Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Few Weekend Wins





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  1. Samuel FTW!

  2. Shit

  3. I waited two days for this? Not funny.

  4. none of those are at all funny.

    lamebook has gone downhill since it censored she who might be maimed.

  5. I hope the lameness was the fact that Boaz screenshotted his own status, note the privacy padlock.

  6. @ chiiro. My thoughts exactly! What the hell is taking so long?! I get grumpy without my lamebook.

  7. @alordslums
    Agreed. But maybe our standards are too high now, because lamebook really spoiled us with the She Who Might Be Maimed incident. It’s a vicious circle …

  8. sigh

  9. @alordslums and europe_rocks.. What is the She Who Might Be Maimed incident?

  10. I’m not sure Samuel’s even makes sense … can someone explain the “She Who Might Be Maimed” incident for me? Thanks :)

  11. You people shall know about SWMBM, you definitely do.

    http://bit . ly/ 8AYJWu

    (Remove any unnecessary space, follow, enjoy)

  12. Let’s see how long it will take the mods to delete this post … (because officially we are not allowed to talk about She Who Might Be Maimed any more!)

  13. I don’t think I get it, what prompted all this anger?

  14. perhaps we all missed the second coming. that’s how i feel, anyway.

  15. I saw the fan page but it doesn’t seem to explain what SWMBM actually is. Should I care?

  16. Dee-Lite, it does. There are the links somewhere.

    europe_rocks: whatever, the post is crappy anyway. I feel like breaking some rules today. ;) (I have this image of me writing millions of times on a blackborad: I shall not revive the memory of SWMBM. A la Bart Simpson)

  17. @emilyo8o4, Dee-Lite & and all the others who are confused: Just browse through all the posts on the fan page and you’ll find some useful links. I would explain the most important things here, but like I said, lamebook doesn’t approve …

  18. @shessocold
    Yeah, actually you’re right. I do feel a lot like in school, it’s a bit like smoking (Quick! Throw it away! – Nooo, never, it’s such a good cigarette! – But what if they tell our mums?)

  19. What a bunch of anarchists :P

    Anywho, the links in the group don’t work but I’m getting bored of this now lol, thanks anyway. I just hope she did something really bad because people are really tearing into her!

  20. Ah ha ha. I used to be quite a nice student, actually – never once smoked a cigarette. Guess I’m making up for this now.

  21. Psssh, Lamebook can’t bring us down!

    Or we can just go into mutiny.

  22. The golden times of she who might be maimed have passed and winter is stealing into the garden of lamebook… We can only hope it will rise again.

  23. The thing about Facebook is that you know another SWMBM-a-like (although obviously not as amazingg as the original) will be around the corner. Sometime before February I reckon.

  24. Your word in SWMBM’s amazingg ear, The Doctor. I hope a compensation will come FLYing soon.

  25. This is starting to feel a bit like South Park – The Movie.

    La Resistance lives on.

  26. Help I feel so out of the loop, all my googling and FB searching has amounted to nothing, I am still in the dark…you go on holidays for a month and everyone has motored on ahead without me…

    Can someone type up what’s going on in code or something?

  27. Ish, wish _I_ had gone on holidays for a month, you lucky one!

    (We’ve posted everything you need to find out about this, seriously)

  28. Maybe She Who Might Be Maimed has raised our expectations, but that doesn’t stop some of these being completely shit, namely the Toy Story 3 one. No joke, just the name of a random kids film. The Trevor thing doesn’t even make any sense. And a Tiger Woods sex joke? Man, that’s a revelation.

    Okay, so the last two were jsut me being comedy snobbish. But the Toy Story 3 thing, really?

    I guess it’s still lame…

  29. They’re supposed to be “Wins”.

    (I can’t get Trevor’s one, either. I thought it was some strange reference that I didn’t get…)

  30. Is the Tiger Woods joke included here as an example of lame cliché-recycling, or are the powers that be at Lamebook really that out of touch? I’m confused.

