Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Little Ironic

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  1. So, what happened to Lamebook?

  2. The braces one is just too fucking funny. And the “your fucking dumb”…………. that makes my skin crawl. SERIOUSLY HOW HARD IS IT TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “YOUR” AND “YOU’RE”.

  3. Gabby loses for being named Gabby.

  4. And Stu, lulz. I agree.

  5. The braces one is funny but not ironic. That’s something you would expect to happen.

  6. I agree with Sunnyb…
    The only one that is ironic is the second one about choking on a lifesaver, which specifically points out it’s own irony.
    Americans don’t understand irony.

  7. Hey Tasha, YOU’RE an illiterate piece of shit!

    Poor Gabby! I will admit, that was pretty funny though! 🙂

  8. The post about Gabby wasn’t particularly funny.

    You can’t choke on lifesavers, that’s why they have a hole in the middle.

    Tasha’s post just leaves out a noun at the end, I’m sure she was too busy to finish her thought and tack the self-depreciating “moron.” at the end, or perhaps is waiting for others to finish the thought for her in the comments. “Tasha [REDACTED], your fucking dumb ____________.”

    The fourth post is about an event that is likely there to remind Alzheimer’s patients about what happened in the 90’s because they forgot.

    Oh my, none of these were funny.

  9. The Third One, whoever you are.

    1. You can choke on lifesavers.

    2. Tasha’s mistake was not a lack of a verb at the end, it was the improper use of the possessive YOUR instead of the contraction YOU’RE, which you also forgot.

    3. Both the Alzheimer’s one and the braces one are ironic.

    4. Please learn both Irony and Grammar.

  10. told.

  11. Do you know what the opposite of irony is?


  12. ^ Belly laughed at that ^

    I love you Word.

  13. Dear Gunther,

    I did not say that a verb was left off the end of a sentence, I said a noun was left off. Please learn to read before openly mocking the grammar of other people. Think of how the sentence would work if the commenters did fill in a noun at the end of the sentence e.g. “Tasha [REDACTED], your fucking dumb moron.” “Tasha [REDACTED], your fucking dumb goldfish.” “Tasha [REDACTED], your fucking dumb friend.”

    It works just as well as the following sentences:
    Batman, your super great vigilante.
    Christ, your really awesome savior.
    David Hasselhoff, your fucking amazing idol.

    I tried to use examples you might more easily understand.

    -The Third One

    P.S. I use sarcasm quite a bit. Just in case you didn’t catch that. I can explain it for you in a later post in case you didn’t catch it.

  14. Okay, the lifesaver one is funny!

  15. Gunther:
    The braces one is NOT ironic. The only way that would be ironic is if Gabby got braces, and she was dumped by an orthodontist or something.
    Seriously, you just sound like a stupid twat in your little rant above. The Third One FTW (just because Gunther is a twat).

  16. Oh, scratch that, none of those were sentences, they were possible titles. Although I’m sure no one would have noticed on a site where “[noun] for the win.” is an acceptable sentence.

  17. lol, guess we gotta settle for entertainment in the comments.

    Just for you, “The_Third_One for the win”.


  18. Definition of Irony: the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning/an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected

    Therefore, Gabby and her braces…. not ironic. If braces are considered unattractive and you would expect to be dumped after getting braces, then Gabby becoming single is not a surprise, hence not “an event contrary to what may be expected”.

    Choking on a lifesaver=ironic

    Tasha’s sentence fragment and poor spelling= LAME, but not ironic or funny

    Alzheimer’s party=ironic, knowing that Alzheimer’s causes you to forget, having a party to “Remember the 90’s” would be the opposite of what you would expect as an event held for the ailment.

  19. YOUR means you own something, and YOU’RE means you are, everyone needs to back to school and learn grammar

  20. Thanks tips

  21. Can ‘The Third One’s comments be put on the main page? Is there a Lamebook equivalent for dumb/lame posts that are actually on Like, ‘The Third One’ deserves to be on there..

  22. saltpeanuts…it could be ironic that Gabby got braces and that she is now single because braces are meant to make your teeth straight and therefore will make you more attractive.

    She apparently got braces to improve her appearance and it got her dumped, which is the opposite of one of the purposes behind getting braces.

