombre tone of Michael’s update.

  10. *seems, goddammit.

    Spelling Nazi’s, fire away.

  11. i get the whole voting aspect…lets also hope she doesn’t procreate…

  12. TBF, why would anyone want to visit ‘Ground Zero’?

    If you lost someone in the attack then fine, but otherwise its really morbid.

    Spend your time making someone’s life better instead of being miserable about people you didn’t know.

  13. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Cath was recently released from Tora Bora

  14. Cath is the kind of person that makes a great politician, she’s fucking retarded!

    @The Scarlet Pimple: Why would you defend yourself on Lamebook Cath? The sheer stupidity you posses has intermolested me, so with that I’m going far away, lest you stupidity affect me further.

  15. I think this is fake. At least, I *hope* it’s fake.

  16. No, Cathy is from the future, soon there will be a Ground Zero theme park where you climb into one of two similar buildings and you fall to your death

  17. wtf is with all the commas being used as ellipses,,, i don’t understand,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  18. Vince from purchasing

    Seriously, I think it’s OK that Cath doesn’t know that ‘ground zero’ means the site of the twin towers. While I won’t argue that she initially thought of Hiroshima, there are many people who relate ‘ground zero’ with an event that ended a war and took over 100,000 lives, not with an event that was a pretext for starting a war and took 6,000 or so lives.

  19. So here’s pressuming Cath is an American middle aged woman.
    I am an Australian 16 year old and I feel like I know more about 9/11 then she does.

  20. What a retard

  21. Sadly, I’ve known a few people like Cath. They’re usually girls in their teens or twenties who care only about dating, fashion, and practically nothing else. And they aren’t ashamed or apologetic about their lack of “real” knowledge because they coast through life just fine (usually getting by on their looks), surrounded by their similarly superficial group of friends. Can’t stand them.

  22. Bless her, she just got her places muddled up and was thinking of the ‘Sorry We Had To Kill A Few Of Our Own So We Could Go To War For Oil’ Theme Park in Baghdad. Easy mistake to make.

  23. “No, Cathy is from the future, soon there will be a Ground Zero theme park where you climb into one of two similar buildings and you fall to your death”

    It’s probably wrong…but that made me LOL.

  24. If she weren’t so blatantly self-absorbed, I would give her credit for wondering WHICH ground zero was being referred to.

  25. Cath probably thought ground zero was code for ‘come and fuck me now, i’m horny!’.

  26. wow, Cath IS whom lamebook was made for!

  27. I think the Scarlet Pimple was joking, putting him/herself in Caths shoes to make a funny.
    If I’m right, I laughed.

  28. Oh my. The stupid in Cath’s post was so loud I can’t even hear myself think.

  29. I would say she might not be American as she says “I don’t care much for world news”. Still, it was pretty hard to avoid the constant media bombardment that went on for a week or so after the event. I’ve met people here who don’t know who our Prime Minister is, or who the American President is. These people are everywhere.

  30. The Scarlet Pimple

    erm, yeah…I’m not Cath.

    Thanks for realizing that, Finn.

  31. Emeleff – her looks will eventually vanish, and she’ll learn that she has nothing, because she’s coasted by on her looks. So let’s not fret, because at least we have substance, and will when we’re 60 and wrinkly! =)

    And Cath – a response to your “Why would I know that?” (Rather – y would i no that) – because a majority of the entire world does – myself included, NOT American – and I can probably bet that you ARE American.

  32. And here I thought when he said Ground Zero he meant Hiroshima. Woops.

  33. pb – um, don’t forget about all the other people that have died/are dying. Y’know, the brown people? It’s not just Americans getting killed.

  34. Lol owned stilly americunts

  35. silly even :D

  36. In my eyes the fail here is Michael and apparently most of the commenters for being so stuck up you don’t realize that 9/11, although a somewhat important event in world history, was really long ago. There are already what, two, three years of schoolkids that wasn’t even born when it happened. Not knowing what “ground zero” is is equivalent to not knowing where Napoleon used to live, or the names of the atomic bombs the US dropped once upon a time… Completely irrelevant in the big picture.

    You guys need to get over yourself. Cathy is a failure because she couldn’t be assed to even attempt spelling and punctuation, but not because of her lack of knowledge of trivia.

  37. Oh yeah , frank my man , so are u tellin me ” that somewhat important event in world history ” is not so important right now

    And i dun t think cath is a two, three year old skool kid
    Thank wise man

  38. Tell that to the friends and family members of the people who died on September 11, a whole eight years ago.

  39. This guy actually care about spell more than ppl dead hmmmmmm……good choice

  40. I somewhat agree with Frank. “Ground zero” commonly means a point where an explosion occurred.

  41. Vince from purchasing

    Spot on, Frank. 11/9 was a long time ago. More important things have happened since then, and a heck of a lot more people have died in other events. Michael needs to get over himself.

