Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Too Far…

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  1. Ha!

    Loved the Toy Story one!

  2. ewwww, but I still LOL’d


  4. i don’t get the toy story one, help…

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly dislike Twilight any more, enter Jamir.

  6. herna22 – Have you ever seen Toy Story? the toys burst to life as soon as their owner leaves the room, but they also have to avoid detection, so Jessie wouldn’t be able to wipe the cold, coagulated semen off her face because if she did, her “owner” would discover the fact that she’s alive.

    Jamir is fucking disgusting, red tide action is NOT COOL. *shudder*

  7. I’m a female, by the way. And women who post about their bodily functions and fluids, especially those specific to females, really steam my corn. Just because you have a nasty vag doesn’t mean you have to advertise.

  8. Hey at least they’re advertising that its nasty instead of letting it be a surprise

  9. gracias!

  10. That Toy Story one is absolutely hilarious.

    And yeah, women who post about that shit are just fucked up attention seeking whores. Ain’t nobody wanna hear that shit.

  11. Wow, two yeast infection-related posts in one day?

  12. Toy Story post FTW 🙂 LOVE IT!!!

  13. Hey seladoux, hate to break it to ya, but by attempting to differentiate yourself from women who advertise that they have a nasty vag, you pretty much told us that you have a nasty vag.

    So where you from?

  14. The state of my vag is not typically open for online discussion.

    However, for the sake of this post, I’ll clarify that if I were having vag issues, as every woman does, I would be far more inclined to pursue one of the numerous commercial or natural remedies to restore it to it’s non-nasty state rather than working up juicy similes to regale my friends, family, and co-workers with.

    The genitalia of both sexes often becomes nastified, for any number of normal, natural reasons. But when this nastiness is embraced and publicized, rather than addressed and rectified, I tend to label you as an owner of a Certifiably Nasty Vag.

    See today’s “Breakin’ Up” post for further evidence of the widespread nature of CNVs.

  15. Oh, God, and what was that old post about the chick who was banging the dude with the rotten zombie penis? Another CNV, right there.

  16. Yaaay I posted the Toy Story one… Finally something I post gets on here 🙂

  17. seledoux, the question was “So where you from?”

  18. I mean I am the who posted it on here, not on fb, I’m not that sick

  19. So do you like your oatmeal thick and chunky or do you prefer a more runny consistency? Jessie is also curious.

  20. I heard Jessie is Bi-curious, actually

  21. Jessie FTW!!! I really did lol!

  22. The answer is, I am from a place where vages [vag’s? vagii?] are properly cared for and significant others clear out for the lamest 5 days of the month 😀

  23. Lol nigga is nasty,you got edward fuckin cullen jealous on that muthafucka dawg.

  24. That blood is her uterus shedding its lining. Nasty fucker.

  25. The “Toy Story” one was originally from 4chan. Someone just reposted it on Facebook.

  26. Seriously, keep your vag business to yourself. No one wants to read that s**t. >:|

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