  23. peoplearesuperlame

    Jeffrey93 I totally agree. There should definitely be a

  24. Jeffrey- if you look deeper into the situation as you suggested, yes. My guess is most of the people who’ve read this and commented didn’t though.

    Also, if you look at the order in which the things were posted, she became single prior to posting she got braces and there’s no date/time stamp on the relationship post, there’s no way to know if the 2 items were posted consecutively. It would have been funnier if she had posted she got braces and THEN she became single.

  25. “I pulled down my ironing board to iron some clothes and noticed the cover was wrinkled. I laughed because it was so ironic, then I laughed again because the word ironic has iron in it.” — I often used this to explain irony here….

  26. Plus…. This thread of comments FTW. More entertaining then the post.

  27. saltpeanuts, it’s possible she did get braces first. Lamebook’s FAQ stats they edit posts to read top to bottom.

    They also were caught red-handed editing a post to be more funny, so that’s another possibility.

  28. Not all that great though I do appreciate the braces one.

  29. saltpeanuts – it is unlikely she posted those at the exact minute it happened so the order is irrelevant in that respect. However, the relationship status does have no time/date stamp so could have happened days beforehand

  30. The Third One,

    Seriously? That’s what you meant? To completely change the layout of the sentence? She obviously made the common mistake of mixing up “your” and “you’re”, but to make yourself seem right you add a comma and a noun? Well, I’ll give you points for creativity.

    And you are correct, I did make the mistake of saying “verb” instead of “noun”. Completely my fault, I take full responsibility for my lack of proofreading.

    In retrospect, these aren’t really all that funny, more like chuckle-worthy.

  31. Choke on a lifesaver? What was she doing, sucking his cock???

    **Googles lifesaver** Aaaaah, it’s a sweet.

  32. Eh. These are pretty crap. Gabby’s (as pretty much everyone here has said) isn’t ironic. And I’m betting it didn’t even happen in that order.

  33. British people sure do bring the buzzkill in with them.

  34. @JDPower: That’s what I’m thinking.

  35. As far as the you’re/your folks are concerned, if you reply “my fucking dumb what” or something similar to that, it’s like poking a part of their brain that makes them freeze up and unable to respond. Yes, they’re that fucking stupid.

  36. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Haylen?? What kind of name is that?

  37. Gunther… I’m pretty sure The Third One was being sarcastic in their first post…

    people need to lighten up on this site. and lol @ mistaphill

  38. Is it really more fun to argue with other posters about the litealness “IT’S A WORD!! lol jk) of the posts than it is to accept the general humor and spirit of the posts?

  39. Gabby’s post actually was pretty funny, as it implied that her boyfriend/girlfriend knocked her teeth out. Apparently I’m well-versed in redneck.

  40. the first one isn’t actually irony…

  41. Neither is the good advice that ya just didn’t take and who would have thought? It figures.

  42. at least he’s gonna have straight teeth

  43. There sure are some numbnuts commenting lately

  44. @chiiro
    What post was that? I haven’t been her for a while, not since those Boz impersonators were still commenting.

  45. @Lily, there was a post including some girls status about Twilight, and how she’d had dreams about Edward Cullen, and they were in love and happy. She got all excited because today was some special day, then later added ‘oh, and our anniversary’.

    Her sister came on, and they’d basically edited the entire thing, cutting out statuses from other people, and editing the actual statuses. The girl was saying ‘its your anniversary’ to some girl commenting, who Lamebook had cut out completely.

    I need less time on my hands.

  46. k chill, I wasn’t exactly advocating insurrection starting with this website, it seems as though this point doesn’t bake others’ noodle as much as it does mine… maybe I should switch to decaf…

    found this though (sorry if it’s already well known and I’m behind the times)

    Knowing the Difference Between You’re and Your, by Randy Holbrook, on Facebook.

    This guy on facebook has made it his life’s work, therefore it would seem this problem is far bigger than we previously anticipated people… surrounded by people who can’t understand contractions…? Send in Randy!

  47. Way to understand the word, “irony,” lamebook.

  48. New Year Baby Daddy

    Welcome to the Alanis Morissette School of Irony.

  49. the second and the last one is really ironic

  50. I don’t understand how some people aren’t getting the Gabby post.
    Obviously, she was in a relationship, got braces, and since braces are pretty unattractive and are just awkward to have, her boyfriend broke up with her.

    No one wants a braceface.

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