  42. Have tp agree with Frank… I mean seriously, it feels like Americas just keep going on and on and on and on about it as though it was the most tragic event in world history *ever*. It was pretty bad for sure, but I’d like for them to quit shoving it down everyone else’s throats and stop making it define them.
    Here in the UK, we had terrorist attacks, but we don’t go on about it all the time as if it was the most significant thing to ever happen.

  43. Wow, she doesn’t remember something from 8-9 years ago. THAT’S CRAZY

  44. “It was pretty bad for sure, but I’d like for them to quit shoving it down everyone else’s throats and stop making it define them.”

    It’s not all Americans, really, it’s more the republicans.

  45. Yeah recent posters, since 9/11 there has been so many other world-changing events (a whole 8 years ago, wow). Spain had it’s 3/11, and England had it’s 7/7.

    But most of all, Michael Jackson died. OMG!!!!!!!

  46. Part of why 9/11 is/was such a big deal to Americans is that there have been so few attacks of that magnitude on American soil, especially not in the last century or so. Add in the way it happened and where (the World Trade Center, as its name implies, was important to more people than just Americans, and NYC kind of thinks it’s the center of the universe too), and yeah, it’s going to stick in American minds and history books for a good long while.

  47. Which isn’t to say that terrorist attacks elsewhere were somehow not as bad or as devastating, just that they were slightly less uncommon, historically speaking, and therefore maybe not *quite* as shocking.

    I bet Cath will be able to tell people 8 years from now what she was doing when Michael Jackson died. It’s kind of about priorities.

  48. Errr people, the attack on the Twin Towers was one of the most significant events in world history and ranks slightly ahead of knowing where Napoleon lived (!?).

    @NicolaB 9/11= over 3,000 dead. 7/7=52 dead. Plus, don’t you think we obsess a little too much here in the UK about the 2nd World War? I think the septics can still mention it.

    Anyhow, what I actually came on here to say was… A short while after 9/11, Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) of the Spice Girls was told by Posh Spice and Sporty Spice that they had visited Ground Zero. Ginger’s reply? “Is that a new night club?”

  49. Why so serious?
    No one cares about America, other than Americans.

  50. Oh deary!

    septics still mention world war 2?
    You clearly didn’t listen in your history lessons. If you had, you may know that world war 2 was quite a big deal. I mean the name gives it away. WORLD war. If the result of said war had been different, the whole world that we live in now would be a complete mess.
    And your joke… I use the usage of joke loosly, was shit! Spice girl jokes?

    Yes 9/11 was a terrible event. And it obviously effected some more than others. I’m British, and honestly, one of the first things I thought when I saw what was happening was, “wow it’s like something from die hard”.
    This guy went to the site, put a status up about it, and some idiot had to go a show how retarded some people can be. Let’s just have fun with that.

  51. I really, really hope Cath is only 8 years old. She certainly types like it. And her last comment — you have to know when to quit people.

    Also, why doesn’t she have a full first name?

  52. @dontlook: Ouch! I worded my comment poorly – my bad. I meant the septics still bang on about 9/11, and we, the Brits, still give greater importance to WWII than other nations. It was intended as a ‘people in glass houses’ remark – don’t mock the US for remembering 9/11 when, rightly or wrongly, we still use WWII to define our Britishness.

    The Spice Girl remark was not a joke, but an actual comment made by one of them.

  53. I hate to break to all the Americans out there who think Ground Zero only related to sept 11. But the fact is that the term “ground Zero” relates to any site of any bomb/explosion. The fact that someone doesn’t know WHAT ground zero you are talking about doesn’t make them dumb, it just means you are being vague. I know the bombing of Hiroshima as ground Zero but the American Media started over using the term to describe what happened on sept 11.

    That being said the chick in the post does sound kinda stupid, however she could just not give a shit about it.

  54. @KAOSS – That is an excellent point, there are in fact other sites that could be referred to as “ground zero.” However, this chick thought he was talking about “a theme park or something.” A THEME PARK.

    His statement may be a tad vague for someone who doesn’t live in America, but this bitch is just dumb.

  55. @ Mercure (52)

    I don’t think your previous comment was poorly worded at all – I understood what you were saying the first time around. But yeah, one of the frustrations of texting (or writing in general) is how easily a comment can be misinterpreted, without vocal inflections or body language to help convey the meaning. A few of my own comments suffered the same fate, but like you did here, I take it in my stride when people misinterpret and start “counter-punching”. I do find it amusing though when strangers start calling me names!

    Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoy your comments in general and find your sense of humour awesome and refreshing – even if you weren’t kidding about the Spice Girls!

