Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little Help…

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  1. BENjamin

  2. IDiot

  3. BEN the two of us need look no more

  4. TylerDurdenUMD

    The sad thing is if April and Karen are Americans, they’re allowed to vote.

  5. as opposed to all other nationalities who aren’t allowed to vote

  6. @Mike – don’t tell me you hadn’t realised that the USA is the only democracy in the world…

  7. seriously – america has produced the forerunners in just about every field of cultural and scientific importance over the last century, but along with all those genii at the vanguard of knowledge who have shaped the modern world, and a sundry few (million) other intelligent people, you have towing along in the rear the biggest, most vapid intellectual underclass believable.

  8. Actually, alord, the intellectual vacuum over there has enabled the scientific and cultural forerunners from the rest of the world to go over there and make a killing…

  9. To be fair, with such a large amount of people, you’ve got to expect a broad spectrum of amazing geniuses and total fucktards. It’s why tiny Britain just has the fucktards.

    That’s science. Probably.

  10. Karen and April are ignorant and stupid girls, typical Bush voters.

  11. Yeah you’re so right – Einstein, Fleming, Ghandi. All proud Americans.

  12. no-one likes a pedant, mike.

  13. No one likes Americans either.

  14. Every country has more than its share of fucktards. It just seems like we in the U.S. have so many more of them because our media keep making the mistake of paying attention to them.

  15. i’m not american, mike. nevertheless, your comment stands!

  16. Thanks Asslord.

  17. thuglifeforevs


  18. i feel like i’ve just gone ten rounds with cicero after that, mike. and that final, damning comment (16), mike, was the final damning oratory sucker punch that put me on the canvas!

    i might have to take the afternoon off!

  19. damn!

  20. To the subject of the first picture, I would ask “Are you going to take that lion down?”

  21. @Mike hahahhaha
    dumbass yankie doodles..

  22. Oh no, here comes the talk about Americans…
    Every country has its fair share of dumbasses; it’s just that you see more Americans presented that way in the media. Having been here for the past eight years, I’ve personally come accross some of the dumbest idiots ever, but also some of the smartest people as well. So it just depends.

  23. Where is the love? some of us commenters out here are American. You enjoy our dumbassery out here enough to keep reading and commenting. Put away the boxing gloves.

  24. Do you think that, just maybe, (I’m just throwing this out there), that the population of pretty much every country in the world consists of some very intelligent people, some averagely intelligent people and some stupid people. The US is a big country, so has a lot more stupid people than, say, the UK and is also one of, if not the most heavily-publicised countries in the world (in terms of us seeing it on TV and in films etc), therefore we are just exposed to more stupid Americans than any other nationality, rather than Americans being the most stupid?

  25. against the backdrop of unquestionable buffoonery of the american social hinterland, the razor wit of most of the transatlantic posters on here is in sharp relief.

    i salute you, sirs!

  26. “You can’t leave that lion there”

  27. What the World needs now, is love! sweet love!

    I’d say something mean, but I’m Canadian so apparently I have to be polite eh :)

  28. Blame Canada!

  29. but ginge, the only reason that ideas and sociological stereotypes ever arise is some kind of exposure. of course people think americans are stupid because of how they are portrayed and regularly seen in the media. of course every country has its stupid people, and OF COURSE not all americans are stupid. it’s a stereotype, not an absolute truth.

    only i can’t just erase all the episodes of jerry springer that are seared into my hippocampus!

  30. Egypt Karen! Egypt. Can’t you tell it’s a pyramid? It’s so obvious.

  31. Don’t worry alord, I completely think of all Americans as being stupid, because it’s entertaining to do so. I guess I was just having a rare moment of fair-mindedness.

    Speaking of JS, have you seen Jerry Springer the Opera? Truly awesome.

  32. #28, hey, don’t bring us into this! We’re just up here sharpening our ice skates, minding our own business.

  33. You know, I feel oddly affectionate towards lamebook today because even though I may be about to fail my second year exams atleast I know the Blackpool Tower when I see it.

  34. #24, gingivitis,

    Agreed. Stupid people are everywhere. The ratio is actually 1 in 4. This was proven by Dr Rob Wright of the Nomeasno Institute of Anthropology. I believe he states that “just like every fourth animal is a beetle, every fourth human is a dumbfuck”.

    Science, baby!

  35. But they do suck at geography! Big time.

  36. You people are idiots. That’s obviously the Eiffel Tower Experience restaurant in Las Vegas. You can tell by all the degenerate gamblers milling about nearby.

