Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 Lyfe


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  1. Why are the details of how FB works so difficult to understand? I call BS on this one.

  2. For such a popular social network, I’m always amazed at how many people don’t understand how it works.

  3. There is so much wrong with this post. How could she know she has chlamydia AND herpes, if she hasn’t even been to a doctor. She also said her boyfriend gave them to her, but she’s not sure how to tell him.

    Do some research before you try to play a joke on your friends’ list.

  4. I hope she has AIDS too.

  5. Dear Selina,

  6. Epic Fake

  7. Totally not buying it.

  8. noone can be that stupid. it smells fake. but funny.
    What do i do?
    dont post it on facebook

  9. If it’s old, someone waited a long time before submitting.

  10. If she didn’t think her friends could see it, who exactly did she write it for? Maybe she thought FB’s an online personal diary… one that answers your questions.

  11. @Jezika: Perhaps she thinks Facebook has some sort of Tom Riddle thing going on.

  12. I don’t know…if Selina is under the age of 16, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is legit. Young girls are idiots and tend to jump to conclusions. Her boyfriend probably told her HE had them and she assumed she did too.

    Also, @mcowles, I think she’s saying she doesn’t know how to tell the doctor she has them (which in itself = stupidity).

  13. I meant to say if it’s fake, not old. It’s been a long day.

  14. “She also said her boyfriend gave them to her, but she’s not sure how to tell him.”

    she’s saying him, as in her doctor…

  15. I suppose if she doesn’t know how chlamydia works, or how to spell it, it might be plausible that she doesn’t know how Facebook works.

  16. poor unfortunate soul…………

  17. lmao. i feel so wrong laughing at this but i can’t help it! LOL @ why is everyone commenting on this? hahahah

  18. This seriously can’t be true….I mean…no one is that dumb…right?! Who would post something like that and not know everyone else can see it…come on!

  19. Facebook is the new reality TV – we assume its true because if we’re truthful on it we assume others are, despite the obvious lack of verification. But of course its as useful for fiction and fun as all the other medias. Truth is Selina is making us look dumb for buying it! That’s Killin It. The real trick is making the language sound genuine and dumb enough to buy her stupidity. A work of art I say!

  20. I feel sorry for her :(

  21. It kind of reminds me of all those ones posted awhile back where 4/chan or anonymous or whoever hacked in to a bunch of people’s profiles and put up pictures (see the fun day entry if you don’t know what I’m talking about), and then then posted as the people. Though Mary (#12) is probably right.

  22. Wait how did we figure out that Selena didn’t go to the Dr to find out she had it in the first place? Because she is naturally stupid? I don’t get it. Nobody is this dumb. Are they??? Please tell me they aren’t. :p

  23. This seems just like the last ones that were faked where the person posted it and then went ‘oh no you can see this etc etc’. I’m calling it fake.

  24. My favourite is Natalia – ‘whos ur bf’ sounds a lot like ‘I sleep around a lot, maybe I’ve had him’…

  25. Errr… FTW

  26. I hope I don’t go to hell for this, but I really do hope this nice collection of STDs renders her infertile.

  27. They are all idiots. Morons, dimwits, simpletons, cretins, nitwits, dolts, dumbasses, imbeciles

  28. somebody kill Paul Crik. Killing it!

  29. ROFL!

  30. *facepalm*

  31. if only clymidia WERE fatal. that would be one less dumb ass in this world.

  32. Between
    - not being able to spell chlamydia
    - thinking you can die from it
    - catching both that and herpes from the same cheating boyfriend
    - wondering how to tell him rather than dumping his sorry ass
    - not understanding that everyone can see status updates
    - thinking that if people stop commenting it will all disappear
    … all the above posters’ hopes that she won’t procreate are futile. She’s almost certainly knocked up to, because she thought you couldn’t get pregnant if you take a hot shower after.

  33. *too. My typo-bad.

  34. hahahahahahaha

  35. no really, who’s your bf.

  36. Reminds me of something I saw of Failblog.

  37. Selina is full
    Of semen and viruses.
    The world has been warned.

  38. Those christian’s facebook accounts maybe not the only ones to get hacked?

  39. When my aunt was pregnant, she always complained about my uncle. She said he was sleeping around so much, she wasn’t even sure that the baby was his.

  40. People claiming fake,
    Laughing at others comments
    They are stupid too

  41. First a fake AnonIsGay, now a fake Mr Haiku.

    A) Why don’t you get your own idea
    B) You’re pathetic in comparison to the original. Your Haiku barely makes sense.