  56. “I don’t care much for world news”… sorry to say, that’s really the American attitude.
    Since the beginning of the war in Iraq/Afghanistan (war for oil) we saw plenty of innocent citizens killed by Americans on (Belgian) TV, in the newspapers,… estimated 60.000.
    I bet they don’t show that in America, do they ?
    We actually had a party (400 liters free beer) when Obama (or just anybody!) replaced George W. Bush.

  57. What is “world news” anyway? Like a band or something…?

  58. @Emeleff

    “Sadly, I’ve known a few people like Cath. They’re usually girls in their teens or twenties who care only about dating, fashion, and practically nothing else. And they aren’t ashamed or apologetic about their lack of “real” knowledge because they coast through life just fine (usually getting by on their looks), surrounded by their similarly superficial group of friends. Can’t stand them.”

    Bravo! Makes me want to scream myself deaf to the world.

  59. @jefke

    “We actually had a party (400 liters free beer) when Obama (or just anybody!) replaced George W. Bush.”

    I see your point, but if Bush was the iron fist – Obama’s just the same fist wearing a velvet glove.. :(

  60. Lets go ahead and assume Cath is 14. It’s a little on the ambitious side, but not entirely implausible. This would have her as 6 when the attack happened.

    I think as a 6 year old, the gravity of what occurred would only hit much later in life. And by that stage, were you not related directly to anyone that had been personally affected by it, I imagine you’d tune out somewhat. Especially with the endless references, it WOULD become trivia for someone that hadn’t been there and seen the horror. In the same way most people can sympathise but not empathise with victims of the first two World Wars.

    Needless to say, this doesn’t go for everyone. There are people deep and reflective enough to comprehend the magnitude of 9/11 even if they were just 6 at the time, I’m just not really blaming Cath for it.

    In fact, none of what she said really surprised me, even the bit about questioning why people would want to visit it. Beyond respect, I can’t really understand why anyone would want to visit it either. The only thing that got me was “Sorry baby, I don’t care much for world news”, because that, sadly, strikes me as pride.

  61. Dear Cath,

    Please follow these instructions carefully.

    1. Find the nearest ditch.
    2. Throw yourself in it.
    3. If you can still get up, repeat step 2.

  62. banjaxt , and what is wrong with that ? do they have to go trough life critising other people because of their lack of knowledge about dating, fashion and diets ?

    Just saying that what is important to you maybe trivial to others and do not get me wrong , i find knowing about the world around you in every aspect important but i try not to judge people on having other priorities even though they might seem superficial to me …

    I hate people hating on others because they have other priorities in life

    And that makes me a hater

    Would there be a self-helf group for that ?

  63. The iron fist wearing a velvet glove is nicely put , though.

    I find it refreshing that he at least tries to fight the stereotype image that we got after the 8 year long reign of ignorance

    And how in the world could more then half of the voting Am population elected and re elected that fool? I just don’t get it

    I would be very ashamed that this was the man that represented my country, a man that knew almost nothing about the world outside the US thus reinforcing the general stereotype image of the average american.

  64. Mercure: #52: septics? I think you mean Skeptics

  65. They both poison our mind.

  66. Vince from purchasing

    #64 Aphrael – Septics. Septic Tanks – Yanks – from Yankee Doodle Dandee – It’s cockney rhyming slang for the kind of person who thinks that American only means one of the many countries in North and South America. The boorish one. ;>

  67. Thank you aphrael. That’s what I was getting at.

    And mercure, I wasn’t mocking Americans at all. I said that disasters like this affect everyone differently.
    Brits talk about ww2 more than other countries because Brits were affected the most. But on the grand scale ww2 was a war of epic proportions. 9/11 was a disaster. A disaster caused by man but still not a war. Compairing the two events is wrong. That’s all I’m trying to say.
    And to your friend mr circle, I don’t recall calling anyone names. I merely stated that the joke was shit and I didn’t agree with what was said. Bust a move man


  69. @ dontlooknow (67)

    I wasn’t referring to you at all. I was referring to other comments by other posters in older, much older threads.

  70. @Nately: WW2 a game? Okay, Hitler must have been the pope in Germany… “Was realy” LOL, figures from someone who’s life is spent in front of an x-box…

  71. @antarctic circle
    my bad. Proving your point nicely there ha

    ….hahahahaha to much call of duty? I must have been mistaken. I those Jews must have died of aids or something

  72. I can’t believe people like her truely exist?

  73. @dontlooknow

    “something” called Hitler? lol, I had to do that. ;P

  74. I think you’ll find AIDS wasn’t around in the 1940′s dumbass. What’s a hitler?

  75. oh shit oh shit no apostopheeeeeeeee:(

  76. OMG, you didn’t ask what’s a Hitler… Hitler is a person, dumbass. Did you not EVER watch even just “The Pianist” Wait a second, don’t answer that…

  77. Haha are you serious? Honestly now. You’re taking the piss right?

  78. @dontlooknow
    *whispers* It’s a lost cause, don’t even try. Is it wrong that I’m laughing at stupid people?

