Thursday, April 15, 2010

Afternoon Quickies

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  1. Who's That Girl?

    Ben – yeah I’m hip to the game…

  2. I’m so jealous!

  3. awww, her firth birthday

  4. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Hmm. Isn’t Brad admitting he’s gay indirectly or am I wrong?

    Oh Aimee… really?!?!?

  5. @Monkey I didn’t read the names and realize it was two guys until you said that.

  6. Who's That Girl?

    Rick should be shot for liking his own status! I hate that shit!

  7. Will, at least you didn’t say you’d rather be English, then you’d have been disowned from our country.

    Yeah, looks to me like Brad is either gay or has tried to make a ‘funny’ comment and wound up looking gay.


  8. Who's That Girl?

    *wondering if mcowles is Irish or Scottish…*

  9. Is it weird im looking forward to Pokémon week? o.O

  10. don’t forget: Ben = Frodo = herpes!

  11. @Who’s That Girl? It could always be a friend named Rick. I guess we’ll never know…

    When is Pokemon week, anyway?

  12. someone tell me the frodo/pool joke

  13. or at least tell me which post to read.


  15. @rosinbackrider… take a look at:

  16. oh gosh, beaten again :)

  17. lol

  18. @Who’s

    Ummm, why do you ask? And I’m not enough of either to claim the name.!

  19. Bah ha ha.

  20. I’m looking forward to pokewomen week

    So am I missing anything on that second one? Not sure whats wrong with it

    gavin – we have a black president… its about time to shut the fuck up with this whinney ass feel sorry cuz i’m black shit

    rick with the win

  21. @lamefame: I was thinking oneth. Either way works, though :)

  22. @slimjayz – read the title of the album in the second one again. It’s ok, I didn’t catch it the first time either :)

  23. 1th, lol

    thanks mittens

  24. I’m with Rick.

  25. Who's That Girl?

    @mcowles: I have a thing for Irish vigilantes with tattos that say “Veritas, Aequitas” on their hands and shoot up Italian mobsters. But Scott’s are just wanna be Irish people. So just wondering if you were the real deal, or a wanna be – based on your “Mc” name.

  26. “1th” style jokes are getting old pretty quick. The first one was worth a chuckle… maybe. Some people are foreigners, or overtired, or type bad, but I refuse to derive entertainment from a screenshot of somebody who typed “1th” but otherwise seems completely normall.


    Okay, it’s out of my system now. Tax day…

  27. @aguynamedmark: That was totally my thoughts when I saw the ’1th’ thing.

    Seriously, they need to stop.

  28. I have to respectfully disagree with the “1th” thing being a typo. That’s not a typo, that’s being a moron. Unfortunately it’s all the evidence we’ve been given so far.

  29. Who's That Girl?

    @ Tyler – As someone who has a habit of writing “fourty” instead of “forty”, I have to believe that it was a simple “didn’t think about it” typo.

    By the way, what’s UMD? University of MD?

  30. I am 29st! See how stupid I sound? Now go do your taxes, slacker. ;) It’s still funny, but auto correct is SO much funnier.

  31. It sounded so much stupider considering I was 30st….

  32. @who’s that girl, as a Scottish girl, I can assure we are not wannabe Irish.

    Haha @lissieissocool, I think it made it more authentic for a lamebook-esque entry. <3


  33. Who's That Girl?

    @ Elle – :] No harm intended, just making fun of the post.

  34. Haha, I turn into a raging bearded red-head in a kilt when defending my country. Not literally of course, though that would be interesting. Apologies. <3

  35. Who's That Girl?

    Don’t f*ck the the gingers!

  36. I’m Scottish and thought I should give you a little bit of advice.

    If you’re ever visiting Glasgow don’t ever loudly say that you think the Scots are wannabee Irish, especially if standing near a group of people playing instruments and wearing orange.

  37. Who's That Girl?

    *with the

  38. @Das Mogul – Better that than English, surely? I don’t mind being mistaken for Irish when in America or whatever, but English…


  39. I’ll fuck the gingers. I love watching my schlong go in and out through their translucent skin.

  40. Oh I don’t have anything against the Irish. I’d rather than be Irish than English. It’s just that a lot of people in my hometown…let’s say… heartily disagree.

  41. MsBuzzkillington

    The smaller the hole the bigger Rick feels.

  42. i just want to make sure everyone knows that rick’s status is a stephen wright joke.

  43. Soup, that was such a disturbing thought, I think it’ll be weeks before I have sex without thinking about that….

  44. Really trying to work out what happened to make Will want to be Irish rather than Scottish.

  45. @kaedesmith

    Maybe it was the continued existence of Gordon Brown that made him ashamed to be a Scot.

  46. These are lame and not in the good way. Post the stuff I send you dammit >:O

  47. i don’t understand the funny thing about celestes first birthday?

  48. fromthelaststall

    @linesb it should say 1st, not 1th

  49. Oh Soup, I’d say I’m shocked… but of coarse I’m not.

  50. yay my pokemon post got on lamebook :P

  51. Haha I thought it said Celeste 11th birthday and I was all “Oh lawl the humor is that it’s a baby and not an 11 year old RITE?” Oh well. I suppose 1th is just as good.

    Soup, I continue to find your comments funnier than anything I see on Lamebook.

    And wtf is Pokemon week and why wasn’t I informed? Can someone toss me a bone here? (I may have meant that sexually…YOU’LL never know.)

  52. ^ hello longest post in the world. Why do I always get the urge to type every little thought that goes through my head? Hmm…

  53. @Who’s That Girl boondock saints ftw!

    @Blaziken it’s where people change their facebook pictures to pokemon for a week. i don’t know when it is though. it’s like celebrity crush week. or celebrity look alike week. apparently there are lots of these events.

  54. I’m a little disappointed that Who’s That Girl? didn’t say “firth” as the first comment.

  55. @39 soup
    “I love watching my schlong go in and out through their translucent skin.” Through?? Really? That sounds…wrong.

    And what the hell is Pokémon week??

  56. liking your own status fail

  57. bahahahaha.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  58. .

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