Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Couple of Smarties

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  1. HahahhHHhahhHhhah. I actually really enjoyed Rob. Thank you for the smile as I head off to bed. :)


  2. rickrolled!

  3. Mario and Dreddy. Good lord.

  4. Just makes me laugh so much the fact that Kelly is totally oblivious.

    “Same, that’s what I want!”



  5. In 2010 Kelly gets Rickrolled. Totally awesome.

  6. Holy Moly

  7. So wait… are Rob and Kelly now dating? Or does Rob just think they are dating… and Kelly just thinks people no know what she wants.

  8. *now know

  9. Elizabeth, despite your lack of word prowess, I really gotta love Mario and Dreddy.

    That’s absolute gold.

    I’m sufficiently cheered up now to face the work day, and to forget about child predators and placenta consumption.

  10. And slim, is this your new catch cry?, trying a little malteaser type commenting on for size?

    Don’t do it, you’re bigger than that.

  11. Its the fucking Beatles

    Elizabeth, there’s this little pedal that you can put your foot on and press down hard in these situations. It’s called a fucking brake you moron.

    Kelly needs to get laid. Badly.

  12. Oh yeah, I always choose Mario and Dreddy when I’m playing Mario Kart: Double Dash.

  13. lmao at mario and dreddy. it’s been awhile since lamebook made me truly laugh.

  14. Well played, Rob…well played!!!

  15. Gotta love the rickroll!

  16. Rickrolled on the Facebook page; priceless!

    I don’t even understand how Rob and Kelly would know each other though, as she is illiterate and he is clearly brilliant.

  17. Wow! Kelly is really good at spelling! Honestly….
    But I do get the impression that she doesn’t understand what Rob is trying to imply.

    As for Elizabeth, well… At least she only hit 1 deer.

  18. Aw, brilliant.

  19. I’m having a very blonde moment… Anyone care to explain what Rob did there?

  20. I think he used the lyrics from ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley. But I could be wrong xD

  21. Ohh, he did! Practically the whole thing too. Bravo Rob, bravo.

    Too bad Kelly didn’t catch on and start singing along with him.

  22. marrio and dreddy!!!


    seriously too much.

    And Rob has no penis.

  23. robotninjazombiebear

    I finally registered just so I could say that I must marry Rob. That was the funniest thing I read today.

  24. One rule when it comes to hitting deer. Don’t hit the breaks, the impact will be worse on you if I’m not mistaken. Now, that piece of advice is for people who are driving down dark roads and one jumps out in front of you randomly and can’t be avoided. Also, don’t accelerate.
    Now, when your driving like a retard, well, I have no sympathy for you or the car.
    The Rick Roll ftw, but I love the Mario and Dreddy. Good one.

  25. @ word

    I have always followed it up :)

    This was a great update… mario and dreddy and rickrolled… I needed that after today… what a grueling day… at least it looks like the rain will stay away long enough for tball practice tonight, woot!

  26. lol

  27. @britishhobo

    For those that are not familar with rick rolled


  28. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ slim that link is terrible. it’s a pop-up that won’t go away.

  29. lol… and you just got rick rolled

  30. CommentsAtLarge

    ::facepalm:: I read Mario and Dreddy and thought to myself “Dreddy??? It’s Luigi retart.” Of course, then it dawned on me. Ah Karma, I see what you did there.

  31. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    jerk… :( that was mean.. how do I make it go away?

  32. I think I’m changing my screen name to Mario and Dreddy.

  33. Rob is freaking Epic for getting it going ….Kelly is a dumbass for not getting it

  34. wait for the song to end… or ctrl, alt, del and exit through your task manager

  35. robotninjazombiebear

    i managed to click the red X and then it came up with pop ups of the words. wow.

  36. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    :( I did wait … I had to listen to it TWICE! I have a mac..so no ctrl+alt+del. I did try to force quit though. But when I opened my browser, the stupid thing started going off again… arghhh! Last time I click a link you send! :(

  37. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Ok… switched to Safari. problem solved – at least for now. *glares at slim*

  38. If you use google chrome you can just exit out…at least I did. But not before laughing my ass off at the perfect rick roll

  39. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    slim just reminded me not to be so trusting… bah humbug! I thought I was going to lose my homework if I force a quit/reboot. I did… so I will be redoing all of it :(

  40. Rob is my Rickrolling hero. But Slim is a close second. (I didn’t fall for it this time because I’ve fallen for it once before…but nicely done, slim)

    I really wish Rob was my friend.