  79. Right I’m sorry but let’s get this straight, you
    think WW2 is a game, you don’t know WHO hitler was and you’re calling me a dumbass for making a patronising comment towards you?!
    Actually you are sort of right, AIDS wasn’t discovered until the 1950′s. But nowhere does it say it didn’t exist before.
    Hitler was the leader or the nationalist party in Germany in the 1930′s and 40′s. He was the leader of the Nazis and a very deluded individual. He was the cause of the factual event that normal people today know as World war 2

  80. That was probably a waste of time sevtlana. You’re right. Hah

  81. @dontlooknow:
    Nice point by point statement for Nately, but I’m sure that even if we drew pictures he wouldn’t get it. But 2 thumbs up! :D

  82. I’m gonna put it out there that perhaps Nately is joking. And I think this meteoric rise of sarcasm has only been fuelled by people buying into the absolute absolute bullshit he/she’s been saying.

  83. @dontlooknow:
    December 9th, 2009 at 4:52 am
    What is “world news” anyway? Like a band or something…?

    Hee hee hee. *Smirks* Yeah, right waste of time…

  84. @EducatedGuess

    You could be right, but, computer says no…. ;)

  85. I kind of think Nately is pretending to be a dumbass for fun, because the spelling and grammar changed.

  86. Well given the last comment you just copied and pasted, and given the clear correlation between that comment and Cath’s comment about ground zero being an amusement park, I’d be inclined to have a closer look at his comments, haha.

  87. @educatedguess
    perhaps he/she is joking. But don’t rule out the fact that these comments have been generated bynone persons complete ignorance of the world around them. I wouldn’t be suprised if he/she is being deadly serious!

    yea a waste of time. I say we get little figure and act it out for him. Not the AIDS part though. I don’t want to have to portray an African performing anal sex on a monkey.

  88. I think he’s a real live dumbass posing to be a smartass posing to be a dumbass if you get what I am saying… but it still makes for good entertainment…

  89. I understand.
    I don’t care if he/she is serious or not. It’s passing my day nicely hah

  90. @dontlooknow

    Agreed. On all of the above, including the acting out… nothing more fun then re-creating the world wars with some plastic toys and firecrackers…. God, I sound like a redneck… :D

  91. Oh, dontlooknow, tell me you don’t think AIDS was passed to humans through sex.

  92. Nothing wrong with rednecks ;)

  93. Okay EducatedGuess, please enlighten me, because I am officially lost. :|

  94. Originally, when the virus jumped from chimp to human. I was just hoping idontknow wasn’t seriously suggesting it was via intercourse.

  95. I’m sorry but where do you get your facts from? AIDS doesn’t jump!
    Intercourse is one of the ways of contracting it yes. Would you like to argue that point?

  96. AIDS was passed to humans through sex

  97. the africans shagged the monkeys in the jungle then they got the AIDs

  98. @dontlooknow – We got it through intravenous transfers… lol

  99. Jump was not a literal term. And no I’m not arguing that AIDS can be contracted through sex, obviously. I’m arguing that it will not have been passed from chimp to human through sex. But rather blood contamination.

    I was just outlining your pseudo racial remark about an “African performing anal sex on a monkey.”

  100. I made that remark as a joke. There is a theory that the AIDS epidemic started in Africa. The first case documented was found in five homosexual men in L.A. It can be spread by sexual intercourse, yes, blood contamination and from mother to child at birth and even through breast milk.
    But you obviously know better. I mean, a man, have sex with a chimp? That’s unheard of!!

  101. You’re all nazi’s talking about hitler, anal sex with monkeys… wtf, EVERYONE knows AIDS is only in gays, Monkey sex is totally OK as long as it’s consensual, 9/11 is a themepark and Hitler WAS a pope. Jees.

    Godwin’s law FTW.

  102. ROFLMAO @ KAOSS – you are so funny… that just totally made my day… :)

  103. Oh Jesus.

    That is not the first documented case, are you kidding? Plus I’m not disputing any of what you’ve said, we all know how AIDS works. I was merely highlighting how ludicrous it is to suggest that during the 1930s/40, rather than the consumption of animal meat, animal trading, hunting etc…


    Ah I’ve gotta get out of this thread, you’re doing my head in.

  104. glad I could help. I’ve had a shit day… and I was totally looking for a laugh on Lamebook, But it never came :(

  105. @The Scarlet Pimple: PMSL! Ok i missed the lol at the beginning of your post. LOL. Anywho Insane would like to officially apologise to The Scarlet Pimple for being stupid and mean.