  37. Sensible, I disagree. It is quite clearly the Blackpool Tower in northern England. The degenerate gamblers you see, well they just lost their dole money in the penny arcades.

  38. It’s Stonehenge (where the people are small)

  39. I’m still going with Egypt.

  40. @ gingivitis: Thanks for the early morning LOL!

  41. I’ll see your Egypt and raise you one moon base.

  42. Shit! Anyone good with probabilities?

  43. ArabianGoggles

    @alordsums: What do you have against capitalization?

  44. oh total pixie that’s a belter!

    And…yep some nice USAers out there no doubt.
    But serious lack of geographical knowledge does seem to be a strangely american disease.
    You do learn that shit in school right? (genuine question)
    I’ve lived in Canada and they seem to know their france from their honduras, but cross that border…it’s bizarre

  45. @Benningtons & @MCF79

    What lynx us all together is our love of cat puns.

  46. I really hate to interrupt, but WTF is the first picture all about? I’ve stared at the damn thing for an hour. I’ve zoomed in, I’ve adjusted contrast, and still nothing. Help?

  47. It took me a second, too – it’s because the caption is “THE TIGERS” But… it is in fact a lion. I think that’s what’s apparently so funny??

  48. It’s a lion. Not a Tiger.

  49. Tigers….Lions…same thing. :-P

  50. And I thought South African’s were dumb.

  51. @ Punky Power
    No it’s not.
    A lion would never cheat on his wife. But a tiger would.

    (I’m so sorry, I know you’ve all heard it billion of times).

  52. @icenine09, Since when did tigers start growing manes? @Mike Hunt, Homeland security has been notified of your “Terrorist Ideals”. Thanks and have a nice day!
    -Fellow Bush Supporter……HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  53. Phantom_poetess

    The second one is a picture of the White House through the bottom of the Washington Monument.

    And in the US, our school systems have been completely screwed over by state governments spending more money on stupid crap then educating the human populace.

    Also, why all the toll free numbers you call ask you to “press ’1′ for English”.

    I’m American, and I think this country is going to crapper.

    Thank you, that is all. :)

  54. - sorry, I can’t even keep a straight face now. LOL!

  55. Ok, got it. Thanks.

  56. And for the record, I do enjoy that angle of the St. Louis Archway. Very nice.

  57. To # 44 – I don’t think they do lol…well not much at all from what I can see.
    My brother is in 4th grade and they are just learning the states and their capitals (but barely even that).

    To # 51 – you made me laugh. :)

  58. well if she can’t spell beautiful correctly then there is little hope of her getting much else right.

  59. @43

    since we do not speak a language that capitalises nouns, such as german, not capitalising in sentences doesn’t impair its semantic thrust, as misspelling or bad grammar can.

    so unless it’s an official document, in which, of course, protocol prevails, i don’t see any need to waste my time doing it. personal and conscious choice – don’t see how it’s any of your business.

  60. ya’ll are so dumb. It’s the Seattle Space Needle!!

  61. People are mistaking the second picture for the Eiffel Tower.

    It is actually the Barnsley Stack…they were going to reproduce the whole of the Eiffel tower in Barnsley city centre but only ever got around to making the legs.

    It is now used as a climbing frame for underprivileged children on a Barnsley Council estate

  62. Okay this is the first time I have heard the word fucktards. I have to thank BritishHobo for this word, it is now my new favorite word… I can’t wait to use it! :)

  63. You people don’t know anything. The last picture is the “Torre del Reformador“ in Guatemala City. Here from another angle

  64. I fucking love America, and Americans are greatest. Honestly I’ve been there and they have some of the smartest people in the whole of Michigan.

  65. Don’t hurt me, my fiancee will probably do that enough for y’all :P

  66. ALso it wasn’t funny.

  67. Phantom_poetess

    Yeah, we Michiganders are kinda smarter then the average American. :)

    Even trolls can be smart. lol

  68. yourinevitabledemise

    Geeeez. Half of america hates what the other half is doing. There are intellectual differences in the population of coffee houses, let alone the whole country. In addition to stupid americans, we have insane japanese people who scream at everything (duh. seen spike tv?), germans are super weird and listen to incredibly bad techno music according to my high school german class videos, aussies are snarky hos who willingly wrestle with crocodiles, and british people have ugly teeth. Yay tv stereotypes! So hilarious. Until people start getting shot. Wait, I’m not Ms. Buzzkillington. I must be feeling strangely politically correct today…

  69. Alright, obviously I missed a point. I made my post while at work and getting yelled at by someone who’s probably been posted on this site.