  42. i’m mr haikouken
    i live for haiku too
    internets cause rage

  43. you’re a phoney, can’t even think of your own ideas. retard

    this site needs a signup

  44. @ Mr Haikouken,

    Your last ‘haiku’ is not one, because it has the wrong number of syllables in 2 of the 3 lines. You would know this if you ‘lived for haiku’.

    Go away and let the real Mr Haiku get on with practising his ancient craft.

  45. Mr. Haikouken
    Your attempt at haiku sucked.
    Make like tree and split.

    It’s nice that shell posted “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…” simply to let Selina know that there was one more person that could see her embarrassing status update.

  46. doesn’t a site called 4-chon or something take credit for this??? can everyone read this?!?

  47. Obvious troll is obvious.

  48. I’m with jelly on this one.

  49. People are so mean
    comments make me cry inside
    i go now :(

  50. You’ll be back, I think.
    They always come back, you know.
    It’s irritating.

  51. Fake or not, people CAN be that stupid. Believe it. I have seen people exchanging phone numbers in the comments sections, and even exchanging very personal intimate information. It’s like they think there’s a single magical box where they can type public messages, private messages, random thoughts, etc. and the Big Computer in the sky will route it appropriately.

  52. omg, like wtf? hhhhhhaaaaaaaa

  53. This is like……ridiculous!? Umm hello? WTF!?

  54. This is totally another 4chan hacker. those fucktards.

    If you don’t know about this, you should:

  55. Yeah! Fuck those fucktards! We should totally go after them and fuck their shit up!

    You know, after the party.

  56. Wow, now someone is ripping ME off. And already semi rip-off from Boz. #41 was me and #43 was not. However, I agree whole-heartedly with the anti-Boz who posted #43.

    And props to Mr Haiku. “Selina is full/of semen and viruses” nearly made me pee myself.

  57. A sign-up? Well given how hard it is to get a junk gmail account, or fake an IP, that should stop no one.

    Also, I like that there’s an anti-Boz. I wish I had one IRL.

  58. Hey, the name was your idea.

    You said something like “What is this, the anti-Boz website?” I don’t recall the exact words. But I’m really a big fan.

  59. retitle 2…i know what u did last summer…

  60. eek

  61. wow – how dumb can you get?
    I wonder if people will see this now that I’ve commented on it.

  62. Women…contributing to the dumbing down of the world one kid at a time.

  63. #62, that’s rather generalizaing. And don’t forget, WE have to be stupid enough to fuck these women for them to “contribute to the dumbing down of the world”. So just get with smart girls and stop complaining.

  64. @59
    Wouldn’t it be more like “I wonder WHO you did last summer?”

  65. fake or real, I laughed. A lot.

  66. dang Mr. Haiku
    you made me choke on my spit
    I almost died dude.

    I loved how some of her friends laughed at her.

  67. Ugh “can everyone read this?”

  68. Y r u concerned with telling him uve got it if hes teh one u got it from… really u jsut RICK ROLL’D urself ya WHORE

  69. Disregard every comment I have made, I obviously have no idea what a rick roll is and I clearly suck a proportional amount of cocks to the amount to stupid fucking comments I have left on this site.

  70. Wow some people are so devastatingly stupid. Your boyfriend has given you Chlamydia & Herpes because he’s been sleeping around? Or like most just seeking attention? Type Chlamydia & Herpes into Google I’m sure it will supply you with 700000+ pages with advice, treatment, prevention and symptoms. And at Mary #12 even at 16 I knew what a STD was. So obviously your daily status update is a great way to announce your problems in the sack. Why would you even post it as an update if she thought nobody could see it? Can’t wait to hear that she’s pregnant, idiot.

  71. *Facepalms*

  72. This is precisely why I use Myspace.

    And anyways, idiots who don’t know how to use a condom also don’t know how to use Facebook.

  73. How can Selina be so dumb?how?

  74. This is another in a long series of hacked Facebook accounts. There is a group that got hold of accounts/passwords through some unprotected HTML on a Christian dating website. They then went over to the Facebook accounts and posted crap like this. Nobody,and I mean NOBODY, is this stupid folks. You can Google it and find tons of them.

  75. Oh, I sincerely hope people are this stupid. Lamebook and Failblog are fantastic.

  76. How much you want to bet she’s had a kid already?

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