  106. Freddy Mercury slept with thousands of men in his time.. He died in his prime (Of aids).. Mr Hefner slept with thousands of gorgeous play mates in his time.. He is now in his 80s and currently shacked up with 3 gorgeous blondes.. Whats the moral here… Life is all about choices..

  107. @KAOSS: Why the bad day?

    @EducatedGuess: I am Lolling here bigtime…

  108. Tttbbbhhh,,, III fffiiinnnddd MMMaaarrrkkk”’sss uuussseee ooofff ttthhhrrreeeeee cccooommmmmmaaasss aaafffttteeerrr eeevvveeerrryyyttthhhiiinnngg lllaaammmeeerrr ttthhhaaannn CCCaaattthhh”’sss lllaaaccckkk ooofff kkknnnooowwwllleeedddgggeee…

  109. Ok this forum has gone from the stupidity of a girl not knowing about 9/11 to anal sex with chimps and AIDs. Is all of this related???

  110. Insane, weirdly enough, it is… find your inner being, it’s all connected… :P

  111. @102: You can’t contract HIV by comsuming meat… unless you happen to have a cut in your mouth or something that would allow blood to mix.

    Why is it ludicrous? I’ve heard many times before that AIDs started because either men started doing naughty things with chimps or because hunters had open wounds on their hands whilst cutting up bushmeat.

  112. consuming* hehe.

  113. That’s Amerivaginas..get it right…sheesh.

  114. I think it’s the latter of the two, cause even if you have a cut in your mouth and kiss someone with aids, you need about 10l of infected saliva to be contract the disease….

  115. @ Fran.. As for the meat thing, the disease dies when it comes into contact with air for a while.. So unless the hunters are eating right off the live animal its unlikely they would contract it that way.. My money is on the “Monkey Business”

  116. @svetlana, just money/work issues… the usual. And I went out to dinner and it was all messed up and I didn’t get my meal until everyone was done. not that anyone actually gives a shit about me on here :P
    I like the idea that humans got aids through bumsex.

    Oh yay, MY NIGHT JUST GOT BETTER. NOT. my psycho ex just tried calling me. yay.

  117. some of you peoples makes me laughs and smiles. does anyone ever reveal their…. (dare i say it)…”true identity” on here in order to become bona fide hello kitty facebook friends?

    thanks for the smiles.

  118. eating the brains of chimps right out of the skull is what probably did it

  119. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @anatomie – *gasp! Shocking. Who would do that?!

  120. @hitmewithyourrhythmvic – *gasp* – i love to shock! why would we, should we, won’t we, can’t we all do that?!

  121. @116: what?

  122. @ anatomie… Shock people.. Atleast that way u can’t be considered boring

  123. Anatomie, In previous posts someone impersonated me and used my real name to post,

    although the link in my username that leads to my website kinda gives you my identity if you read the whole page, it used to have my real name at the top but since I was impersonated I took some details off. I would like to be friends on lamebook… ahem I mean facebook

    but maybe that’s cos I don’t actually have any real friends :(

  124. lol @ nessie pic. which is you Kaoss? hmmmmm

    @psycho ed – ah, but i’m never boring. not in my dna.

  125. @ Kaoss.. You having no real friends is like having a brother in jail.. You don’t admit to it in public… LOL

  126. @ Anatomie.. Good.. No1 likes boring people

  127. Psycho Ed,
    I know, But along with having no friends, I am also devoid of giving a shit what people think of me, friends or no friends.
    @anatomie- that’s me in the pic… hahaha me and my poo

    no, I am kaoss, someone used my real name, Kerin Kelliher

    she said her real name! OMG the world is going to end now.

  128. oh no, there is no Kerin Kelliher popping up on facebook search, otherwise Kaoss and I would have been buddies by now :)

  129. @ Kaoss.. Thats the right frame of mind.. FIFO.. Fit in or F$%k off.. The horror of it.. You said your real name on lame book.. You are so going to hell..

  130. @ anatomie.. You some kind of stalker? LOL

  131. anatomie, It may be because I am wanted by the FEDS so I have my privacy set as invisible…
    My plan had failed being as though they can now find me on here.

    Shit, I think I hear them coming!!!

    p.s, search for “Kerin’s book”
    you might find me there. MIGHT.

  132. Psycho, shhh this is my chance to have a stalker! don’t scare anatomie away!!!

  133. @ Kaoss.. LOL.. Stalk away… So what the Feds on to you for?

  134. YEP! i’ll take it – my new pseudonym, no, my new identity! i’ll embrace it and love it as every doppelganger should. MINE!

    i MAY be a stalker, but alas, i am toooooo lazy to stalk and tooooo easily bored of people once i catch my prey. the delete button makes the stalking efforts so redundant. *sigh*

  135. hitme , i m guessing we found the dark character dwelling outside your place

    Anatomie , shame on you :-) Wanting to bring forum posters in to your real life is against all cyber protocols , or no wait into a mirror of your real life on another website or no wait that’s the point of facebook and i m also on it

    So in a way , shame on me then ?