    My message was simply for the Americans on this board. Were they to be members of any other nation, it would still apply.

    Sorry about any confusion.

  70. Michigan is actually amazing. I hope nobody took my comment seriously and right now is writing an infuriated but passionate rant about my ignorance of America.

    If it helps, I have awful, awful teeth.

  71. Hey, Karen! Looks like Kansas to me.

  72. But Hobo, for the simple fact that you’re British, no girl will shirk away from you when you open your mouth. They simple stand there in a trance because your awesome, awesome accent…..and THAT, my dear, is physics.

  73. Americans do take geography. It’s just easily forgotten when you already live in the only place worth ever visiting.

  74. Taking heart from Dirtiest Jobs, I would find it my duty to help you, Mike Hunt, with removing that giant stick from your anus. Please don’t be shy. Plenty of people have that problem.

  75. I’m American and I will vouch that Americans are fucktards. No debate. Really.

  76. Hey tipdiptease doesnt your mum have that same problem? oh no wait its not a stick, its my big black cock.

  77. @Sensible Madness & Total Pixie:
    Its Eiffel Tower in India. It was outsourced to India last year for maintenance…

  78. I Could be wrong, but I think here is the typical Geography lesson taught in American schools:
    “kids, the world is made of 3 regions, one is America, second is the one we have bombed and third is the one we are finding reasons to bomb”

  79. har har, we americans don’t know where stuff is, but we sure like war! hurrrrrrrrr

  80. Well, thank you for showing your idiocy. I was silly to be offended by your ignorant opinions. I wasn’t thoroughly aware of what a retard you were. Whoopsidaisy.

  81. How do we even know if they are American?

  82. bollywood_rocks83

    Oh,cool. Someone put up a picture of the Sydney Bridge.

  83. bollywood_rocks83

    and Jaz, an European would know what that structure is.

  84. bollywood_rocks83

    On a more serious note, I thought the Arc of Triumph was behind the tower. Is it on the other side(behind the person taking the picture?)

  85. Facepalms are due all around.

  86. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    <3 I love coming here. :)

  87. @bollywood,
    I never said that they could be European. Maybe they’re Canadian or maybe American, but there’s nothing that screams at me AMERICAN!!!!!!
    There may very well be a European out there that doesn’t know the Eiffel Tower by its base.
    Zoos aren’t exclusive to America are they?

  88. Actually spots, no I haven’t heard that one yet…Thanks.

    I am American. I would also have to agree with Mike.I deal with countless fucktards everyday.

    What I think everyone is forgetting is that America is the Melting Pot of the world. Every single nationality is right here somewhere in these states.

    If you don’t realize what I’m saying, you are one of these fucktards.

  89. At least if they are Americans, they don’t HAVE to vote. If they don’t care about voting then it’s not an issue. I just hope they’re not from Australia, where voting is compulsory.

    (I’m sure there are other countries where voting is compulsory but I say Australia because dumbasses voting here affects me)

  90. @Kuppycakez: Oh, true. People can say what they like about Americans, but when they hear you have a British accent, they are the friendliest people on the face of the earth.

    Actually, even with your mouth shut they’re a billion times friendlier than most Britons on a good day.

    cupidscurse: It’s no problem at all. I find myself using that word a crapload lately.

    On the whole ‘Americans are fucktards at geography’ thing, my fiancee is American and ended up teaching me a shit-load about Geography with stuff from like, middle school classes or whatever.
    I’m going to stop now because I think I’m starting to seem like Mr. ‘Hey Lamebook, I’m engaged!’, and that’s more FML territory.

  91. It does not matter where you are from. People suck.

  92. April’s is funny! and cute funny :D

  93. Seeing as I love 5 minutes away from the structure in the second pic, I just had to register and post.
    Why yes, Karen, it’s the Empire State Building in Romania!

  94. @ graylord. my love is seconds away

  95. Live*
    Damn typos.

  96. BritishHobo, are you not a girl? I have read every single one of your posts with a girl’s voice in my head. A girl from Bolton.

  97. America, YEAH!!


  98. “Its Eiffel Tower in India. It was outsourced to India last year for maintenance…”

    Favorite comment of the day

  99. You guys are all wrong. That picture is clearly the Waffle House on Route 79 in Birmingham, Alabama. Jeez!

  100. You mean thats not the Sydney Opera House?

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