  41. Loliconkittygirl

    They need to make a best rickroll list of all time, and this would certainly make the top five. LMFAO bitch is an idiot.

  42. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo- You can’t possibly be serious.

  43. I knew what it was but I felt like clicking anyway. So now I’ve switched from Safari to IE in order to keep from losing all my useless research. This thread does not make me look smart.

  44. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @rosin be serious about what? I never heard of Rickroll… well now I do.

    @ThePurpleApple I second that… I’m not a blonde and I feel like I had a blonde moment…

  45. Rickroll won.

  46. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo: Monkey see link, monkey click link
    You got rickrolled in a bad way.

  47. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @nuff yep. thats exactly what i did. i suppose my nickname suits me just perfectly!

  48. @ slim
    u got me good man! LMAO

  49. I wish people who are so full of “win” like Rob weren’t censored.

  50. So is Dreddy a character you can choose by himself without Mario in Mario Kart? Why I gotta choose ‘em both?

  51. Maybe Dreddy is an unlockable character that rides in a sidecar or something?

  52. MsBuzzkillington

    I just now noticed that it said “dear” instead of “deer.” Makes it that much more enjoyable.

  53. Well somebody is certainly oversharing

  54. For those who don’t get it:


    That’s one of the best rickrolls of all time.

  55. Gosssh I didn’t see it in the first place, that’s epic

  56. That is funny. Two of the best Lamebooks yet.
    Lamebook FTW.

    Kelly is Frodo

  57. Oh, when you see a deer, DON’T VEER!

  58. @slim thanks for that D: should’ve read all the comments afterwords.

  59. Kelly fails. Mostly bcs she tipes lk tha.

  60. Ok so i had to look rickrolled up , feeling slightly internet noobie for the moment

    For others that dont get the reference :

  61. Aaaah now i get it hehe , Rob is genious and i fail miserably

  62. I dont get the mario and dreddy thing and why its so funny???

  63. Mario Andretti is a race car driver, that is who they were referring to… but they’re a moron so they thought it was Mario and Dreddy as in two different people that don’t exist.

  64. LOL even after I read all the comments about slim’s link, I still decided to click it. I need to use that on someone.

  65. oh, and Rob wins. That was so funny. Kelly is an idiot :S

  66. I wish someone would rickroll me on MY facebook… I love that song! :(

  67. Mario and Dreddy

    I’ve never hit a dear, Elizabeth. I have no idea what you’re saying.

  68. Mario and dreddy? Haha, that is awesome. It did take me a while to grasp what she meant by it, but “oh man” was it worth the realisation kick.

    I love you Malteaser. Don’t ever change.

  69. haha mario and dreddy. the italian/jamaican team.

  70. I cant stop being amazed by the Rob one , he obviously did it for a laugh with his mates and for appearing on Lamebook, but still very funny …

  71. this makes me want to play mario kart.

    thats so freaking awesome.

    also, i didn’t get the rickrolled reference until now.

    i know, i know. it’s lame. sue me later.

  72. I think Rob’s balls are already in a little velvet pouch with Kelly’s name on it.

    Hat’s off to Kelly for the unintentional win too.

  73. Rick roll for the motherfucking win.
    How can she have not understood after all of that?
    Had to listen to the song, oh the pain…

  74. RickRoll: scrawny, pasty, nerdy, white guy with no rhythm and a booming Marvin Gaye-esque voice. How very odd….

  75. golfmakesmewannashootmyself

    Uh…how about the proper explanation of a RickRoll? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickrolled

  76. I’m malteasering to death over that Mario and Dreddy thing. Seriously, that’s so FTW that I just want to throw confetti everywhere. In fact, I’m leaving to do just that. *rolls away on computer chair to aquire large sums of confetti*

  77. Man. I had no idea who Mario Andretti was. I was thinking Dreddy was some character from one of the Mario Karts that I forgot existed. In m brilliance, I googled him.

  78. LOL I though it was from Mario Karts too haha I was like “Who’s Dreddy??”

  79. I loved the rick rolled one. Omw.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  80. lol Oh Mario and Dreddy… they always beat me on Mario Kart, those cheating B*stards.

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