    Damn you ! :-)

  136. @ anatomie
    try to find me now
    “kerin Kelliher”


  137. The feds are onto me for pushing the bounderies on the so-called “cyber protocols”

    Anatomie, You won’t ever get bored of me
    *wink wink, nudge nudge*

    shit my nervous twitch is back
    *wink twitch wink*

  138. shame on all of us! now let’s get on with the part-ay.

    who needs a life of pores and bores when we have pixels and (insert appropriate witty rhyme here).

    Kerin Kelliher doesnt exist. I’m sorry Kaoss. Your identity has been…. annihilated in the great Y2K war.

  139. Awesome :) I do not exist….

  140. Did some 1 say party? Anatomie cyber pass me the tequila.. And lets get it started..

  141. body shots anyone?

  142. cyber body shots, that is

  143. ooh right…. the party!!!… ummm… yeah… this is awkward cos i just… you know… i really REALLY DID wanna come it’s just that i… yeah you know….. other plans… can’t make it, but you know i sooo wanted to be there. totally invite me to the next one! im sooo there, like totally there!

  144. Am I the only person who doesn’t actually see the whole number beside the comments? I always see people quote numbers (eg, @34)
    But I can only ever see the 1/2 of the far right number. like my last comment could be 1,101,or 4 or something, I can’t tell

  145. I totally just changed the subject.

  146. Aw, of course I was joking. And I’m not a guy, eww.

  147. I’m going to try to bring this thread back around full circle by making a comment about the original post!

    For everyone commenting on how ground zero could mean many different things(including a point of explosion)in different parts of the world and why would anyone instantly assume it refers to 9/11:
    1. Are not most, if not all, of our friends on our own Facebook pages from our region/country? That being the case, I know that if I were to post something about ground zero on my Facebook page, 99.9% of the people that see that post are Americans and would instantly know what I am referring to (here’s hoping!). I don’t have any people outside of my Facebook friends looking at my random posts and not understanding something so tragic that happened in RECENT (yeah, I said recent because it was still only 8 years ago!) memory on our own soil. I’m assuming that Michael felt the same way about his own FB friends and that he would not have to explain any further.
    2. Google ground zero, what are the first sites to come up? Yeah, it’s still recent enough to be considered a fitting term for where the WTC towers used to stand and to be some of the top search sites for the term.

    Sadly, though, I was a high school teacher the day it happened and had students not understand, care or be affected by it in the least and so, I imagine “Cath” was one of those type of people. It makes me very sad for us Americans.

  148. not going to bother scrolling up to see what the hell you are talking about Nately….
    but I’m lazy

  149. @TXChicky,
    that comment was so, like, yesterday!

    meh. I’m out of funny.

  150. Fair enough KAOSS. Also, Cath probably wouldn’t know what BILHARZIA was, even though it kills three times more people than died on 9/11, each year. Why is nobody offended about THAT?

  151. As a person who lives in NYC, and lost childhood friends when the towers collapsed, I feel an urgent need to bitchslap Cath.

  152. nately, I am highly offended. then again that could just be the ‘Offendenol’ I took just after dinner.

  153. TX chicky , imagine what the palestines (as an example) feel like living in a hell surrounded by walls in a country that belongs to them

    I m hoping you at least see why some of these people see America as an enemy because otherwise you would be the same as your students at the time.

    And please refrain from the fundamentalist crap.

    In a certain world war some people found it legitimate action to use a mass destruction device on two entire cities, maybe they found it a legitimate war action

    And people i am not condoning what they did , i m just sick of the innocent victim role played by some americans.

  154. oh shut up you silly muslim.

  155. Father Sha,

    I’m not quite sure where you are coming from with your comments, they seem way out of left field from what I posted.

    Could you please explain to me how you interpreted my post, because I feel very confused and sincerely want to understand?

  156. Now that i reread my post it does seem a bit agressive towards you , sorry bout that one.

    I m just saying that in the aftermath of 9/11 i rarely heard politicians admitting that this tragedy was inevitable if you insist on destroying peoples lives (directly and indirectly) and stigmatising a group of people.

    And i wanted to point out that you found it appaling that some students did not realise or care about the tragedy on American soil, but can you blame them if they live in a country that has never given a damn about tragedies they cause abroad.

    It is hard nowadays to voice a critical note about the attacks because people tend to think you are dismissing the suffering of the people and the families involved.

  157. Note to lamebook Admins…

    Don’t post anything that may be viewed as offensive, as it may offend.
    this is LAMEBOOK,
    if y’all can’t just laugh at a stupid post of someone being lame then you need to get off this site.
    seriously people, no one wins these arguments. No need to be calling people rasist names…

    I’m actually only saying this because no one laughed at my joke.


