Monday, November 30, 2009

A Lesson for All of Us


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  1. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Brilliant. He signed it. Even thought there’s a big ol’ picture of him next to the request. The lame cherry on the lame cake.

  2. FIRST

  3. Damn. :(

  4. hitmewithyourrhythmvic


  5. sareko, someone else will surely flame you for that so I’ll hold off.

    I like the placement of the cursor over “ignore.” Poor Dad.

  6. I would have ignored this man too. Not because he’s my dad, just because I ignore all fatties without exception.

  7. Tad harsh on the father there, and then posting your own dad’s humiliation on this site, pure genius.

  8. the poor dad , he gets rejected and ends up on lamebook

    The ungrateful brat !

  9. Brilliant!

  10. I love his choice of words. Sadly, they lead me to think that this isn’t the first time the child has ignored him.

  11. The father looks like he may be a doctor, and probably makes a pretty good living. I wouldn’t be so flip about doing something that would get me written out of his will if I were this kid.

  12. That’s a smart person there. Everybody knows you don’t add family members.

  13. Seems desperate.

  14. LOL @ 11 !!

  15. @stickfigure

    No, people who are going to act like immature shitheads shouldn’t add family members.

    Those of us who recognize what facebook is and use it appropriately have no issues with our friends and family and coworkers mixing.

  16. They have 20 mutual friends… and he still won’t accept him… brat…

  17. at least he has a father if I had one i would NOT ever do that to him

  18. @mittens
    I, too, appreciated the cursor held over the “ignore” option.

    On another note, I added my dad, but on the limited profile list. He never goes on it anyway. Oh parents.

  19. Exactly my sentiments Penny Lane. Well said

  20. It’s nice to see that the self-appointed “THIS IS HOW YOU USE THE FACEBOOKS YOU HALF-WHITTED A-HOLE MFer PIECE OF SH!T” types can tell anyone through belittling that they MUST use facebook a certain way. Either that or they incur the wrath of some anonymous rube. (Beware of anyone that uses the concept immaturity as a putdown in conversation…)

    It’s also a nice to realize that once you develop a life outside of your parents, you don’t need to impress them anymore or show them the somewhat “private” life you have on the internet. Dammit to hell Facebook was better when you didn’t have every Tom/Dick/Harry/and Mary on it from Midwest-retard ville (or wherever) and it was just made up of Tom/Dick/Harry/and Mary from 13th Grade University instead.

  21. Try limiting your piss-ant comment to.. oh I dont know, maybe one paragraph.

  22. I like turtles.

  23. Heh, looks like Spicy struck a nerve. Fuck these hicks.

  24. The hell is Spicy going on about? What did I miss?

  25. insert clever name here

    @Spicy Boughner – Thank you. Thank you so much.

  26. Spicy Boughner = Dad

  27. @Spicy

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. I see my parents and family members as fellow human beings and I behave on Facebook the way I would behave in public because Facebook IS PUBLIC.

  28. I ignored my mom’s friends requests twice, then she started trying to stalk me by reading my posts and looking at pictures on my friends’ pages. So I blocked her.

  29. i think this is wrong! I am sure there are plenty of people in the world who would appreciate having a father, especially on facebook. Don’t be so heartless and accept the old man as a friend. He’s a doctor (from the look of the picture) so it is not like he is going to be breathing down your neck every waking moment on fb.

  30. Some people are too sensitive. This is sheer brilliance!

  31. Unless you have a major problem with your folks, fair enough. But if you’re just mad at them because of hormones or some other dismal reason then you need to grow up. Be empathetic. Put yourself in their shoes and ask “how would i feel if my son/daughter after X years of loving, caring, nurturing (etc) started hating me for no reason”? If you’re not completely fucked up you should be able to imagine how these poor parents feel.

  32. Dude and his dad have 20 mutual friends? I’ll bet. Congratulations buddy, you just made Lamebook with a fake ass submission.

  33. @LittleBit

    What did you mom do to you? Ass rape you with her steam shark?

  34. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    It’s like a Mastercard ad

  35. Well at least in future we won’t be seeing any more “I don’t want to read about where you stuck in in your girlfriend last night, love Dad”s from this duo.

  36. funny as fcuk…

  37. I have lots of family members as friends on Facebook. Including my mom and Grandma. Of course, I’m over the age of 15…so…

  38. @ Ugh

    Good point. There are, however, many persons of 28 or older whose mental age is still around 15 years old. People who, in 20 or 30 years time when their own kids have grown up, will regret how they treated their own household family back in the days of social networking. They’ll discover that karma is such a bitch.

