Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Family Failure

A Family Failure



  1. You know, I have occasionally had to pause to remember my childrens’ birthdates, because it’s not information I need constantly and I have a lot of things to remember. But if I were getting it tattooed, I think I would actually take that moment to pause and figure it the fuck out.

  2. Or perhaps save that money and get jr a nice plastic toy at your local Walmart.

  3. Can’t tell which is the bigger fail. The name “Rylan” or the tattoo with the wrong birthdate.

  4. WTFs a ‘Rylan’? Sounds like a brand name for an industrial chemical and/or cleaner.

    People are idiots.

  5. Perhaps she spelt “Ryan” wrong……. would you really be that suprised?

  6. Lol! @foxxie

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