  158. note to Lamebook

    Don’t post anything that may be viewed as offensive, as it may offend.
    this is LAMEBOOK,
    if y’all can’t just laugh at a stupid post of someone being lame then you need to get off this site.
    seriously people, no one wins these arguments. No need to be calling people rasist names…

    I’m actually only saying this because no one laughed at my joke.


  159. you are right kaoss , i think i m in need of some kind of chillpill

    sorry folks. Lost my sense of humour for a moment there.

  160. :)

    night everyone, it’s 12.25 here…
    guess where I am!
    not too hard to figure out.

    Nighty night !

  161. 12.25am*

    Why didn’t I use military time like I always do.. hmm must be tired.

  162. Oh man, I really shouldn’t start rattling about this hornet’s nest of a topic, or some of the issues running here – enough to say that eight years is so NOT a long time, and when you consider the implications of 9/11 for the whole planet, Cath’s flippant ignorance makes me want to slap seven shades of sense into her.

    KAOSS, sorry to hear about your bad day – I do empathise, and hope things work out. If it helps any, right now I’m having a time so ugly that mentioning details here would look like the worst sort of attention whoring. (and oops, there I go!) In fact, I’ve even avoided mentioning any of it on my FaceBook at all, as it could quite easily end up appearing here too.

    “Offendenol” – LOL! Will it do anything for my rising bile? Gimme!

    Anyhoo, let’s get back to laughing at the morons – next!

  163. Cath also believes “Allah Akbar” is new pop group sensation out of the middle east and she been trying to buy tickets to attend a concert.

  164. I was just saying that I can see that if someone posts something on their own FB, they assume their FB friends (who are probably local to them, generally) would know what they are talking about. Cath didn’t, joking and frivolity ensued, etc.

    For example: if I posted something about a historical election, most people in my FB friends would assume I am talking about President Barack Obama, but if I were in, say Iran, my historic election reference would be taken to be regarding the protests and bloodshed caused by that election. It depends on your perspective, your region. See what I mean?

    And then the story about my students is just me acknowledging through my own personal experience that there are people like Cath in the world that do not have a clue when big events happen on the news and how sad it is. And, by the world, I am actually referring mostly to America because I am of the opinion that most of the people in my country are idiots that would rather pay attention to Paris Hilton’s shenanigans than actual real news (thereby agreeing with you, Father Sha!)

    On that note, puppies and rainbows and sugar plums (My lame attempt to lighten up!)

  165. I wanna give it to Cath very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  166. dear cath, please die.

    sincerely, the world.

    p.s. – your name is stupid and you should feel terrible

  167. Was Michael serious with his spelling of September? Also, Cath is too dumb to live.

  168. @earbud – if it’s so boring, why are you still reading it after 160+ comments? Is it fun to go through life being a bitter, angry asshole for no reason? I’ve always wondered.

    I’m killing time before my next class, this thread gave me something to do. Carry on, folks.

  169. Although Cash is truly a moron, what really brings out the subtle lameness is Michaels “Its the whole reason the middle east was invaded. Aside from the oil”

    Right, because the Middle East was such a peaceful, happy little place for 3,000 years up until 9/11.

  170. insert clever name here

    #16 Jonas FTW!!

    @dandified #33 – There are lots of brown people in America. Like tons!

    Other than that I just have to say this has go to be one of the best threads ever. Jumping AIDS? Chimp fucking? Spice Girls? Napolean’s place of residence? Brilliant!

  171. Oh and also on Michael’s ““Its the whole reason the middle east was invaded. Aside from the oil”

    –Afghanistan is not in the Middle East

  172. At least Cath admits she knows nothing about “World news”. Michael should know his facts before opening his mouth.

  173. To be honest I never knew the site was referred to as Ground Zero until a few years after 9/11. And that’s not to say that I don’t keep up with world news to some degree.

  174. Time to add to the randomness of this post. In the ironic words of Waylan Smithers – I LIKE BOOBIES!!!!

  175. “Ground zero” technically just means the centre of an explosion, in which case you may feel free to visit the ground zero of the microwave incident that happened 9 years ago in my kitchen. It’s just another thing that has been coined to now mean just the twin towers incident. Like 9/11. And if you come from the good old UK as I do it should really be 11/9 anyway….yanks got it all backwards…I know, I know, 99.99% of you are American but come on you would say 10:30pm not 30:10pm, right? Well, maybe not if your name is Cath…

    In another pointless and stupidly long note, why don’t more people visit the site of the Battle of the Somme where the british army alone lost nearly 60,000 people in one day, or even the Normandy beaches where you good old folks at the USArmy eventually decided to lend a hand and lost far more men for a just cause than an incident used as an excuse to invade somewhere else with little more premise than Hitler had for taking a long stroll in Poland in the late 1930′s.