    Then again, as you said, there are some 15 year olds with enough life experience to understand that.

  39. I don’t know what makes it lamer: that it is real, and the user is proud enough to submit, or that it is fake, and the user is vicariously proud enough of the persona thus crafted to submit.

  40. God damn you dumb shits take Facebook way too seriously. You the sort of people who think adding people you don’t know is “making friends”?

    @Penny Lane
    Who made you Facebook police?

  41. @Penny Lane
    the problem is that you all are assuming Dad is an all around swell guy. While I am much the same way, whatever I do on Facebook is the way I act around everyone I know,including family. And I do have family members on my page. I do have friends who will not add certain family members because all they do is cause drama where there is none. If they see pictures of something they were not privy to, they make outrageously off color remarks, they guilt you to death, it is just a big heap of drama.

    I do agree facebook is public, but it should also be fun. I can understand if someone has to deal with this in person would not want to deal with it on a website meant to be light and fun, not a chore or feeling you have to choose your actions and words.

    Then again, the son could be just a complete prick.

  42. I love the position of the cursor. That being said, I would just add the poor dad and simply restrict my posts.

    Oops. I sound like Cumdog Millionaire.

  43. It is so bizarre that some people who have posted above have jumped to conclusions about the guy who posted this, without knowing a single thing about him, about his relationship with his father, or about his use of facebook. Unwillingness to add somebody as a friend is not necessarily immature or unfair. As Lamebook shows (on a daily basis), many disasters on facebook arise from people being befriended with family members.

  44. My teenage son refused to friend me for a year and then he chgd his mind by setting ground rules, which I have (mostly) abided by. Having a kid away at college in the age of FB is soooooo much more pleasant when you can “see” what’s going on w/their (zillions of) pics and get to “meet” their friends that you otherwise would not.
    Now I “know” him as his peers do…that’s very cool. And his female friends LOVED when I posted some funny childhood pics of him. Some of his friends found my occasional posts so witty, that THEY friended me…and think I’m a cool mom.

    Maybe Dr. No wouldn’t be that way…and #1 son knows his dad better than we do…

  45. this mom is an absolute FAIL.

    “what’s going on w/their (zillions of) pics and get to “meet” their friends that you otherwise would not.
    Now I “know” him as his peers do…that’s very cool. And his female friends LOVED when I posted some funny childhood pics of him. Some of his friends found my occasional posts so witty, that THEY friended me…and think I’m a cool mom.”

    keep thinking you’re a cool mom.

  46. Aww, poor Dad.

    I did refuse my mother-in-law’s friend request, because she already doesn’t “get” me, and her reading my FB wouldn’t help. But I have coworkers (including my boss) as friends, and would totally have my parents as friends if they were on FB.

  47. @Smartipantz

    What is WRONG with you??? Get your own life, dear. Leave your adult son’s life alone!

    Crap. Cut the cord dahling!!

  48. And while I’m in rant mode, parents and children have very different social circles in RL, so why is it so heartless to acknowledge that the same would hold true for Facebook?

    Once you’re through your stage of experimentation, by all means, add your parents and keep in touch. Until THEN, do not add them as friends.

    This “poor dad” crap is ridiculous. Why isn’t he talking to his peers???? Or his girlfriend/wife?

  49. He probably refuses to add dad on the basis that dad touched him in special ways :P

  50. is Dad a Dr.?

  51. Yes. He is Dr. Hunt.

  52. Mike Hunt? Dr. Mike Hunt. Is he the doctor to see if you’re a stripper or a prostitute in the local area?

  53. I had a maths teacher in middle school called Mike Hunt, I shit you not.

  54. i had a teacher named, not kidding, sharon aycock. who thinks her husband was cheating on her as the name implies?

  55. Maybe he doesn’t want to add him, because he is NOT his dad, but the creepy pediatrician he once had, who is stalking him (and apparently 20 of his friends), and insists they call him “dad,” and this is just evidence.

    Or, it is his dad, he doesn’t want to add him, and he thought it was funny to show everyone that his dad is lame enough to beg for “friendship” on a social networking site.

  56. Maybe he doesn’t want to add him because it’s fucking nuts to have your parents as your FB friends, especially with the ridiculous information people are flooding the public with these days. Please see:

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