  31. I’m going with the latter, tuckin.

    I didn’t get the second one either, I’m glad I’m not the only one. That won’t even be out in theatres until June.

  32. tiger woods, f@%$ing tiger woods? you made me wait all frigging weekend and i get a shark-jumping tiger woods joke? you sorry shower of £%$^&*^%$££”£$%^%£s.

  33. I can’t do it! I’m mourning my failure at using the interwebs and moving on

  34. The trevor/snake one is just a horribly ridiculous connection between snake = penis (or trouser snake)… is there a snake/penis in my room? well, pull down his pants and…. it’s stupid.

    None of these are really lame and none of these are wins, not in the least.

    Toy Story 3 is just the most obvious wrong answer you could possibly put, which makes it slightly funny, but not a WIN.

    I also waited all weekend and now I just want to remove lamebook from my favorites altogether.

  35. BTW, we’ll see if this gets removed.

    I wasn’t around for SWMBM, but I’ve found some links that I THINK describe it.

    I guess her last name wasn’t blurred out well at first, so everyone knew who she was. People started finding her profile pictures and it turned out (after A LOT of comments here) that she might only have one arm.

    At about that time, she discovered her status was here and joined the comments section. She must’ve complained to certain people and the entire post was removed.

    I hope that my explaining this is 1… correct and 2… won’t get me banned. It’s not THAT big of a deal, but the unknown was driving me crazy.

    I just tried to add a link with “code”, but it still says “awaiting moderation”, which means that it definitely won’t get put in… here’s the rest of the text though.

    If I do get banned, it was nice knowing you all!

  36. oh, sorry… without the link, you have no idea what made her status lame.

    She asked for random sex, in her status message. Someone said “is it ok if it’s a stranger?” and she said “depends on what he looks like” or something like that.

    Later on she said “I’m not that much of a whore, so a date would be nice, first.”

  37. yeah, it wasn’t all that good. the original post wasn’t as funny as ‘frodoh’, and that’s been taken down too.

  38. A shocking misuse of the word ‘win’ here, all lame, all not funny.

    On a lighter note I was delighted to find the SWMBM page on facebook. We are part of an elite group that was there when it happened and we must stay strong together, for when she FLIES to each and every one of us, it will take all our combined strength to fight off her deadly armless fury.

  39. This is useless.


  40. sosr, it wasn’t the post that caused all the controversy, it was her coming here and making a huge deal about it.

    Unfortunately I myself was not around for the debacle, just the immediate after-math. And since anyone who wasn’t there doesn’t actually know what SWMBM said because cache’s didn’t save it and no one else did, the rest of us peons had to get amusement just from talking about it.

  41. SWMBM just joined the facebook fan page and commented :-)

  42. @ chiiro
    someone posted the whole thread including her comments on the facebook page if thats any good to you.

  43. one of her pages is ‘being pro’.

  44. booo….comment awaiting moderation

    god bless FB…I’m now sufficiently informed…all is good in the world and I can continue with my life now.

    Discussion in FB group

  45. This post is just so boring, but yes I remember that infamous day well, I was there for the lot of it… a good time was had by all, and will be hard to top

  46. Well boo-frickety-hoo you whingeing bastards, not every post is going to be comedy gold. I’m sure the lamebook guys are doing the best they can, they are in the hands of what gets sent to them don’t forget. I like to think that shit posts like this only make the good ones stand out and worth waiting for. Right, that’s me done.

  47. I would just like to say that I blame God and/or evolution for what I like to call a “double standard or something” in which for gazillions of years women always knew which babies were theirs and which ones weren’t and men had to rely on the word of these devious beasts to know which babies belonged to them.

    And I think that the thing I like to call “the slut/stud double standard or something” does not do enough to even things out – as a married “stud” will have a very difficult time of convincing his wife that she is the mother of some being he brought home one day and that she should spend the next 30 years of her life treating the child as though it carries her genes.

  48. In other words and from a survival perspective, if you want you to help raise that thing that came out of your body, you better be able to convince me that I put it there. And the only way you will be able to is to not be a slut.