    I am aware I ramble. Which is why I usually browse rather than comment. Fear not I shall go back to lurking like that suspicious old guy who always seems to be at the local park but walks home alone.

  176. There are a couple of things that warrant being said on the back of all these posts (and i’m sorry if I am repeating anything anyone else has said)
    1. Regardless of however old Cath might be I’m fairly certain that most normal people have some shread of long term memory and that they remember landmark times on their lives. I’m 28 and I can remember watching the Berlin Wall fall down, Nelson Mandela being released from Prison, and I was watching the attacks on the Twin Towers as they were happening on live TV. Some of these stick in my mind because they were great and amazing and others were sickening (because it didn’t matter who was involved – they were people with families and friends) – they were landmark moments because life had changed. I might not have any personal links with any of these events, but they have changed the societies that we are all part of….Maybe Cath has been living in a cave for the last 8 years. I would have more pressing concerns if I had been living in a cave, like soft toilet paper or comfortable beds.
    2. The term ‘Ground Zone’ has become synonymus with the attack on the twin towers – I’m guessing it’s originally a military term and 9/11 (or 11/9 for us in the UK) was probably when it became used by the general public. That’s possibly why most people in the Western hemisphere automatically associate it with 9/11.
    3. World War II was a big thing, like WW1 – it’s killed off an entire generation of men. In the UK those that returned from WW2 were at it like rabbits, had many, many children (baby boom), and the people who felt liberated from the norms of society that had held them in place felt free….which led to 1960s (Beatles, Mini skirts, free love, etc.), the hippies of the 1970s, the yuppies of the 1980s, etc. NOW we live in a time when everyone is afraid of everything (and 9/11 almost exaggerated it to a greater degree) and you can’t take pictures of your children and have it as your screen saver on your computer as someone else might see it and think that you are abusing your children. I sat on barbed wire when I was about 6 years old. My mum washed the wound – that was the end of it. If my niece was to do the same then her mum would be done for neglecting her children. This is becoming a longer than planned rant….the point I am trying to make is that the world turns, things happen, stuff gets reported on the news…which Cath doesn’t watch…..

    Oh, and if anyone does decide that Ground Zero would be a great name for a theme park, Cath can probably rake in the cash when she sues them for infringement of intellectual property.

  177. Americunts are retards end of discussion.

  178. i’m going to assume, for my sanity, that they are all 15.

  179. Do you think Cath would be smart enough to think of getting a lawsuit going? If you think so then i would suggest looking at her last comment with a fine tooth comb.

  180. Yeah, Cath isn’t the brightest crayon in the box….

  181. dude_chill, I was sincerely hoping someone would point that out :)
    If everyone in America thinks like Michael that 9/11 was the full REASON for the invasion of the Middle East, that would mean they are basically a nation of Caths. Ignorance at this level is plain scary.

    Also, while I agree with some of your points TXChick, the vast masses of innocent civilians (far more than 6000) dead or still lliving in terror from US responses to 9/11 haven’t got the chance to write about this on the Internet! So Google is far, far from a valid measure of who has been more unfairly treated!

  182. Vince from purchasing

    Towers fall / but not on the mall /
    Michael, squall / but I’m a’ight, y’all.

    Sorry … Mr. Haiku kinda inspired me.

  183. Cath is the dim bulb that never brightens

  184. “@dandified #33 – There are lots of brown people in America. Like tons!”

    And most of you guys (I’m assuming you’re white) don’t like them too :P
    The bottom line is that humans are petty, violent animals and we’re all absolute wankers.

  185. Cath could be like 13 for all we know.

    @fathersha: maybe if they were their friends the U.S. wouldn’t bomb them. After all, and not unlike their British Cousins, they have often fed, clothed, armed and trained their enemies before they turned on them. (Japan, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan.)

    @comrad: that’s Amerivaginas…why are you so full of hate?

  186. There is no way she’s freaking serious.

    And what is with the ‘,,,’ going on in his posts?

  187. oh she’s serious.

  188. I think Cath is new illegal immigrant, from somewhere had no TV, Radio or Newspaper, or not even communications available in that place? Like, zoo?

  189. wow.

  190. @Dandified #184: FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, I FUCKING KEEL YOU GUY!!! And I couldn’t agree more! :P

  191. Well, not knowing about something is, for sure, very sad, especially when it’s about such a highly memorable fact.. However I guess it might happen to anyone, on some subjects.
    What I fail to understand is, not knowing what it was all about, she didn’t even try to find a clue by herself. I mean, Cath had some material to be Googled before daring to ask the question that probably caused her losing 70% of her FB friends, the 30% left still wondering WTF WAS SO TERRIBLE!!??
    Maybe it’s not (only) about being educated, but (also) about being (a minimum) smart…

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