    I’m not saying it’s ok for a man to be a slut. I’m just saying there is a damn good reason that women are held to a different standard. A man doesn’t need to be faithful for a woman to know which children are hers.

  49. @ 48

  50. I appreciate your reasoning Walter, I have a feeling you’re going to have death threats, but thank you for expressing it.

  51. @48 my reaction too.

    Methinks Walt is on the wrong page or planet…

  52. He’s talking about the second thing in the post, the one writing a paper. I was like wtf at first, too distracted with this cloudy nonsense

  53. @40: No, it was the creeps who went and tracked her down. And then the creeps who made a group about her.

  54. You’re not wrong, Walter, you’re just an *******!

  55. @Walter Sobchak:

    Granted, I’m under the influence of Nyquil, so your post was a little tl;dr for me, but can’t we blame science for DNA testing now? After the whole God blaming scenario?

    K, off to see Maury when I wake up.

  56. Okay then.

  57. Samantha is obviously eating from the wrong buffet bar. Come get your laughing tackle round my knob Sam, It’s an all you can eat banquet and feast!

    Coby if you think there may be a snake in the room, there is only one sensible course of action to take…. run screaming from the room like a whelping lady you twat.

    Boaz you unfunny cunt, why not tell the one about how the chicken crossed the road next? You’re a painfully unamusing crank.

  58. It’s really not lamebook’s fault that the users of facebook think it’s somehow really funny and savvy to write exactly something like David just wrote there to Samantha, and try to find those suggestive meanings in every fucking post. But I guess someone thinks they’re ingenious; otherwise this kind of stuff would not be found here almost every day.

  59. Where the heck is our facebook tribute page?! wft? Brie? :(

  60. Fuck that shit,they cant delete everything we fuckin did in tribute to SWMBM.I didnt even cosider it that big of a deal ive seen a lot worse on the internet.But just before it was deleted SWMBM came on saying its about to be delete cos apparently she got a load of people to report it.

  61. obviously we need to register our own domain

  62. The silly girl, she’s left her surname on her myspace account! Seriously! How stupid can you get!

  63. I wonder if everyone went to her Facebook page and reported her she’d be deleted too. Or is that just mean?

  64. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    HAHAHAHA samuel!!!

  65. That would be epic…brie? :-D

  66. Update:Brie deleted it

  67. I explained why I did in the post above. I’m sorry guys. :(

  68. How could you…jk haha…i suppose it will take a while for me to withdraw myself from the SWMBM saga but maybe its good in the longrun.I dont think she would have comitted suicide though…she could fly.

  69. Probably not, but still something I was concerned about. Some people just don’t know how to take a joke and it saddens me this wonderful thing has to be destroyed. -_-

  70. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    what’s the SWMBM???

  71. Moment of silence for SWMBM…may she live on in our hearts for ever.

  72. should be up and running in the next 48 hours

  73. Correction, PaulD: …she could FLY.

  74. This SWMBM thing, that’s not what it was actually called in lamebook is it? I thought it was called ‘Give her some credit’. Or am I thinking of something else?

    I found all four people involved in GHSC by digging through my history folder. Man, if that chunky girl who wanted to fuck her anger away had one arm…that’s hilarious!

  75. In fairness to Boaz, having seen the original post, he submitted this because of the replies to the post. Someone asked something along the lines of “isnt Tiger Woods that golfer guy.

    Not that funny but not sure why they cut that out, was the funniest thing about it.

  76. Lol @the last one =P

  77. Never mind Brie, it was good while it lasted.

  78. Did the Tribute Tribute page get deleted?

  79. These weren’t really wins were they :(

  80. P.S. I think any reference to the FLYing one armed wonder is being moderated. My posts which included the abbreviated form of her nickname were moderated.
    @ PaulD & Ilostnemo, please can you send me a link to the full thread that was on the fb group before you compassionately deleted it.
    If you wud be so kind, please send to :)

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